masks for hair at home from falling out When you have beautiful, thick hair, then youtreat this as a given. With sympathy you look at the unlucky girlfriends, whose hair is far from ideal - rare and split. But one day you notice that too much hair remains on the sink and on the hairbrush, the hair turns thin, the hair grows dull. Willy-nilly you start to think about imminent baldness with all the sad consequences. What is the reason, what to do? Running urgently for a new shampoo? Contact a doctor? Or to squint and pretend that nothing is happening? The last option is the most unforgivable. You can not stand idly by if you suddenly notice that your hair begins to fall out. It has long been known that gorgeous hair is one of the main tools in the arsenal of a woman's beauty, and losing it means losing a lot. And the eternal excuses about the lack of time and financial difficulties will not serve as an excuse for the fact that the haircut volume has shrunk two and the hair continues to fall out. If you do not have the time and money to visit expensive salons, then you can do masks from hair loss at home. If you have never done masks at home and are afraid that you will not succeed, your fears are in vain. You will not find it difficult to look into the refrigerator and kitchen shelves, take out the natural ingredients and create a small amount of a mixture that will help your hair to regain its former strength and volume. Want to avoid alopecia? Then it's time to get used to taking care of your locks not only through masterpieces of chemical products, but also by ordinary, natural means. After all, even if the manufacturer of your favorite shampoo and balm rinse is extraordinarily conscientious (which is very rare in our time), do not forget that chemistry can damage the structure of your hair and scalp. Where it is better to treat yourself to a beloved one hundred percent natural means and to do a course of hair masks at home. masks from hair loss

Why hair fall out

The most common cause of alopecia (prolapsehair) in women - this is stress. Daily worries, anxiety, lack of sleep adversely affect the health in general and hair in particular. Capillaries in the skin of the head narrow, the hair bulbs do not receive enough blood. Hence - the dull color of hair, broken ends, fallout. If you do not take measures, you can forever say goodbye to your chic hair and replenish the rows of ladies with rare, neglected hair. Often, hair falls out of girls sitting on strict diets. Fiercely fighting with their fatty layers, they often forget that they, darling, contain a number of hormones necessary for the normal functioning of the female body. In addition, rigid diets deprive the body of important vitamins, without which the hair lose its former strength. Sometimes hair loss after starvation acquires a horrifying character - the girls literally grow bald before their eyes, losing precious strands day after day. Of course, overweight is a problem that needs to be addressed, but too often women neglect their own health for the sake of coveted thinness. It is quite difficult to avoid hair loss in infectious diseases. Inflammatory processes in the body may well give a serious impetus to the fact that hair began to rapidly thinning. Increased fever, fever and other manifestations of infections cause the body to throw all its forces into the fight against the disease, not allowing immune cells to get into the hair bulbs. What can you do, the body struggles with the disease, as it can. In order to stop hair loss, you need to urgently stop the disease. Also, hair can fall out during pregnancy, hormonal disorders. There are cases when women are bald as a consequence of a hereditary factor - but this is a very rare case, because this happens most often in men. In any case, the problem of alopecia in women is solvable (here we were lucky slightly more than men: if they are already bald, then it is almost impossible to improve the situation without hair transplantation). Stop hair loss with the help of specialists, and you can try to remedy the situation and at home. If the cause is not in a serious disease and in heredity, then you have every chance of success to help yourself on your own. But even if hair falls out for very serious reasons related to your health, and to solve the problem you need to undergo a course of treatment, then hair masks will help to further strengthen weakened strands and hair bulbs. hair mask for hair loss

Masks for hair loss

Doing masks for hair at home is notonly useful, but also nice. The realization that you are investing your own strength in maintaining the beauty and health of your hair gives you confidence that an excellent result is just around the corner. In the end, you can gradually get involved in the process of caring for yourself - and this will help to stay young and beautiful for a long, long time! Honey mask with aloe and castor oil Before you take on this wonderful mask, make sure that you do not have an allergic reaction to honey. If everything is in order, then you can proceed. So, it is necessary to mix 1 teaspoon of castor oil, 1 tbsp. a spoonful of honey and 1 teaspoon of aloe. Apply the mixture to the hair for 30-40 minutes. After the specified time, rinse and rinse with infusion of chamomile. The procedure is recommended to be repeated at least 1-2 times a week, until there is a noticeable improvement. Mask-balm for hair loss To prepare balm at home, 1 g of sea-buckthorn oil, 1 g of rose oil, 1 g of pollen, 1 g of eucalyptus oil, 100 g of burdock oil will be required. Thoroughly mix all ingredients and rub into clean scalp. After half an hour, rinse and wash your hair with shampoo. Mustard mask from hair loss This is a wonderful mask that is easy to prepare at home. Take the 2st. spoons of dry mustard powder, 1 egg yolk, 2 tbsp. spoons of oil (perfectly suitable burdock, castor, linseed or coconut) and 2 st. spoons of plain water. Ingredients can be mixed in any sequence, as a result you will get a thick mustard paste, which is easily applied to the hair and does not flow. The mask is applied to dry hair, keeps on the head for about 1 hour. For more effective use after the application, put a plastic bag on your hair and wrap your head with a warm towel. After an hour, wash the mustard mask with your usual shampoo. The effectiveness of the mask you will notice after the first application, the course of treatment is a month and a half (once a week), then you need to take a break. If you feel a burning sensation during the first application, you will only have to wait about twenty minutes, after which you can wash it off. At subsequent application of the mask, the time can be increased. Garlic-honey mask from hair loss 1 egg yolk, 1 st. spoon of burdock oil, 1 tbsp. spoon of honey (make sure you do not have allergies), 1h. spoon of lemon juice, 1 tbsp. spoon of mayonnaise, 1 clove of garlic (crush in garlic, or grate, all these ingredients are usually in every house, so that this mask can be easily and quickly prepared at home.) Mixing the ingredients, we apply the mask on dry hair. It should be kept for at least 45 minutes, ideally 2 hours.The mask is very effective, however it has a significant drawback: as soon as your head sweats or gets wet, your hair will start to emit a garlic smell, however this very small fee for hair loss is stopped and you got shi carrots, thick and well-groomed hair Potato mask A pair of medium potatoes grate on a fine grater (you can use a blender) and squeeze the juice.In this juice pour 2 tbsp aloe and a teaspoon melted honey in a water bath.This mask does not need to be applied to the hair , it must be rubbed into the scalp, and it should be done in a soft, circular motion, massaging the skin with your fingertips, wrap your head with a towel and hold the mask for two hours, then wash it off with shampoo, rinse with a little lemon juice. Do this mask 2 times a week for a month. Mask of cabbage and peach Cook 2st. spoons of cabbage juice and as much peach juice. Add a dessert spoon of cognac and 1h. spoon of honey. Carefully mix the ingredients of this wonderful mask, for a more convenient application on the hair, you can use a comb with wide teeth: just dab the comb into the mixture and slowly walk through it in clean, dry strands. Wrap the head with a warm cloth and hold this mask for about 2 hours. Then rinse it with shampoo, not forgetting to use and balm rinse. We advise you to read: