wedding hairstyles for long hair The first wedding hairstyles appeared in the AncientRome. But then not all women could afford to solemn hair styling. Only the daughters of wealthy parents spent several tiring hours before the wedding at the barber to look irresistible. Yes, after laying their curls looked amazing, but at the end of the wedding ceremony, the poor girls had no choice but to shave their hair very shortly, since it was beyond their power to untwine this magnificence. The modern ritual for creating a festive image, of course, is more humane, but today the hairstyles for the wedding are given no less time than the selection of dresses and accessories. Especially beautiful look wedding hairstyles for long hair - thought out to the last detail, made by skilled craftsmen, such styling can turn any bride into a queen of the ball. And what else do you need a girl getting married? Of course, be irresistible and be sure to like the groom! Today, elegance and practicality are in fashion, stylists advise to pay attention to natural styling, decorated with discreet accessories. wedding hairstyles for long hair

Variety of wedding hairstyles

The most relevant for the bride were and remainclassical styling - braids, with interwoven pearls in them or tight tails, decorated with a variety of braided hair. Such hairstyles give the girl femininity, make her even more youthful and beautiful. For the bride, who wants to supplement her outfit with a symbol of innocence - a white veil, there are styling in the form of waves or the same braids, only large and braided are slightly weaker. Such a hairstyle will perfectly complement the thread of pearls and a few unnoticeable hairpins that will hold it throughout the holiday. Excess of various varnishes and hair mousses today is not welcomed, because all the natural beauty of the female curls is lost. Wedding hairstyles for long hair - this is a real space for the imagination of the stylists and the bride herself. Here, the main thing to remember is that when choosing styling, one should be guided not so much by fashion trends and magazine publications, as by general principles, based on the type of the bride's face, her figure and the dress model. Loose and half-blown hair is also appropriate for the wedding ceremony. Such hairstyles look very gently and exquisitely. In turn, the bundles, braids and tails are more practical, they hold the form for a long time, allow you to admire the neck of the bride and experiment with the selection of wedding accessories. The only drawback is that to untwine, the hair laid by the master, is problematic, it needs to be given enough time. Well, do not do your hair when a young husband expects you to have a wedding night!

A few tips from experienced stylists

  • If you have long, but thin hair, give up small curls. They will quickly become tangled, swollen, and the laying will be spoiled;
  • But the large curls, on the contrary, will help to keep the hairstyle until the end of the holiday. In addition, they will add volume to thin hair, make the image of the bride more romantic;
  • Naughty curls, which are difficult to lay down, it is better to hide under the veil. Even if you braid them in tight braids or tails, no matter how hard you try, this hair will last no more than 3-4 hours;
  • Lush hair, good to withstand cheating, will look great in a high hairstyle or style in Greek style - freely braided braids and plaits.

wedding hairstyle for long hair

Flowers for a wedding hairstyle

Wedding hairstyle for long hair, decoratedfresh flowers .... What could be more beautiful? However, many brides have doubts - will they hold out until the end of the ceremony, will they not wither? Use buds of real flowers you can and even need - this is the unanimous opinion of the stylists. Only to approach the selection of such ornaments need with special attention. So, for example, too large inflorescences are not worth choosing, they do not fit well with the bride's bouquet, and the lethargicness on them is more noticeable. However, in occasion of small colors too there are nuances. First, try not to have too many. Secondly, carefully determine the color of the buds. Blonde brides should choose a pastel tones, delicate cream shades. Brown-haired and brunette in this plan was more fortunate. Their hair color allows you to experiment with more vivid colors. Remember, the brighter the buds, the less they should be present in the wedding hairstyle. When making an order for flowers, be sure to consult a florist, he will tell you which of them are better kept fresh, which are easier to weave into the hair. To create such an important component of the holiday, like a wedding hairstyle, a good master must necessarily put his hand. Trust the professional, but if for some reason you do not like his decision, do not be silent, express your opinion, consult a competent stylist who always hears and will meet the client. Be irresistible at the most important holiday of your life! We advise you to read: