deep bikini at home Excess hair on the body is not in vogue now. Modern women in all ways get rid of them to look attractive and tidy. In this case, hair is often removed not only on the pubis and hips, but also in the labia. This procedure is called a deep bikini. According to opinion polls, more than 20% of men are attracted to such depilation. Perhaps it is not so much. But if there are such adherents, then this procedure is in demand and it is used by a certain number of women. However, deep hair removal at home is not an easy task, it is much more difficult than simply getting rid of excess hair in the pubic area. Of course, it is best to go to the beauty salon and contact a professional master who will offer a number of procedures for removing excess hair. But those who do not have the opportunity to visit beauty salons, you can conduct this procedure yourself. First of all, it should be noted that there are two options for removing superfluous hair: hair removal and depilation. They are often confused. Therefore, we should dwell on the difference between depilation and depilation. Epilation is the complete removal of the hair together with the follicle. At the site of the procedure, hair generally ceases to grow. However, you can only hold it in the salon. Here, experienced masters with the help of special equipment conduct procedures for electro-, photo- and laser hair removal. Depilation - hair removal above the surface of the skin. After such a procedure, the hair grows with time. But the interval between its carrying out depends on which method of depilation is chosen. It is possible to get rid of hair in the zone of a deep bikini. Moreover, it can be done at home. After all, not each of us is ready to address on such an intimate occasion to an outsider. wax epilation deep bikini at home

What are the ways of a deep bikini?

  • Shaving This is the most affordable and painlessmethod of hair removal. You only need to buy a quality shaving machine to prevent irritation. However, such depilation is not enough for someone. After all, the bikini zone is a hard-to-reach place. It is very inconvenient to remove hair in this area with a razor. In addition, it is necessary to repeat this procedure every 2 to 3 days. And if the hair grows too fast, then every day. In addition, because of the use of a razor, many are faced with the problem of ingrown hairs. Therefore, choose more modern methods of depilation. However, there are cases where there is neither the time nor the means to use them. At such times the razor always comes to the rescue. And the procedure will not take much time.
  • Tweezers This is also a pretty old way of removingunwanted hair. There is nothing surprising that it is used very rarely. Of course, tweezers are easy to pull out eyebrows, but with the bikini zone the situation is much more complicated. Tweezers can only be used to maintain neatness after an intimate haircut, and then only in extreme cases. Depilation with tweezers - it's painful, long and ineffective.
  • Chemical depilation This procedure is carried out atthe help of all kinds of creams, aerosols, gels and lotions, which are sold in stores. They can not be cooked at home. It is not necessary to mention that cosmetics should be of high quality, especially when it concerns the zone of a deep bikini. The necessary amount of depilatory cream, apply to the hair removal area, wait a certain amount of time, then remove the cream remover with a special spatula and rinse thoroughly with water. Choose only quality hypoallergenic agents. However, remember that almost all the means for depilating the zone of bikini and other parts of the body have a high acid-base balance. Not every skin will take it normally. And when depilation zone deep bikini will certainly occur on the mucous. So you will hardly be able to avoid unpleasant sensations and burning sensations during the procedure.
  • Wax depilation This way already useseveral centuries, and it still remains popular. At the same time, the use of wax of different temperatures is distinguished: cold, warm and hot. So, how does the procedure for wax depilation work? Get in the pharmacy special kits that include a wax cartridge and strips for hair removal. Please note that for depilation of a deep bikini it is necessary to use as narrow as possible cartridges that will allow removing hairs even in the most inaccessible places. Depilation with cold wax is carried out with the help of finished strips with a hair remover applied on them. They warm up in the palms, then stick to the skin and come off with unnecessary hairs. This is a rather painful procedure. Therefore, for depilation of the bikini zone it is recommended to use a warm or hot wax. However, the second option involves heating the wax to a very high temperature and its misuse can lead to burns. To avoid negative consequences, depilation with hot wax can be done only in the cabin with the help of professionals. But for home use, a warm wax depilation is quite suitable. The procedure is as follows. Wax, heated to the desired temperature (no more than 40 degrees), is applied to the necessary areas. After it cools and solidifies, special strips are adhered to it, which are removed with a sharp movement, so that unwanted hair is removed. The temperature of the wax depends on how often you need to carry out the procedure. As a rule, this interval ranges from two weeks to a month. A special advantage of depilation with wax can be considered that it removes not only superfluous hairs, but also the horny skin areas with its help. Thus, after such a procedure, you not only get rid of unwanted vegetation, but as a result you will get a smooth velvety skin.
  • Using a depilator - a special device,which can be purchased at any home appliance store. Due to the fact that in the bikini zone is very thin and delicate skin, not all girls decide on such a procedure. However, there are a lot of courageous, dare and on it. The main thing is to do everything correctly and apply special softening cosmetics before and after applying.
  • Shugaring This is a relatively new way of depilation,which in recent years is gaining increasing popularity among the fair sex. It is also called "Persian" and "sugar" depilation. For the procedure, you can buy a ready-made set for shugaring in a cosmetics store or try to cook it yourself. This is a fairly simple process. So, for the preparation of pasta, you will need 3 tablespoons of ordinary sugar, 1 tablespoon of water and 1 teaspoon of citric acid. All ingredients are sent to a pan with a thick bottom and put on a very quiet fire. Take care that the mixture does not bubble. She must kind of languish and melt. Over time, the light yellow liquid will begin to acquire a uniform consistency and darken. As soon as you notice a change in color, the pan with the paste must be removed from the fire and pour its contents into another container. So the composition for shugaring will cool down much faster. Note that the finished mixture should not stick to your hands. In this case, you cook it wrong. So, prepare another dish, in which do not pour a little cold water. Wet your hands, collect a shugaring paste and lubricate it with an area that requires depilation. Then sharply pull back. The procedure is carried out in small sections. The result is an impeccably smooth bikini zone. Remember that on too overgrown long hairs it does not work. They are better shaved, and then, after a couple of days, try to use shugaring. Thanks to this method, you will get rid of hair for three weeks.
  • Laser home depilatory This deviceappeared quite recently, but many women already fell in love. A couple of years ago, the laser depilation procedure was possible only in the elephant. Now it's enough just to buy a special device. Laser depilation is most suitable for deep bikinis. It is absolutely painless. And she stands out among other depilation procedures in that after her hair grows very long, and eventually disappear completely. Using a laser depilator will forget about a problem such as irritation and ingrown hairs.
  • deep hair removal bikini at home

    Indications and contraindications

    So, depilation of this zone is shown:

  • If you have unwanted hair.
  • Because of the professional requirements, for example, for models and sportsmen.
  • Contraindications of a deep bikini:

  • Oncological and cardiovascular diseases.
  • Diabetes.
  • The presence on the skin of inflammatory elements, especially pustular.
  • Infectious diseases of a viral nature.
  • Herpes.
  • Hypersensitivity to the components used during the procedure.
  • Whatever kind of depilation of a deep bikini inat home you have not chosen, remember that this procedure should be carried out by carefully preparing the skin. Hairs should not be too long. Therefore, you should not start yourself. If the length of the hairs is more than 2 cm, they need to be pruned with scissors, and only then proceed directly to the procedure. On the other hand, too short hairs to remove is also quite inconvenient. Before the procedure, carefully wash the bikini area. It is better to use a soft scrub with glycolic and salicylic acid for cleansing. It not only cleans the skin of external contaminants, but also softens the follicles. And this will make the depilation process much less painful. In conclusion, dry the bikini area and sprinkle with talc. This will help get rid of excess moisture.

    Care of the bikini zone after depilation

    After depilation, also try to stickcertain recommendations. Hair in the genital area performs a special function in the body of a woman. They serve as a kind of barrier preventing the contamination and infection from getting onto the mucous membrane, thus contributing to the preservation of a healthy microflora. If you regularly resort to a deep bikini, then this area will require special hygienic procedures and thorough cleansing. It is also necessary to take care of moisturizing. To do this, you can use special cosmetics. Moisturizing cream should be treated with the skin and immediately after the procedure. This will save you from such unpleasant consequences as irritation. The first few hours after a deep bikini, do not subject the depilated area to contact with water. Especially, do not visit the sauna, sauna, swimming pool. Do not swim in the sea! To ensure that the effects of depilation do not become ingrown hairs, every week make a light peeling, using special cosmetics for sensitive skin. The speed of hair regrowth in many ways depends on the physiological characteristics of the woman and on what type of depilation was chosen. But each time the hairs will become thinner and grow less and less. And to improve the effect of the procedure immediately after depilation, use a cream that slows the growth of hair. As you can see, the procedure for a deep bikini can be easily done independently at home. It is only necessary to choose the correct method of depilation and adhere to the necessary rules. After such a procedure, you will certainly feel like a queen, even in the most frank bathing suit. However, before deciding on it, weigh all the pros and cons and think about what you can expect and negative consequences.