manicure with foil Velvet manicured handles - a dream and decorationany girl. Accurate marigolds with manicure attract admiring men's eyes and envious female. There are many ways to decorate your nails - sand, rhinestones, special stickers, but most luxurious looks manicure with foil. Glamorous shine of fingertips is fascinating and associated with precious metals - gold, silver, platinum. In conjunction with accessories evening dress such a manicure will look just amazing. And if you have open sandals in a stud in a metallic style, then their straps will perfectly emphasize the gracefulness of the feet with such unusual nails. Remember that when applying foil on nails, you become the object of the closest attention of others, therefore, your entire appearance should be impeccably stylish and refined.

What do you need?

A manicure made of foil can be done on its own, it is not something complicated or impossible. To do this, you need the following tools and supplies:

  • Foil;
  • Sharply sharpened manicure scissors;
  • Tweezers or tweezers;
  • Glue stick;
  • A colorless varnish-base, it's a fixer;
  • Varnishes of all necessary colors;
  • Cotton buds.

Of course, for the first time should be stocked,among other things, patience and show a certain amount of aging. The absence of these qualities can negatively affect the final result. Casually laid foil with wrinkles and creases looks unpresentable and has no right to life. In case of unsuccessful fixing of a piece, it must be removed and the technological process should be repeated from the very beginning. By the way, removing the foil is a fairly simple procedure, no different from the usual: you just need a liquid to remove the varnish and a cotton swab. how to make manicure with foil

Technology of foil application

Immediately leave alone the idea that formanicure use food foil, which is stored in your kitchen cabinet. This option is unpromising. Cosmetic foil is sold in profile stores, it is much thinner and has a wide range of colors and textures. In addition, it can be sheet, roll or strip. There is also a thermo-foil, for gluing which you will need a hairdryer - under the influence of heat the material becomes elastic and easily superimposed on the nail. Determine in advance the appearance of the foil that you need: holographic, transferable with a protective film, with engraving or embossing. Methods of coating with foil can be different. The easiest way is to cover the entire nail plate with a layer of foil, and only part of it, for example, diagonally or up to the line of a smile, can be used. You can cut out various figures like stars, fish, birds and make a separate application for each nail. Good patterns are obtained from foil, cut into strips of different widths. Here open unlimited spaces for the embodiment of your fantasies: you can make a mesh, a well, a fence, a Christmas tree and anything you want. Before proceeding to the procedure itself, treat the cuticle by pushing or cutting it. Give the nails the desired shape with a nail file, wipe them with a degreasing compound. You can glue the foil on the base or on the nail itself (both natural and artificial) with the help of a colorless varnish or special glue. On a slightly dried base, gently place the foil of the desired shape or size, using a pair of tweezers, tweezers, or a lightly moistened cotton swab. Hands are best not to touch it, so as not to accidentally damage its fragile petals. If the base is a usual colored varnish, then it is better to completely dry it, and only then proceed to applying the foil. Try to limit yourself to precise and single movements, so that the foil sticks as smoothly as possible, creating an absolutely smooth nail coating. With a dry wand, gently smooth the shiny surface. To give manicure strength, it is necessary to put a fixer on top, but you will lose some shine. If you do not want to put up with this loss - you can leave it as it is, that is, do without a fixer. For this case, it is enough to buy a foil with a protective film, which ensures the radiance of the nail and the stability of its coating. manicure with foil how to do

Abstract manicure

There is no limit to the human imagination, thereforethere is one more way of manicure with foil, the essence of which is not in its gluing, but, on the contrary, in its detachment from the nail. On the nail plate greased with glue, foil is applied, pressing the stick for gluing only in some places. After the glue has dried, excess foil should be removed using tweezers. As a result, an imprint of an interesting and unique abstract pattern will remain on the surface. Foil is easily and harmoniously combined with almost any elements of neil art. Experiment with rhinestones, sequins and various colors. Do not be afraid to show creativity, because only in this way you can reach the heights of perfection.