how to get rid of stretch marks on chest Have you lost a lot of weight? Have you given birth to a baby and just stopped breastfeeding it? All these joyous events (albeit different in importance) except happy smiles can slightly spoil the mood of one unpleasant fact - stretch marks. It is especially sad when unpleasant striae appear in the chest zone - you can not dress a chic, daisy dress, or put once perfectly smooth mounds on display during intimate relationships. And let the stretch marks - this is not the end of the world, but each of us still wants to have a gentle, even skin despite all the circumstances. Therefore, let's talk about how to get rid of stretch marks on the chest and find the former beauty of the body.

The cause of the appearance of stretch marks on the chest

What is stretching? These are flat atrophic scars on the body, which appeared due to the fact that the mass of your body changed dramatically and dramatically. Suppose you had a cute second breast size before pregnancy, after giving birth, you proudly sported the fourth, rejoicing at such a pleasant addition of volume. The skin on your chest was very tight, the elastic fibers of the dermis could not stand such a "pressure" and ruptured. As a consequence - stretch marks on the chest. Approximately, too, is happening with the ladies who sharply dumped weight and with athletes who stopped pumping pectoral muscles. The fact is that while you have a large body weight, the skin is more elastic and the stretch marks on the chest are almost invisible. But as soon as the mass decreases, the skin slightly slips and unpleasant pink and white strips are simply conspicuous. It's amazing, but even very young, nulliparous girls on the chest may appear stretch marks. In adolescence, the breasts can grow quite quickly at a couple of sizes, while the skin does not withstand a sharp increase in volume and micro-breaks appear. Although, the appearance of stretch marks strongly depends on the genetic predisposition. In some women, they do not appear until the end of life - and this despite the fact that they give birth to a bunch of children and periodically gain or lose weight. Others, despite all the preventive measures already at an early age receive a bunch of stretch marks not only on the chest, but also on other parts of the body. In general, the thinner the skin of a girl, the more chances her get stretch marks on her chest and on other parts of her body. Therefore, residents of the north, who by nature have a denser skin structure, the chances of obtaining striae on the chest are much less than those of the southerners. However, both of them simply need to take preventive measures to ensure that their breasts remain smooth, smooth and gentle as long as possible. get rid of stretch marks on chest

Preventing the appearance of stretch marks on the chest

If we do not talk about surgical methods, thencuring stretch marks on the pile is not so easy. Rather, they can be disguised, making it almost invisible, but this result can only be achieved with regular skin care. So it is not surprising that the appearance of stretch marks is better to prevent, than later to face serious difficulties in their withdrawal. For you, we have prepared the best methods for preventing the appearance of stretch marks on the chest.

  • The more elastic your skin is, the less stretch markschance of appearance. Therefore, the first thing that should be done by every woman who wants to prevent the appearance of striae on the chest is to exercise and maintain the tone of her skin. Doing exercises, place special emphasis on groups of muscles supporting the mammary glands, this will help you to get not so much beautiful, high-raised breast as long as possible, but also protects from the appearance of stretch marks during future pregnancy and the subsequent breastfeeding of the baby.
  • Regular contrast shower creates realmiracles with skin condition. The more often you practice it, the less negative effects on the skin. And this concerns not only stretch marks, but also flabbiness of the skin and the appearance of early wrinkles. Start the shower with warm water, gradually increasing the temperature, then gradually reduce the heat, cooling the body with cool water.
  • Breast massage is an excellent prevention fromstretch marks. Especially good in this respect is the plastic massage of Garcia, any girl can learn to do it herself. The beauty of this massage is that it does not cause any pain, but you can completely relax and get a great pleasure from delicate, soft touches. Garcia massage can be done on the face, chest, and other parts of the body. The network is full of information about his technique, if you want, you can quickly learn basic techniques.
  • In order to maintain the water balance infibers of the dermis, it is necessary to nourish and moisturize the skin. This will help you with special cosmetics for the breast with lifting effect, designed to preserve the beauty and elasticity of your skin. Use a cream based on cocoa, grape seed, avocado, as well as funds with collagen-elastin - they will help you achieve good results and preserve the health of the skin of the breast.
  • It is very important to wear comfortable, wellsupporting the shape of bras. And it is necessary to remember that the bra should be comfortable, and not tighten the chest, or vice versa, do not fall off it. If you are pregnant, then do not forget to buy special underwear that will help your breast not fall under the weight of weight gain and wear it during the lactation period.
  • If the stretch marks could not be avoided, thenbefore you begin to get rid of them, the more you will have the chance to solve the problem once and for all. Until the stretch of pink color, you can at home to cope with unpleasant traces on the skin. If they have many years and have acquired a white tint, then removing them will be much more difficult.

    Folk remedies for getting rid of stretch marks on chest

    Our generation is far from the first to decidefight with stretch marks on the chest and make your skin beautiful and attractive. We present to your attention the best folk recipes, how to get rid of stretch marks on your chest: Algae wrap. Fresh algae wrapping helps to get rid of fresh stretch marks on the breast. For these purposes, it is best to buy spirullin in the pharmacy - a special kind of blue-green algae, rich in many useful microelements and vitamins. Take a warm bath to warm up the skin, then apply a slurry of algae (add some drinking water) to the problem areas. Wrap the breast with a film and wrap it around with something warm, like a downy shawl. After that, go to bed under a thick blanket and rest for thirty or forty minutes. Thanks to the thermal effect, all the useful substances spirullina instantly penetrate into your skin. With regular use of this wrap, small stretch marks will disappear, and the skin will become more elastic and smooth. Contrast compresses to combat stretch marks on the chest For contrast compresses you will need two basins - one with hot water (about thirty-eight degrees Celsius), the other with a cool one. In warm water, add a teaspoon of salt, and in a cold - as much lemon juice. Dip a terry towel in hot water, squeeze and apply to the chest for thirty seconds. The same procedure is done with cool water, applying a compress for one minute. Repeat your actions five to six times per session. In order for the compress to work more effectively, after it, necessarily lubricate the skin of the breast with a special lotion. It can be prepared as follows: two tablespoons of dry rosemary boil in water (four glasses), cool and strain. Add to the decoction four teaspoons of lemon juice, two teaspoons of salt and two teaspoons of alcohol. If the ingredients of the previous lotion cause allergic reactions, then try another lotion: take one teaspoon of dry greens of dill and linden flowers, pour two cups of boiling water and insist for two hours. After that, cool and strain the infusion. Apply to affected areas of the skin, rinse after the procedure is not necessary - let the skin dry out in the air. This lotion perfectly helps to fight stretch marks on flabby skin. Essential oils against breast stretch marks Essential oils slowly but surely help get rid of stretch marks. Deciding to use this particular remedy for fighting the striae on the chest, do not wait for the immediate result: the new stretch marks will disappear in four to five months, the old stretch marks will disappear no later than a year later. But the skin during treatment will get enough nutrition and will become elastic and smooth. Do not forget that using essential oils in pure form to remove stretch marks is not recommended, since these products are concentrated and can cause burns on the skin. It is best to do with these cream oils and home-made lotions, adding other useful ingredients. Pay attention to the following essential oils, coping well with the problems of stretch marks on the skin:

    • Rose oil soothes the skin, restores its elasticity and elasticity, prevents the appearance of new stretch marks.
    • Neroli oil helps to strengthen the skin, giving it smoothness, firmness and velvety.
    • Lavender oil has an anti-inflammatory and deodorant effect. It helps slow down the aging and regeneration of skin cells.
    • Ylang-ylang oil is suitable for any skin type, it moisturizes and smoothes the skin, making it more elastic, elastic and gentle.
    • Mandaric essential oil perfectly helps to cope with stretch marks, acne and scars. It has an antiseptic effect on the skin, while toning it.
    • The geranium oil has an excellent anti-aging and healing effect. It improves the normal operation of metabolic processes in cells, tones and softens the skin.

    There are still many different etherealoils, and each of them has a certain benefit for the skin condition. You can mix them with blue and white clay, with yoghurt, honey - any ingredients that do not cause you an allergic reaction. The main rule for making such lotions is to use no more than three to five drops of essential oil per ten milliliters of your chosen base. Olive oil against stretch marks Olive oil has been treated from time immemorial, helping it to cope not only with stretch marks, but also with flabbiness and early aging. To prepare the lotion, you will need half a glass of olive oil, ten drops of vitamin E and five drops of vitamin A. Add two teaspoons of fresh aloe juice to the resulting mixture. Lotion should be rubbed into the skin of the breast twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. Keep this tool is best in the refrigerator. Scrub of salt and sugar from stretch marks Prepare the following mixture: one glass of sugar and the same amount of salt is taken half the glass of olive oil. In order to accelerate the effect, you can replace the olive oil with palm oil. Before taking a shower, we apply a scrub to the stretch marks in smooth, circular motions. After you wash away the mixture from the skin, you need to take advantage of a greasy, moisturizing cream. how to get rid of stretch marks on the chest correctly

    Medical procedures for removing stretch marks

    You can fight stretch marks with folk remedies,but if you do not have any financial difficulties and you can not wait to quickly get rid of the striae on your chest, then we offer you a list of the most popular medical procedures for removing stretch marks on the skin:

    • Peeling is, perhaps, the most popular and mostharmless medical tool to fight stretch marks on the chest. What does the peeling procedure do with your skin? Burns the upper layer of the epidermis, stimulating the production of collagen in cells and the restoration of new, healthy skin cells. There are two types of peeling: chemical (various acids are used) and laser. Both methods are rather painful, and they cost a lot of money. Despite the fact that peelings help to remove stretch marks on the chest, they do not guarantee the impossibility of their new appearance after the recovery procedure.
    • Abdomenoplasty gives a more lasting result,but is a much more dangerous procedure. Its essence lies in the fact that doctors surgically remove part of the skin along with stretch marks. The recovery process is rather complicated, inflammation of damaged tissues and even the appearance of abscesses are possible. Despite this, until now, abdomenoplasty is the most effective way of removing stretch marks - nothing more productive has been invented yet.
    • Mesotherapy is a subcutaneous injection given inskin areas affected by striae. Injections consist of a mixture of collagen, amino acids, enzymes and various vitamins, they are carried out not independently, but in addition to the peeling procedure. However, do not forget that the breast - this is not the place on the body of a woman, which allows for the beauty and lack of stretch marks to conduct complex chemical experiments. This is especially true for nulliparous girls who want to take out a baby and to give birth to mother's milk.

    Undoubtedly, that stretch marks on the chest - the spectacle is notespecially comfort. However, this is not the end of the world - in the end, it is much more important how you treat yourself and whether you love your body. By resorting to quite dangerous surgical methods of getting rid of stretch marks, to subcutaneous injections and peelings, remember the basic postulate: do no harm! After all, your physical health is much more important than small white and pink stripes on your chest! After all, if we get rid of stretch marks and get a much more serious disease, will such a result bring us much joy? Oh, if getting rid of striae is a vital necessity for you, then it's better to use proven recipes that do not pose a serious threat to your health. It may take a lot longer, but you can easily get into the taste of home care procedures, and very soon you will be proud of a perfectly smooth, smooth, velvety skin without a single blemish. We advise you to read: