Jacques massage There are several methods for performing therapeuticmassage. And one of them is Jacquet's massage technique. It was developed by the French dermatologist Jacquet (1860-1914). Massage for Jacquet stabilizes blood circulation, resolves purulent foci, and normalizes metabolic processes. That is, this massage is used as a resolver for various skin diseases. The Jacquet massage technique is also aimed at normalizing the work of the sebaceous glands and improving the microcirculation of the skin. Jacquet massage is performed on the face, back, hips, chest. Jacquet massage is a technique that is used without applying creams or oils, and using talc, a small amount of which sprinkles the skin. Massage therapeutic for Jacquet, as a rule, is performed more intensively than cosmetic. This type of massage is used to solve problems such as circulatory disorders, excessive sebum secretion and acne treatment.

Technique of carrying out of massage

Jacquet massage technique is sufficientis difficult to perform. This method consists of rhythmic tingling, which is produced by the thumb and forefinger, during which the seizing of skin areas is done. Such captures perfectly affect both the surface layer of the skin, and the deeper layers - the subcutaneous tissue. It is necessary that such tingle be strong enough. That is, the pads of the index and thumbs grasp the skin in all its thickness in the area processed, and then with rapid and short movements it is squeezed in all directions and thereby bypasses the entire surface to be treated. Usually, the contents that are squeezed out of the eel are similar to the cheesy mass or a spiral-shaped bar with a black head, which is a greasy stopper that is heavily polluted by the dust settling on the skin. Tweaks should alternate with vibration and light stroking. If the skin is dominated by suppurated acne, then Jacquet's massage is contraindicated. When performing the Jacquet massage technique, one must always remember the directions of the skin lines. Such movements lead to the stimulation of normal activity of the movement of the blood and sebaceous glands, due to this they prevent too much salo, which is usually the cause of acne. This massage technique makes it possible to work on those layers of skin that are not affected by the usual massage (in which only the surface layers of the skin are massaged).

Schedule of massage sessions

Therapeutic massage sessions in Jacquet first daysshould be done daily, then the frequency of procedures should gradually decrease and reach no more than two - three procedures per week. The session of this massage should last no more than ten minutes. A longer duration is categorically forbidden. And in order for you to achieve the optimal result, you will need to hold necessarily at least ten sessions. It is this number of sessions that contributes to a qualitative result. Of course, it is possible to perform this massage and a little longer than ten procedures. Quite often Jacquet massage is used after such a cosmetic procedure as skin cleansing, as it promotes its quick recovery and healing. Keep in mind that this procedure can be entrusted only to an experienced specialist, because the technique of performing this massage is quite complex and necessarily requires skills and special knowledge.

Face massage

face massage Facial massage for Jacques is usually used for womenyoung age, who suffer from oily seborrhoea skin of the face with acne, stagnant spots and infiltrates, and also if the tonus of the facial muscles is sharply reduced. When massage the face of Jacquet, as well as on other parts of the body, previously applied talcum powder. The duration of this procedure is about five to six minutes. In total, twenty procedures are carried out with a frequency of two to three times a week. It is best before each such procedure to perform face cleansing, in which the skin is treated with a 2% solution of salicylic alcohol. Facial massage consists of three types of movements (stroking, kneading, vibration). The difference from other types of facial cosmetic massage is in the very nature of kneading movements (deep and plucked, which allow to squeeze the fat). Indications for therapeutic massage in Jacquet:

  • acne, scar changes of skin large pores skin
  • Acne eruption outside the stage of inflammation
  • large pore skin
  • The procedure of Jacquet massage:

  • First comes the purification
  • Then the massage itself with a remedy like skin
  • In the end, the final cream
  • Home care for problem skin:

  • first of all, cleansing by skin type;
  • further the mask for constriction is anti-inflammatory, wound-healing;
  • at the end cream for problem and oily skin;
  • Contraindications for Jacquet face massage:

  • pustular rash on the skin
  • The presence of viral or exacerbation of chronic diseases
  • allergy and dermatitis
  • any breach of the integrity of the skin
  • pronounced couperose (vascular asterisk or mesh)
  • acute inflammation of the facial nerve
  • male type of hairiness in women (hirsutism);
  • flat warts
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