fashion hairstyles "Long live the individuality!" - this is the main trend in the hairdresser's art. What fashion hairstyles are offered to us by stylists this year?

Trendy tail

Fashionable hairstyles impress with their variety andextravagance. At the height of popularity - the tail familiar to us from childhood. This can be a classic tail near the neck or a high "horse" tail on the crown. The tail is the quickest and easiest option to bring your hair in order and give your head a neat look. Ideally smoothly combed hair without parting - such fashionable hairstyles 2016 can be seen on the shows of Diane von Furstenberg and Louis Vuitton. However, the most trendy haircut of 2016 is a deliberately careless tail. It can be a very voluminous combed tail with separately protruding strands, and decorated with thin pigtails, and a tail of intricate shape, and a fluffy tail, intercepted by a string of hair, as at the fashion show Valentino, Burberry, Alexander Wang, Emilio Pucci. At Gucci the fluffy tail is intercepted by a string of hair, and at Versace the tail is unusually intricate. Fashionable hairstyles for long hair

Spit is the hit of 2016

Do you want to be the center of attention? Then the braid is exactly what you need. The most varied braids not only have not lost their popularity; moreover, they are on top of the fashionable Olympus. Fashionable hair from pigtails and all kinds of weaving will not leave indifferent even the most sophisticated women of fashion. At the shows of Kenzo, Lanvin, Emilio Pucci, one can observe the tight braiding of braids, referring to the avant-garde style. A shaggy braid with broken strands, like that of Erdem and the Band of Outsiders, will be very useful for a romantic meeting. With this hair style, you will look very nice and feminine. Experiment, try, braid braids as soon as your imagination allows, and you will always correspond to fashion trends. fashion hairstyles from plaits

Effective haircuts

Want to get a haircut shortly? The most fashionable haircut for short hair in 2016 announced a haircut bean. He in the new season will have a very frayed look, torn strands, careless bangs and fuzzy parting. Bob can be smooth, bulky, asymmetrical or classic - the choice is yours. No less relevant will be the boyish haircut a la garzon, which is worn with a slightly disheveled locks. If you are the owner of medium-length hair - for you, haircuts based on the quads, presented in a trendy interpretation: light negligence, graded, asymmetric or classic straightforward. The bangs can be straight, oblique, elongated. The main thing is that the hair is light and mobile. Do you have long hair? For long hair, haircuts are cascaded or straight haircuts with a thick bang starting at the very top with an uneven, oblique or even edge. Haircuts for long hair and without bangs are possible. fashion hairstyles and haircuts

Supermodny parting

Incredibly daring and stylish look give eachgirl hairstyles with a side parting. Fashion hairstyles with a parting for several seasons have not come down from the world catwalks, they can be seen at the defile of Yves Saint Laurent, Antonio Berardi, Alberta Feretti. Fashionable hairstyles for long and short hair

Knots, bundles and rollers

Virtually every collection can be foundFashionable hairstyles with knots and bunches in different variations. It's not for nothing that bundles, cushions and knots are so loved by many stylists and celebrities. Feminine and reserved look a tall and neat bunch, like Donna Karan. In a careless bunch offer to collect hair Giorgio Armani and Elie Saab. Complex and refined "snails", "flowers" and "stars", built from their own or overhead strands, will adequately complement the elegant evening outfit. fashionable braid hairstyles 2016

Loose hair

Fans of a romantic style in the futureseason offers a variety of hair styles based on loose hair. Fashionable hairstyles for long hair - flowing Hollywood locks, like Christian Dior, loose hair, like Versace's or just slightly "combed by the wind" hair. fashion hairstyles for long hair

Ageless style retro

For lovers of chic and glamor - a retro style. In fashion, outfits, accessories, and hence hairstyles, returning us to the past century. Today, hairstyles, which were popular a few decades ago, look very stylish and original. Girls with high babetts and incredible bumps again confidently pacing the podium. Trendy hairstyles in retro style, of course, are hardly suitable for work in the office, but at the party everyone's attention and success are ensured. Fashionable Hairstyles for Long Hair in Retro Style

Hairstyles with accessories

Fashion image can be created not only throughhairstyles. More and more popular are hair accessories. Different ribbons, flowers, bandages, rims, bows, hairpins and just hair bands will help emphasize your unique style. Tails and tufts adorn the original scarves, and in braids weave leather laces trimmed with beads, and bright ribbons. Incredibly popular accessories made of natural fur. In combination with the corresponding outfits, they look chic and organic. Fashionable hairstyles and accessories to them Be sure of your irresistibility. Boldly experiment in the search for a new appearance, because what goes to one woman, you can not absolutely approach another. We advise you to read: