Which of modern women does not dream of beautifullegs. But what if the "orange peel" began to appear on its feet, and they do not look as attractive as before? Do not despair. There are several ways to lose weight quickly in the legs: through exercise, cosmetic procedures and diets. No, no, you do not need to go to the surgeon and do liposuction. Given the modern technology, ways to lose weight quickly without harm to the body a great many.

Physical exercise is the best way to lose weight fast

The cheapest and affordable way to lose weight,getting rid of excessive fullness on the legs - this jumping rope. It's the skipping rope that helps you lose weight, makes you slim and beautiful after a week of active pursuits. Begin classes with 10-20 jumps per day. You can do this in the morning as a charger. Preferably on an empty stomach. But after jumping it is necessary to have something to eat. It can be a toaster with a cup of fragrant coffee. After all, everyone knows that coffee is the most effective fat burner. But do not abuse the amount of coffee drink - it helps increase the pressure. The second way to effectively combat excess weight in the leg area is an exercise bike. This method will allow you to lose weight quickly, but with some financial cost. In this case, it would be nice to find a place for your assistant in the fight against excess weight. If there is not a place or a large amount of money at the moment, you can buy a subscription to the gym, where an experienced instructor will help you choose the optimal load on your feet. Squats - another option to lose weight in the legs, requiring a certain amount of willpower, since it is necessary to perform such exercises regularly. For one workout, you need to squat at least 20 times, gradually increasing the load, about 5 squats per day. It is very important, crouching, keeping your back absolutely flat. Then the legs will be distributed the maximum load. If you do not have a simulator, and you can not go to the gym, you can use the exercise "bike in the air." For this, you need to lie on your back, raise your legs up, making a stand, and simulate a slow ride on a bicycle. Move for 10 minutes. This exercise burns a lot of calories, so your feet will quickly become the perfect shape. how fast to lose weight in the legs

How to lose weight quickly in the legs with the help of cosmetics

Massagers Effective weight loss can causesome cosmetics. The most popular massagers today. You need a massage nozzle and cream body to fight cellulite. One tube is enough for a full massage. Apply a small portion of the cream to the problem area and rub it gently into the skin with cautious massage movements, periodically increasing the pressure. Massage for 20-25 minutes, daily during bathing or showering. Wrapping Who said that the wrap can only be done in beauty salons? Today you will learn how to do this procedure at home. To perform it you will need a usual food film. No other is suitable, since the food film lets in air, and the body can breathe during the procedure. And a little cream, you can bodi cream to lose weight, you can even any hand cream. Apply a small amount of cream on the leg area, but so that the skin remains oily. From above, not strongly pulling together, wrap the food film. You can wear warm pajamas to improve the steam effect. Leave it overnight. In the morning, rinse thoroughly with water, using a massage nozzle. In this case, the cream can not be applied.

Diet for rapid weight loss

The most sparing and absolutely harmless diet is the so-called "delicious diet", (the time can be varied according to your regimen, but the main thing is to observe a break between meals):

  • Breakfast № 1: 7.00 - coffee without sugar;
  • Breakfast №2: 8.00 - roasted toast from bread of coarse grinding;
  • Breakfast №3: 10.00 - banana, apple or kiwi - for choice - 1 piece;
  • Lunch №1: 13.00 - low-fat yogurt 250 grams, banana, green tea 150 g;
  • Lunch №2: 14.30 - vegetable broccoli soup, you can ear or okroshka without meat and sour cream (mayonnaise), fruit;
  • Snack: 16.00 - fruit - any not more than 250 grams. Apples are desirable to eat at lunch, as they contain acid and can cause a feeling of hunger;
  • Dinner: 18.00 - 250 grams of buckwheat porridge without oil, green tea or yogurt, banana.

In a month your legs will become slim and beautiful. Another little secret - ways to lose weight for legs can be combined. Then you will achieve the desired effect even faster. We advise you to read: