white clay hair mask Caring for the hair, women are tryinguse the most fashionable and modern tools, completely forgetting that there are effective gifts of nature - for example, white clay. I must say that for the hair can be used several kinds of clay - blue, green, red and white. Each of these species has its own unique quality, and the masks of this natural material do not only have a cosmetic, but also a curative effect on the hair. But it is the white clay that has one irreplaceable property - it is capable of exerting a purifying and drying effect.

What is the use of white clay

Such clay can be treated with oily hair - theywill acquire the necessary splendor, lightness and become obedient. It is with the help of white clay that you can carry out the cleansing procedure. It will be good to exfoliate the dead cells of the epidermis, the skin will breathe better, dandruff will disappear and the supply of hair with nutrients will improve. Thanks to the use of clay in the form of masks, the hair becomes healthy, strong and shiny. Moreover, they shine with a healthy shine, and not greasy, glued strands. In addition, with the help of white clay it is possible to have a protective effect for the hair - they will not be affected by the negative influence of the environment and will always be healthy and strong. Mask with the use of natural material will bring lightness to the hair, help get rid of oily seborrhea and constantly split ends. In general, know that masks with white clay will bring health to the hair and provide a beautiful appearance to the woman. hair mask with white clay

How to prepare masks from white clay

First, the source material must be purchasedonly in pharmacies - there it is sold refined and tested by various studies. Thus, you will have a guarantee that the mask of white clay is absolutely safe. Secondly, before applying this remedy, it would be good to visit a doctor who deals with hair treatment. It is necessary to accurately identify the cause of the disease, and then already look for a method of treatment. For example, with normal seborrhea, you need to apply blue clay, and not white clay. Well, thirdly, remember - a mask of white clay can be done no more than once a week. Otherwise, clay will overdry the skin and a new problem will appear - brittle hair and dandruff from dryness. And now some recipes:

  • Clay is mixed with warm water to a thick cream and spreads on the hair (wet);
  • In a mixture of clay and water, you can add a few drops (literally 3-4) of jojoba essential oil - it works great for oily hair;
  • With clay, water and egg, a mask is made to strengthen the hair.

Simple, cheap and very effective - these are the three main characteristics of a clay mask.

Tips for using white clay

Remember: Any mask of white clay holds on the hair for no more than 20 minutes. You must create a compress effect - wrap your head with polyethylene and a towel. For hair it will be very good to use after a mask with clay a rinse balm - for example, strengthening, and to dilute clay for a mask it is possible not by water. It is better to use herbal decoctions (chamomile, thyme, burdock root). And yet, pay attention to the moment: if you have any scratches or lesions on your scalp, rashes or pustular lesions, then apply a mask of clay (and any - white or blue, for example) can not be! Although white clay and is not a common allergen, exacerbation of hidden skin diseases is possible. If you have a light hair color, do not be scared after washing your head of your species - hair can become gray and even some brown. It removes this side effect from clay very simply - when rinsing it is necessary to apply a toning agent. It is sold in beauty shops and pharmacies. Preparing masks from white clay and not having any serious problems with the health of hair and scalp, you can use any additives. For example, crushed berries cranberries will add to the mask and the property of accelerating hair growth. But honey will serve as a nutrient in such a mask. You can add kefir - usually this product does not apply to oily hair, but it is kefir that perfectly strengthens them. Do not get carried away by such procedures. Masks from white clay are applied once a week, for 3 months, then you need to take a break - about 3 months, so that the hair rests and is restored. Take care of your health - you have one, take care of your hair, love yourself, enjoy life and act reasonably. Do not get carried away with masks, but simply competently manage the gifts of nature. We advise you to read: