long-term hair styling For the first time after hearing the phrase "long-termhair styling ", many women immediately recall the chemical perm, mercilessly destroying the structure of the hair in the name of elastic curls. However, long-term styling does not damage, but treats hair, besides allowing you to look at all times at any time of the day and in any weather.

What kind of animal is carving?

The abbreviated name for this type of wave of hair -"Carving". This is a real find for girls who do not want to spend every morning half an hour in front of a mirror with iron or tongs in their hands. The first discoverer of this hairdressing miracle was the company "Schwarzkopf", who invented a unique way to save a chic hairstyle, made by a professional master in the salon, for a long time. Initially, the magic laying was done on special curlers, patented by the same firm, with the use of a special liquid for hair. The popularity of carving grew, as did the variety of means for obtaining a lasting effect. Today, hair is laid on bugles of different shapes and sizes using fixing sprays, foams and mousses. The procedure for styling the hair goes as follows: the hair is abundantly moistened with a fixer and within a few minutes gives the hair the desired shape.

«Indications for use»

There are two varieties of carving. The first allows owners of long and thin hair, deprived of volume, to achieve the desired splendor of curls. The second type of carving is the modeling of a hairstyle, consisting of soft curls or natural curls. African curls should not be expected from this laying - the composition does not contain rigid components, in contrast to the liquid for chemical perm. Therefore, this laying is in a sense therapeutic - the keratin complex and multivitamins, which are the main components of the remedy, restore and nourish the damaged hair structure. Thus, long-term styling is not at all analogous to chemical, it is more like a panacea for its consequences. Even if you do not need a wave of hair, do carving - and your hair will stop to crumble, will get a natural shine. Since it uses a sparing composition when laying, it is often necessary to update the result - every 1.5-2 months. To admirers of a chemical wave the unpleasant feature of this procedure is known, consisting in "conflict" of the used fixative. It helps wash out the paint and tarnish the color of the colored hair. What can not be said about carving - it quietly "neighbors" both with professional paint, and with coloring balms. Another nice bonus - you do not have to get rid of the "bast" damaged by chemistry hair through haircuts. In a month after carving your locks will just begin to slowly "unwind", which will look absolutely natural. long-term laying on medium hair

Subtlety of Mastery

Long-term laying on medium hairbegins with the fact that the master selects a product that will be used as a fixer. The specific choice depends on the goal you want to achieve by sitting in the hairdresser's armchair. For dry hair, the moisturizing compound is ideal, for colored - a product with panthenol. This is followed by a test for the allergenicity of individual components - the latch is applied to the inner crook of the elbow and is expected to react for 30 minutes. After that, the hair is treated with the given composition and winds the hair on the curlers. If you do not like the "petty demon", but you want locks like a Hollywood movie star, ask to wind you up with "boomerangs" or "rollers". After an hour, you need to wash your head, using a nourishing mask. After that, the hair is dried and laid with a hair dryer. Long-term styling for long hair is different in that the master uses two compositions in his work. The first is intended for distribution along the length of the hair, the second is a more saturated composition and is intended for tips. It "seals" the end of the hair, relieving you of the hair section for several months. long-term styling for long hair

Hair care after carving procedure

If you do not want to reduce all the efforts of the hairdresser to"No", do not use straightening tools for home styling. In the rest, it is quite easy to look after hair after visiting the salon. After washing your head, use the conditioner. The use of alcohol-based sprays for fixation is extremely undesirable - they will dry the soft core of the hair. To achieve tight curls, it is enough to use a gel with the effect of "wet" hair. We advise you to read: