The appearance of a baby is one of the most importantperiods in the life of almost any woman, when she cares for the child, creating all the conditions for his healthy development and acquiring everything necessary for the baby. At the same time, a woman always remains a woman - it is important for her to keep an eye on her appearance. Today, almost everyone and goods for children considers it necessary to offersomething exclusive for both expectant mothers and their babies. The assortment of shops for mother and her child, including online stores, usually has a wide variety of products. This is , and clothes for pregnant women, as well as suchnecessary group of goods, like baby carriages. The main factors in choosing a wheelchair are its mass, convenience, patency and way of folding. Weight directly depends on the materials used in the manufacture of the stroller: the less steel and more plastic - so it, accordingly, is easier. However, here it is important to remember that light weight contributes to the probability of overturning, for example, if you hang a bag on the handle. Therefore it is desirable that the frame was made of metal - such a wheelchair is more stable, which means it is safe. Conditionally the strollers are divided into heavy - from 9 to 15 kg, lightweight - from 6 to 9 kg, and light - up to 6 kg. Convenience is the child's comfort, which is achieved if the seat is wide enough, and its rigid back can be moved to different positions so that the child can also sleep. In addition, it is desirable to have a folding hood for protection from rain or snow and a warm boot for feet - in case of cold weather. To ensure the safety of the child in wheelchairs, a retention belt is provided, the most optimal of which is a five-point belt: the child can move freely but can not fall out of the stroller. An inguinal webbing and a safety grip may also be available as additional protection measures. Today almost any online store has its own " ", Or a showroom where samples of goods are exhibited, thanks to which you can get an absolutely clear idea of ​​the offered product and make the most correct choice.