sea ​​style in clothes The time of vacation is near - you too feel it,revising the wardrobe and looking forward to a wonderful vacation? Then among your things there is definitely a couple in the sea style - rather get them, because in the coming beach season it will be one of the most popular trends. This style is experiencing is not the first of its revival: at the peak of success, it often climbs because it is associated with rest and related impressions. For each girl, a trip to the sea speaks of a promising vacation, of new pleasant emotions and acquaintances, of a wonderful pastime away from city dust, noise and fuss. A comfortable holiday can not do without sunny beaches and cozy cafes in the open air, without distinctive shops and good restaurants - intending to visit each of these places, this woman strives to emphasize her delicate taste and look perfect. To do this, and created clothing in the marine style - it is always appropriate, as when walking along the waterfront, and during a romantic date with a young man. This is also indicated by the new collections of world-famous fashion designers presented in Milan, so get your vests and sleeves - in the coming beach season they will be at a premium.

Modern marine style

sea ​​style in clothes photo Of course, fashion returns - it is known eventhose people who do not really understand all of its laws. But with each turn, with each wave of success, something new comes into fashion - it is constantly enriched, and the elements that have become classic are supplemented by modern touches and nuances. To see this, it's enough to look at the peculiarities of the sea style in the clothes of the 2011 season: it contains both combinations that are well known to our mothers and grandmothers, as well as new trends. But let's look at everything in order: let's look at the "classic of the genre" - the elements traditionally present.

  • Combinations of blue and white - it seems that everyonewell-known "vests" will never go out of fashion, and it's wonderful. In combination with short shorts, they look very tempting - 50 years ago this outfit was defiantly bold, today it is almost a classic.
  • No less popular is the combination of white withred, however, it is mostly found in light dresses all in the same "marine" strip. At the same time today the style of the dress itself can be anything - earlier in the fashion were quite free models, but now they often choose tight-fitting ones.
  • Another classic element is white shoes: slippers, ballet shoes and even shoes of this color, do not just fit perfectly to the vest, they also remarkably emphasize the girl's easy gait. However, striped shoes are also very popular, but already in combination with monochrome clothes - along with a white, blue or red dress, it looks unusual and without exaggeration smart.
  • Naturally, you need to say a few words and trousersklesh, which are well known to everyone - they have always been a choice of slender and long-legged girls who want to emphasize their graceful beauty. They have long become a synonym for maritime style and will always be popular - such things should be in the wardrobe of each of us.

And now let's look at those elements that are gaining popularity only today and determine what new they bring.

  • The coming beach season will meet us with brightness andsaturation, recalling that not only the blue, white and red colors of the vests are associated with the sea. As part of the style, the colors of yellow sand, green palms, purple sunsets, motley butterflies will harmoniously blend - romantic spaces open wide for fantasy.
  • A stylish addition to the modern era are prints,because they can decorate your favorite thing the way you want it and at the same time withstand the sea style in women's clothing. The applied drawing can be practically anything, from fish to gulls: every girl has the opportunity to show creativity and enrich her wardrobe with a truly exclusive thing - hand-made is always valued, do not forget about it.
  • In 2011, much attention will be paid tohats, and a very unusual form - they will take a worthy place next to the already familiar capers, baseball caps and cap. Original models we can see in the collections of many famous couturiers - these headgear add a note of elegant severity and exciting unusuality in the image of a vacationing girl.
  • Stylized trouser suits - that's what will beis very popular in the summer: even on vacation, a businesswoman can look emphatically strictly and elegantly, without forgetting about the notes of a romantic mood. Designer houses make a bet on this combination - the fashion week in Milan demonstrated this clearly.

Someone likes elegant elegance and pedanticneatness, and someone prefers complete looseness and somewhere even lazy negligence - what, in the coming season, all the girls will be able to enrich the wardrobe in the way they want, and at the same time keep pace with fashion.

Time of freedom

sea ​​style in clothes 2011 Many fans of this trend are attracted toa variety of possible options and images. Trying on a skirt and a snow-white blouse, emphasizing the slenderness of the waist with the help of a corset, tied a bandanna and adding decorations, the girl can easily transform into a passionate and wayward pirate, which even a blind man will notice. And wearing a simple striped dress and white sandals, wrapped up in a tunic with colorful gold buttons, the fair sex representatives appear in the image of a gentle sailor, with a sinking heart waiting for the return of the beloved captain from a distant voyage. Boats, waves, islands, dolphins, starfish and seagulls on blouses, sarafans, bags - do these prints not complement the look of a resting girl? They add brightness and originality, they speak of an amazing combination of romanticism and looseness, freedom and faith in a fairy tale. With the current popularity of the sea style in women's clothing, its excellent compatibility with other trends and trends, its lightness and unobtrusiveness is doubly convenient. In many respects, therefore, his admirers can appear before us in different ways: like the sea itself, then quiet and smooth, then restless and even raging, they do not get tired of surprising. The charm of freedom and change helps girls win the hearts of men - this is another reason why vests, flared trousers and prints will be very popular in the upcoming beach season.

Attention to rigor

fashionable sea style in clothes In this direction, its advantages will not only be foundlovers of bold and original solutions, but also fans of high fashion and fashion parties. They prefer stylized vests and dresses of modern style with all the same horizontal stripes. By the way, these wardrobe items perfectly match with simple sneakers and a variety of bags, up to the satchels - on the evening beach you will definitely meet a girl dressed in this way. A huge variety of stylized embroideries, themed prints and applications in the coming season, we'll see on T-shirts with tops - in such things the youth influence is most clearly and fully felt, and that's good. Those who prefer the Baltics to warm countries can also form their wardrobe with the help of a naval style in clothes: photos of the collections presented in Milan will tell them about the variety of long knitted and woolen dresses diverging directly from the waist and piquantly combined with very short shorts. This is quite elegant and at the same time a very tempting option that will only emphasize all the virtues of the girl and will charm the men. There is one more "win-win combination": the striped top we already know, combined with all the known trousers of flares - you can feel free and comfortable, look stylish, modern, attractive and do not be afraid to freeze in the cool climate of the Baltic.

What will please us couturier?

maritime style in women's clothing The last fashion week in Milan responded to thisthe question: among the many presented collections were those that came close to the theme of recreation - we want to stop them. As always, the design house Coco Chanel is incomparable: in the summer season they enter with light dresses of soft pink, white, gray and even black shades, decorated with thematic prints, fur, laces, knitwear and transparent chiffon. Furor caused short shorts with high waist and miniature jackets: looking at the sea style in clothes in 2011, you can not help recalling the 60's - a decade of style and elegance. The collection of Coco Chanel is perfect for an elegant lady with a delicate taste, who can appreciate the things of the highest level. Pleasantly surprised and the design house Dior, focusing on the 40's and the extraordinary popularity of the American navy. Walking along the catwalk, the girls are dressed in Bermuda trousers and striped sailors' blouses, their capes and berets are decorated on their graceful heads - this retro look always attracts attention and can not help admiring. Fashion returns, our legislators tell us about it, successfully combining classics with modernity, giving each of you freedom and continuing to formulate the rules of delicate taste. Summer promises to be bright and original - this can be said with confidence when looking at the most sensational collections that represent the naval style in clothing: the photos of Dior and Coco Chanel models are the best proof of that - look at them and we think that you will agree with us. We advise you to read: