children's clothing Our sensations and abilities of the child's organismincompatible, how to dress a child on the street, how to determine that a very small, dumb child has frozen, or a few tips about everything that concerns the cold and the child. If the outside temperature is below 13 - 14 degrees, do not take chances and go for a walk. No matter how warm it is , believe me, it is still trapped in dangerto freeze. Since the child breathes cold air and, not having time to warm it in the nasopharynx, even the villi that are in the nose, protect and warm the inhaled air. In very cold weather, they also freeze and turn into something similar to icicles, and what can warm icicles? As it should be nothing. Keep in mind that the child has dry feet, and that the baby was not wet. Because the sweating body cools much faster than the sweaty body. And because children's body much faster can overcool, and get sick. It is very easy to determine when a child is frozen, by no means looking at the nozzle, it is cold or warm, this certainty is wrong. At the child the face can become pale, but it is also a deceptive reaction, it is advisable to touch the back of the head or chest, if they are warm, it means the baby is warm and well. But if you feel that it's cold there, drop everything and go home quickly. Your baby is very cold. At home, you must act correctly with a dead child, which would then have no consequences. First, change your child, give tea with lemon, milk with honey is strictly forbidden, so that the child does not sweat, wrap it and let the little baby warm up. We advise you to read: