Men's hair care Care for men's hair is important and complexa business. However, men do not like it if it takes too much time and effort. How to find a shampoo combining easy quick usage and good effect? From shampoo always busy and somewhere in a hurry the men are waiting for the next:

  • ease of use and the possibility of daily use;
  • maximum efficiency.

At the same time, two key indicators under the actionmeans - it strengthens the hair and provides deep cleansing without drying the scalp. "Do not forget that the sebaceous glands in men do not work as they do women. The allocation of sebum occurs in men more often and intensively, so that men's hair and scalp require deeper cleansing. "Expert Center for the care of male hair in Hamburg If your man does not like to spend a lot of time caring for his hair, but wants to achieve the maximum purifying and strengthening hair, try to offer him a new shampoo "Energy and strength" from NIVEA MEN. It is designed for normal hair and is suitable for use every day. Shampoo cleanses the scalp and cleans it for the whole day, and the oryzanol, which is part of the formula, strengthens the hair, giving it elasticity.