body and face care What is your daily body care based on?and face? Maybe on the marketing assurances of marketers, on the advice of a best friend, the recommendations of a dermatologist or the experience of a beloved grandmother? Are you sure that they can be trusted unconditionally? Women, no less than manufacturers, invent myths about the miracle of a favorite cream, and reviews on a new carcass or lipstick on the Internet buy on special sites for pennies. Today we will find out what well-known "rules of beauty" are not worth trusting when it comes to skin care, suffering from rashes or age-related changes - it is in these cases that the wrong selection of cosmetics is especially dangerous. facial and body care

Myths about anti-aging cosmetics

  • Myth one: if you "sit down" on cellular and hormonal creams, then stop using them without damage to the appearance is impossible.
  • True: the skin condition before applying the cream is simply forgotten, so the difference seems significant.

Many women are afraid to use anti-agingand corrective cosmetics because of the fact that the skin to it is supposedly "getting used to." On forums in the network they are frightened by "horror stories" that after giving up an expensive face cream, twice as many wrinkles appear, and the contour of cheeks and chin "spreads" because of hormonal "hunger". The molecular structure of such funds is not simple. Due to the content of valuable extracts and active synthetic substances, they "activate" the production of collagen and elastin. Therefore, facial wrinkles are smoothed out, and stretch marks on the buttocks and hips lighten and align. What happens if you stop buying serum or a fluid with such properties? The "cancellation effect" that scares you is just a return to the state of your skin that was before using modeling makeup. You may think that her appearance has deteriorated significantly - however, you are just used to a well-groomed, smooth and tightened face, which was so because of the use of a miracle cream from wrinkles. Such a skin condition can only provide specialized facial and body care.

  • Myth two: using anti-aging cosmetics, periodically change the brands of waste funds, and then the skin will get used.
  • Truth: most likely, the cream ceased to function due to serious health problems.

You have been using your favorite cream for years,the "price-quality" ratio suits you completely. Unexpectedly for you, the remedy ceases to have the proper effect and you recall the recommendation of the sales consultant in the store, which urged you to change the brand of anti-age cream every six months. Remembering this, you urgently buy a new jar "from the TV," whose influence on your skin is still unknown, and therefore doubtful ... Are you sure that the old tool has exhausted all its capabilities? Often, the cream or mask will not function when there are any changes in your body. Hormonal failures, colds and problems with the digestive tract can cause skin flabbiness and gray complexion regardless of the brand of carcass or serum. Before changing the usual care for the face and body, discard the use of any makeup for several days and observe the condition of the epidermis. If your dry skin began to give off too much fat or there were pustules on it - do not rush to send the cream to the trash. First, go to the therapist and the endocrinologist to make sure that everything is in good health, and then make the appropriate conclusions.

  • Myth three: creams from wrinkles with stem cells do wonders!
  • Truth: stem cells are not the best way to return youth to youth.

Interference with "injections of eternal youth"reached the manufacturers of cosmetics. Stem cell products are sold exclusively in pharmacies, cost a lot of money and are actively advertised by celebrities. In a week of constant use, you are promised a complete disposal of flabbiness and facial wrinkles. How can one not be tempted to buy a coveted tube, albeit for a very impressive amount of money? Wait for miracles is not worth it: cosmeticians have not yet devised the means, more effective than cellular creams to combat wrinkles (mimic and age). Cosmetics based on stem cells give the skin radiance, visually aligns the relief and has weakly expressed properties of chemical peeling. And nothing more, so do not put all your hopes on the "trunk" care for the face and body. Be careful: stem cells, "withdrawn" from the spine or liver, are not strictly suitable for skin care. "Conflicting" with your epidermis, they can cause allergic dermatitis and even the emergence of inflammatory processes in deep tissues. Choose a cream based on embryonic or epidermal stem cells. They are the most safe - a "set" of possible side effects is minimal. When buying, pay attention to the expiration date of the remedy - stem cells "live" in the jar no more than two to three months.

  • Myth four: the older your skin is, the more natural it should be.
  • True: the beneficial properties of bio-cosmetics are clearly overstated.

Fashion for organic body and face carereached the farthest corners of the planet. Buying a lotion or tonic, the girls look closely at its composition: are there any parabens and dimethicone in the composition? Finding familiar words on the package, they disappointedly put the cream back on the shelf. Do you really think that marking "paraben-free" on a tube is a pledge of eternal youth? Fans of organic cosmetics will certainly upset the real state of things. Some substances used in the production of anti-age cosmetics, simply do not have any plant analogues. Synthetic drugs, developed for years in laboratories, "force" the cells of elastin and collagen to actively divide and "concentrate" on problem areas - on the forehead, around the lips and on the eyelids.

  • Myth five: the earlier you start using anti-aging cream, the better.
  • Truth: use cosmetics that meet the requirements of your skin.

Advertisers "actively" force you tothe use of tightening creams from almost 20 years. There is no need to use an anti-age tonic or a mask to smooth out facial wrinkles from a youth. Buy cosmetics that meet the true needs of your skin. For fatty epidermis buy a regulating cream, for normal - moisturizing. As soon as the person begins to lose the former brightness and elasticity - then buy a pull-up.

  • Myth Six: for anti-aging care for the skin around the eyes and lips, you can only use products with a light texture.
  • Truth: the more saturated the remedy, the better the result!

Sales consultants in stores usually adviseafter 25 years to use to care for the epidermis in sensitive areas of the face only gel or fluid. Ostensibly dense means cover a thin skin with a fat layer, it loses its ability to breathe and quickly becomes dry and wrinkled. Conversely, to avoid the appearance of deep wrinkles in the corners of the mouth and eyelids, buy a rich cream and apply it before bedtime, thoroughly cleansing your face of make-up remnants.

  • Myth number seven: "multifunctional" means struggle with wrinkles no worse than specialized ones.
  • Truth: every problem has its own cream!

Sly marketers have noticed for a long time that more willinglyall women buy universal cosmetics - "2 in 1", "3 in 1", etc. The illusion of saving money pushes them to buy a cream or mask with "moisturizing, firming, toning and soothing properties." Especially ridiculous are similar assurances of manufacturers, if the tool is worth a penny. Medical cosmetics to solve individual problems of your epidermis can not be multitasking. Believe that the same cream can cope with acne, age-related changes and age spots, and you can wash yourself with soothing soap - stupid. Buy immediately the entire set of cosmetics aimed specifically at anti-age care - only so the result of its use will be noticeable. pleasant body and face care

Myths about the correct fight against acne

  • Myth one: the more salicylic acid in the foam for washing or shower gel, the more effective the remedy.
  • True: a high concentration of acid is fraught with burns and allergies.

Salicylic acid is the main curativean ingredient of antibacterial agents. It dries pimples, blocks the appearance of new inflammations and discolours red spots from them. Producers, knowing this, try to make therapeutic cosmetics the most effective, vying with increasing the concentration of salicylic alcohol in creams and lotions. In stores, you can see the funds for 10, 15 and even 20% of the acid. However, such an amount of active substance can cause chemical burns and redness, even in the owners of thick and low-sensitive epidermis. Buy funds, the content of salicylic component in which does not exceed 3-5%. If you suffer from acne, but your skin is prone to peeling and allergic reactions - no more than 1.5%.

  • Myth two: antibacterial facial and body care is impossible without the purchase of expensive cosmetics.
  • Truth: folk remedies for acne are no worse.

Undoubtedly, serious dermatological problemsrequire constant monitoring by a doctor and the use of chemist drugs. But, if you have raging hormones and pimples appear only because of the increased fat content, you can do without any store cosmetics. Good results are provided by treatment of problem skin with the help of essential oils. Especially effectively eliminates various inflammations of tea tree oil. Twice a day, rub your face with a tonic prepared from 100 grams. distilled water and 10 drops of oil. Add the tea tree ester to the cream and gel for washing - it destroys 95% of bacteria causing teenage eruptions and abscesses.

  • Myth three: masks can not be used to care for oily skin - they harm extended pores.
  • True: masks are the best means for preventing inflammation.

Many girls refuse to use fundsFor intensive care due to fear of possible deterioration of the skin. Masks, more fatty and dense in structure than creams and tonics, penetrate deeply into the pores, poorly wash out and clog them - according to some inhabitants of Internet forums, it is because of their use, there are "black dots" and the work of the sebaceous glands . In fact, care for oily and combination skin must necessarily include cleansing and anti-inflammatory masks. For example, white and blue clay perfectly "draws" pollution from the expanded pores, reduces them and dries up inflammation. Take 3 tablespoons. powder kaolin, bought in a pharmacy, add the right amount of warm water to dilute it to the consistency of thick sour cream. Apply the mixture to the pre-cleaned skin for 10-15 minutes. To eliminate sebaceous plugs at home, it is easy to prepare an egg mask. Break the chicken egg, separate the protein from the yolk. To the protein, add 2 tsp. fine salt and 3-4 drops of essential oil of ylang-ylang or rosemary. Stir, evenly distribute the mass over the skin. After 5-10 minutes the protein will dry and the film together with the contents of the pores can be removed with fingertips.

  • Myth four: with the increased fat content of the skin nothing can be done, you just have to accept it.
  • Truth: pick matting means - it will solve all the problems.

Girls with bold and combined typeepidermis often complain of the need for hourly use of powder and matting napkins. Otherwise, a greasy shine appears on the face, due to which the shadows roll down, "the swim" flows and the tonal cream disappears. Reduce the amount of secreted sebum can be, if you use specialized cosmetics. Pay attention to the means of the uhodova and decorative cosmetics, on the packaging of which there is a mark "matting". Such creams, powders and lotions have absorbent and absorbent particles in their composition, allowing your skin to remain fresh for 8 or more hours.

  • Myth Five: squeeze the inflammation alone in any case impossible!
  • Truth: you can squeeze pimples while cleaning your face.

You can not suppress acne, only if you have dirtyfingers, otherwise you will increase the scale of the disaster, spreading the infection throughout the face. But to do at home the mechanical cleaning of the face, without resorting to the help of a salon cosmetologist, is quite realistic. Only this way you can get rid of deep acne and large eels. Before cleaning, you need to properly steam out the skin to open the pores. Then remove the dirt and the remnants of bacon from them will be much easier. Pour in a basin of 2-3 liters. boiling water, add a few drops of lemon essential oil or apple cider vinegar. Covering, keep your face above the steam for 10-15 minutes. Be sure to close your eyes, otherwise you will burn the mucous membrane and the cornea. When you have finished steaming, wrap the fingertips with paper napkins or a clean cloth. Squeeze out pimples and "black dots" alternately, with one sharp tap. After you finish cleaning the skin, wipe the face with a rotting lotion.

  • Myth Six: BB-cream solve all the problems of oily skin.
  • True: they are not intended for daily use.

Japanese cosmetics became known to the whole worldthanks to this miracle-tonalnikam. Masking funds from the Land of the Rising Sun are very dense, so they are economically used and ideally conceal imperfections. But to call them useful or curative, the language does not turn: silicone, contained in any such cream, is clogged in pores, and removing it is not easy. To do this, you need to buy a hydrophilic oil, which thanks to a two-phase structure cleans the silicone, and at the same time with it and the beneficial substances that form the protective barrier of the skin. BB-cream is not a pleasure for every day. Apply them to correct the complexion and mask inflammation only if you plan to "go out into the light." When you return home, remove the cream remnants as soon as possible with a cotton disc moistened in hydrophilic oil. Then wash and apply a moisturizing mask on your face - just like% 2