Baby baby boom Become a mother after 30 years - has becometrend, both in the West and in Russia. Up to 30 women build their careers, get married, improve family life, some get divorced, but children do not hurry. But after 30 years, many stars pushed their careers to the background and completely immersed in the family. Some stars become large mothers, such as Claudia Schiffer, and someone only 35 decides to give birth to the first child, like Emmy Adams. Some give birth naturally, others resort to artificial insemination. Newly-born and still pregnant celebrities on! Claudia Schiffer gave birth to her third child in 39 years. My daughter was born on May 14 in London. Claudia and her husband Matthew Vaughn are very happy! The supermodel gave birth to her first son Casper a year after the wedding, in 2003, and in 2005 their daughter Clementine was born. Immediately after the birth of the second child, Claudia continued the work of the model. But with the advent of the third child, the super-model plans to change his way of life and devote himself completely to husband and children. Baby baby boom Monica Bellucci at the age of 45 became a mother for the second time. May 20 in Rome, she gave birth to a second daughter, who, along with her husband, actor Vincent Cassell, was named Leoni. Their first daughter, Deva, is now 5 years old. Monica conceived naturally and gave birth herself, without resorting to Caesarean section. Being pregnant, Monica Bellucci starred for a fashion magazine. Baby baby boom Ayla Fisher is pregnant with a second baby. Aila and her husband Sasha Baron Cohen already have a daughter Olive, rumors of a second pregnancy have long gone to Los Angeles, which were confirmed as soon as the actress left to take a walk in the tight belly dress. Baby baby boom Emmy Adams at 35 years old for the first time became a mother, on May 15 inone of the clinics in Los Angeles, she gave birth to a daughter. Emmy Adams and her boyfriend Darren Le Galo, in spite of the birth of their daughter, do not intend to marry. Emma herself was brought up in a large family, she had six brothers and sisters. Baby baby boom Xenia Alferova and her husband Yegor Beroev are waitingthe birth of his second baby. They already have a three year old daughter Dunia, who was born in Italy, but the floor Xenia knows the second child, but very dreams about a boy and his plans to give birth in Moscow. In addition to Duni, the couple brings up the daughter of Egor from his first civil wife Evdokia, who is now eight years old. Ksenia plans to become a mother of many children and wants to give birth to at least two more children. Baby baby boom Kelly Preston and John Travolta expect replenishmentin family. 47-year-old actress is waiting for the third child. The couple already have a daughter Ella, who is 10 years old, and was 16-year-old son Jett, who died last year. The tragedy happened in the Bahamas, where the rest of the family rested, Jett had an epileptic fit, after which he could not be saved. John Travolta is nine years older than his wife, now he is 56. Actually, by age, the actor is fit to be the grandfather of his third child. Baby baby boom Tatiana Romanenko, whom the public knows byTutta Larsen, in the summer waiting for the appearance of a second child. A few years ago in the life of Tatiana there was a tragedy, after a divorce from her husband in the eighth month of pregnancy, she lost her child. Tatiana fell into depression, disappeared from TV screens. To survive in that difficult time, her mother, close people and doctors helped her. And in 2005, Tatyana gave birth to her first child - the son of Luka completely changed his views on the life of the TV presenter: "I understood why I live, I got answers to all the questions that interest me then, vanity vanished. I left all the problems in my past life. " Today Tatyana has a wonderful man Valery who has a wonderful relationship with a little Luka. The TV presenter is not going to leave on the decree until the birth of the baby, which should be born in July - when she herself will celebrate her 36th birthday.