masks for hair growth From time immemorial, long hair in a woman isa symbol of health and beauty, but few people know how to grow them. To date, the most effective masks are recognized for the rapid growth of hair from natural ingredients, which can be easily bought in a store or pharmacy. It is noteworthy that these masks can be easily done at home, which will save a fairly large amount on trips to a cosmetologist.

Vitamin mask with dimexide

To prepare this product you needvitamins A and E in oil, as well as vitamin B6 in ampoules, dimexid and burdock oil. Vitamin A in pharmacies can be purchased under the name retinol acetate, vitamin E - tocopherol acetate. Vitamin A gives "hair" elasticity and elasticity, healthy shine, and protects the curls from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation in the summer. Thanks to this vitamin hair will not be so dry and brittle. Vitamin E has a restoring effect and stimulates hair growth. Vitamin B6 moisturizes the scalp and prevents the appearance of dandruff. Burdock oil well nourishes the bulbs that are under the skin. As for dimexide, it has the property of rapidly penetrating through the skin or without damaging it. In addition, it enhances the penetrating ability of vitamins. It is worth remembering that when using this tool there was no chemical skin burn, dimexide should be mixed very thoroughly with all the ingredients of the mask. In a glass container you need to pour 3 tbsp. l burdock oil and add to it for 1 tsp. vitamins A and E. Next, you need to take 3 ampules of vitamin B6 and use a syringe to pour their contents into the main mixture. Dimexide is added at the very end. The resulting mixture is very thoroughly mixed and rubbed into the roots with massaging movements. Light massage significantly improves blood circulation, which facilitates the rapid penetration of nutrients mixture. The remaining mask should be spread over the entire length of the hair. If the ends of the hair are very damaged and cracked, then they can be greased with warm olive or castor oil. After applying the mixture, the head should be wrapped in a food film and warmed with a towel. This mask is recommended to keep on the hair for at least 1 hour. If in the area of ​​application of the mask there is no discomfort in the form of an unpleasant tingling, the mask can even be left overnight. Use this tool 2 times a week for a month. Thanks to this mask, hair will begin to grow by 1 cm per week. Due to the fact that the hair will grow very fast, they will not have an external power supply and, probably, they will start to break down. To prevent this from happening, you need not forget about the intake of various vitamins inside. mask with mustard

Mask based on mustard powder

A mask based on mustard powder is onefrom the best means used for hair growth at home. Mustard powder can be purchased at an ordinary store. Due to its stinging, mustard causes a rush of blood to the bulbs, as a result, hair growth accelerates. In this case, do not forget about precautions, because mustard is very dry scalp, so in the mask you need to add vegetable oils and do not keep it for very long. When applying the mask, the tips of the hair should be lubricated with some kind of nutritive oil. Keep the product for at least 15 minutes, if it will be strongly burned; and if the skin perceives the mask normally, then the time can be increased to an hour. Recipe: 2 tbsp. l mustard powder diluted in 2 tbsp. l of hot water and mix. Then add 1-2 tsp of sugar, yolk of a large home egg, 2 tbsp. l of any vegetable oil. After applying the mixture to the hair, they must be wrapped in a food film. To wash off the mask, you need to use shampoo, as with ordinary water it simply does not wash. The hair follicles will grow much faster after 1 month of applying these masks. In addition, the scalp will produce less fat, which will affect the volume of hair. onion mask for hair growth

Masks with pepper, stimulating hair growth

Tincture made from pods of red pepper,is an excellent tool not only to strengthen hair, but also to accelerate their growth. This infusion can be purchased at the pharmacy, while it is quite cheap, so everyone can purchase it. Pepper tincture can be done on your own. To do this, take 100 g of vodka and 1 red capsicum, which must be cut short beforehand. Red pepper is poured with vodka, after which the mixture should be put in a dark place for 2 weeks. Pepper tincture well stimulates bulbs and improves blood circulation. However, this remedy, like the mustard powder, is very insidious. So, it can easily burn the skin. If the scalp is sensitive, located to dandruff or there is severe itching, then apply to the head means with pepper tincture is not needed. Before applying the tincture, you need to wash your head and dry your hair a little. Before application, the infusion should be diluted, but it can be done with vegetable oil, honey or yolk. You can use the following proportions: 1 tbsp. l pepper tincture, you can take 1 tsp of homemade honey, 1 egg yolk and 1 tbsp. l of olive oil or flax. All components are well mixed and applied to the scalp with massage movements. The mixture can be slightly heated in a water bath, but you should make sure that the yolk does not curl. Keep the mixture on your head need not more than 30-40 minutes, after that it is washed off with warm water. If the head started to burn very hard, it is better to immediately wash the mixture off and never use it again. Of course, you can try to reduce the amount of pepper tincture, but if even then the skin will have unpleasant sensations after application, then this mask is best not to use. Mask based on olive oil for hair growth

Masks based on ginger for hair growth

The simplest mask with ginger is prepared forA couple of minutes. To do this, take fresh ginger root, which is sold in any large supermarket, and natural jojoba oil, which can be purchased at the pharmacy. The ginger root should be grated on a fine grater or crushed in a blender. From the resulting mass, you need to squeeze out all the juice (should be 3-4 spoons). You need to make sure that the juice does not fall into pieces of ginger, otherwise they will be very difficult to wash from strands. In the squeezed juice, you need to add the same amount of jojoba oil. The mask is applied to the roots of the hair with massage movements. After applying the mixture, the head should be wrapped with a food film and warmed with a towel. Keep the mask for at least 40 minutes. Before application, the mask should be slightly heated in a water bath. There is another mask with ginger, but it has many more ingredients, which makes it even more effective. Do this mask 2 times a week for 2 months. For cooking you need to take 4 tbsp. l homemade yogurt, which is best prepared by yourself, 1 tbsp. (in this case you can take a powder, as it will be easier to wash out of the hair), a few drops of lemon juice (instead of juice you can take the essential oil of lemon), yolk of 1 egg, 1 teaspoon of honey, 1 tbsp. l burdock oil, polbanan. Initially, you need to mix all the components. The banana is added to the last line, while it needs to be kneaded with a fork. All is very carefully mixed, until a homogeneous mass without lumps is formed. The mask should be applied to the hair in a warm state, for this purpose it is heated in a water bath. The head is wrapped in film and warmed with a towel. The mask is left on the hair for at least an hour. The mask is washed off with warm water, and afterwards the hair is rinsed with cool water with apple cider vinegar. Due to this they will become silky and shiny. After washing, it is recommended to always rinse your hair with cool water, as this helps to close the scales of hair, which makes them stronger. Masks for rapid growth of hair with ginger are very nutritious and useful, but they need to be used in small courses. The break between such courses should be at least 2 weeks. mask with egg yolk

Masks for hair with onions

In onions contain many vitamins and minerals,which are useful not only for hair, but for the whole body. Due to its properties, the onion heals the skin and helps to get rid of dandruff for good. High content of vitamin C, silicon and zinc promotes the renewal of hair follicles and rapid hair growth. Onion can be combined with various nutritional ingredients. The simplest mask is made only from onion, more precisely, from onion gruel, which can be obtained by chopping onions in a blender. The resulting gruel is rubbed into the roots of the hair, and the head is warmed with cellophane and a towel. If the hair is dry, then wash the mask in an hour, if normal - after 1,5-2 hours, and if greasy - after 3 hours. A good mixture of yeast and onion affects the growth of the bulb. For the mask, you need a bulb to grate, and squeeze out the juice from the gruel with the help of gauze. In the juice is added 1 tsp dry yeast, 1 tsp castor and burdock oil, as well as 2 tbsp. l of hot boiled water. All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed and left in a warm place for a few minutes. After the mixture is infused, it must be applied to the roots of the hair and put on the head a cellophane cap. You can wash your head with shampoo and warm water after an hour. Honey in combination with onions strengthens and stimulates hair growth. For this product you need to take 1 onion and grate it, the resulting gruel is mixed with 1 tsp. honey. It must be remembered that this mask should not be used for people prone to allergic reactions that cause honey. Kashitsa is applied for 1 hour to the hair, after which the head can be washed with shampoo. There is another recipe for which you will need honey, kefir, sea salt and cognac. All the ingredients must be mixed in equal amounts and add to the resulting mixture the juice of 1 onion. The mask is applied to the scalp with massage movements, after that it is necessary to warm the head with cellophane and a terry towel. It is also necessary to wash off after an hour. Onions with garlic will help to quickly restore bulbs and improve blood circulation, which will accelerate the growth of hair. For the mask, juice from 1 onion and several large garlic cloves is taken, which is mixed with 2 tablespoons of burdock oil and 5 drops of rosemary oil. In the resulting mixture is added a spoon of cognac and egg yolk. The mask is washed off in an hour.

Bread masks for hair growth

To prepare a universal mask for growthhair you need to take 4 slices of rye bread, which are filled with boiling water (the water must completely cover the bread). Filled bread is left in a warm place for at least 2 hours. Bread from water should be squeezed through gauze. The resulting bread gruel is carefully rubbed into the scalp. After half an hour you need to rinse your head under running warm water. This mask is used for all types of hair, and it is recommended to use it 2 times a week. In order to improve hair growth and give them a natural sheen, nutrients can be added to the mask described above. For this, 100 g of light beer and 1 tablespoon of liquid vitamins A and E are added to the water in which bread is infused, which must be previously dissolved in warm water. In this case, do not strain the bread with gauze, you can just do it with your hand. The resulting composition is rubbed into the roots of the hair and distributed throughout their length. Hair needs to be warmed with food film and towel. After an hour, the mask is washed off with running warm water. At dry hair in a slurry it is necessary to add 2 spoons of vegetable oil, thus it should be washed off to wash off with application of shampoo. Perfectly activates the growth of hair mask from bread and pepper. For her, you need to take 2-3 pieces of rye bread, which is poured with steep boiling water and left to soak for several hours. Then the bread is squeezed through the cheesecloth, and 3 tablespoons of tincture of pepper are added to the resulting gruel. If the scalp is oily, then 50 g of kefir or 1 tomato pulp should be added to the gruel. With a dry and normal type of hair, you can add 2-3 tbsp. l burdock, almond or castor oil, 1 tbsp. l of mayonnaise and yolk of 1 egg. All components are thoroughly mixed and rubbed into the roots. In half an hour everything is washed off under running water with shampoo and balm. There is another mask that positively influences the growth of hair. For its preparation you need to take 3 slices of black bread and 2 raw yolks. In a small amount of warm boiled water, 1 tbsp. l dry mustard powder, then it is added to the bread with yolk. If the hair is very dry then a few spoons of vegetable oil are added to the mixture. The mixture should be allowed to stand for half an hour, after which it is thoroughly mixed and rubbed. The mask lasts for 40 minutes, after which everything is washed off with shampoo with balm.