eyebrow shape photo Creating an image with makeup beginsnamely with the eyebrows. Changing only their bend, you can achieve an amazing effect. With the help of correction, you can not only emphasize their beauty, but also significantly change the face oval, and hence the whole face of the person. To understand which form of eyebrows suits you, and decide on what exactly to stop, experiment in front of the mirror, drawing yourself different options with a cosmetic pencil. This lesson will not only be useful for your look, but also very fun.

Fashionable eyebrow shape: today it is important

Often women are interested in what is in the trend today. Their question is understandable, but it still can not be said unambiguously. Fashion is constantly changing, as in clothes or shoes, and in any other aspect, so it is difficult to keep up with it. Today in the form of eyebrows there is no dictate of trends. As they say, in a trend everything that is beautiful is right and very convenient. Therefore, in this issue at the peak of popularity nowadays, naturalness and ease. The whole appearance of a person must fit into modern trends, and eyebrows - into the created image. And the main criterion is that a person should not look ridiculous and stupid. Of course, if he is not a clown, whose profession is to entertain others. But the most cheerful harlequin also removes the mask, leaving the circus. In ordinary life, he is the same person as all of us. However, back to the eyebrows. Today, at the peak of popularity, so-called iridescent options. This effect is achieved by using different colors when tinting eyebrows. Original and unusual look options that contrast with the color of the hair. Blondes, for example, can make a permanent make-up of black color - it looks very impressive. By the way, once it was considered a sign of an ancient family and "blue blood". Young people are characterized by extravagance and a desire to stand out from something, so very young girls often admit in their appearance bold experiments. For example, the interrupt effect looks very stylish when the line suddenly ends, and then it starts a little further. In this case, the shape of the eyebrows can have fantastic bends, sometimes lower or higher than the main guide. It should be noted that such experiments are to people only with the right features. By the way, the very expression depends on the shape of your eyebrows, their size and color. Using tweezers, a cosmetic pencil and a special paint, as well as a permanent tattoo, you can adjust these parameters and give your image the necessary look. If you are interested in how to make fashionable eyebrows, the form of the most popular variants you can see in the photos presented on our website. We are pleased to present to your attention all the existing options today - see how much people can change. eyebrow shape

How does the appearance of a woman change depending on the shape of the eyebrows

Note the arcuate versions: they make the face more mature, stern and solid. They are best suited to serious women - a businesswoman or office staff, making a dizzying career. But, attention, this form of eyebrows will look good only if in clothes you prefer the classical style. Short options will make you visually younger, which, as you understand, is very convenient for many women. The expression of the face with them looks very touching and somewhat naive, which is appropriate for young girls with a cheerful soft character. Most of these forms of eyebrows will suit blondes and light-haired girls who prefer youthful or romantic style in clothes. High subtle options make the facial expression surprised and, sometimes, somewhat detached, dreamy. In a permanent life, it's, quite frankly, unnatural, but mass fashion sometimes dictates its laws. Still fresh in the memory of the time when it was these eyebrows that were popular: their tall, thin form drove men mad. Thick, broad variants, low above the eyes, make the face look angry, and the appearance of the woman is given a severe look. There are, of course, girls whose appearance does not spoil such a look. But, it should be noted that such a facial expression does not contribute to women's charisma at all. Variants that are too far to the edge of the face and very far from each other, give the face a mournful, sad expression. In everyday life they are called "Pierrot's eyebrows". There is no point in specifically making them yourself, believe our experience. In life, and so grieving enough, why aggravate such sentiments specifically! Neutral regular shape of the eyebrows, the so-called classic, in any case will be better than "Pierrot". Variants with a lowered inner edge and raised high outside give the face a somewhat predatory and confident expression. They are best suited individuals with an imperious character, fully aware of their superiority in this world, but, again, not always a positive impact on women's charm. In addition, the location of the eyebrows, their length and shape also significantly affect the appearance of the woman. Variants in which the outer ends are ascending, visually lengthen the face. But you can expand the image with the help of horizontally located eyebrows. Do not affect the proportions of the face arcuate versions - they are suitable, if you want to focus on other elements of the look'a. The upper part of the face can be visually expanded by placing the eyebrows closer to the outer edge. If we arrange them closer to the bridge of the nose, then we get the opposite effect - narrowing. Eyebrows with a kink in the middle of the visual change in the proportions of the face do not cause. To visually extend the bottom, you just need to lower the outer tips down. The horizontal or close position of the eyebrows visually emphasizes the forehead and significantly narrows the lower part of the face - it is important to remember this. The average position of the line does not change the balance of proportions in the face - it's also a comfortable classic.

Eyebrow Care

Of course, a beautiful appearance requires a trembling andattentive attitude towards oneself. For eyebrows, as well as for the whole face, you need constant care. They are very useful to comb with special brushes, produced specifically for this purpose. However, other options are possible: the correct shape of the eyebrows is actually quite easily maintained. You can use a well-washed bristle brush or an old toothbrush for these purposes. Comb your eyebrows first in the direction of the nose, and then in the opposite direction. This will help maintain their shine and silky, and also ensure their long youth. In addition, from time to time the eyebrows are useful for nourishing. You can do this with any oil from the bones - peach, coconut, olive. You can lubricate the eyebrows with a mixture of castor oil and camphor oil, taken in the same proportion. By the way, the same composition can also process eyelashes. From this they will become thicker and longer. As you can see, the beautiful shape of the eyebrows is in your hands. Focusing on the above rules, you can make it ideally suited to the image you created, whether it's business, casual, festive or home look. Knowing how to choose the shape of the eyebrows and how to maintain it in an ideal condition, you can profitably emphasize all the benefits of your sweet face. We advise you to read: