how to save gasoline According to statistics, every fourth inhabitant of Russiais the owner of the car. Today the car is not a luxury, but only a means of transportation. And this fact was recognized both by men and women. The latter increasingly sit behind the wheel, are trained in all the subtleties of driving, and in a society of motorists gradually become on an equal footing with men. However, for some families the car means not only convenience, but also significant expenses. Especially if there are two cars in the family. This is due to the constantly rising prices for gasoline. As a result, every third auto-lady tries to at least somehow save on gasoline. This desire is understandable, because women are the custodians of the family budget. And when there is a need to "tighten the belt more tightly" you have to save on everything. Saving gasoline in the first place depends on what kind of car you have. The fuel consumption is directly related to its mass - the more cars, the greater the waste of gasoline. Therefore, if you have a huge SUV (of course for a woman this is rare, but after all, anything can happen), no advice on how to save on gasoline will not help him compare in consumption with a miniature subcompact. But it's worth a try.

The first advice is to pass a technical check in time

The correctness of the mechanisms of your car is enoughstrongly affects the consumption of gasoline. Therefore, to monitor for minor breakdowns, as well as to regulate the engine must be timely. A car with a serviceable but not adjusted engine consumes 10 percent more fuel. Correct adjustment of the wheels - "gondola" also leads to a moderate consumption, and hence to saving gasoline. It is necessary to check the tire pressure, if it is reduced fuel consumption is increased by several percent.

The second tip - do not get used to the coolness

Asking how to save gasoline,Think about the air conditioner. Needless to say, the climate control installed in the car is great. However, there is one thing ... It does not contribute to saving at all. And if on the trip you enjoy the coolness, then be prepared for the fact that the consumption of gasoline will increase by 10-15 percent. Think, maybe it's worth a ride with open windows and do not use air conditioning? But here there are some nuances. The more open windows in the car and the faster you eat, the faster the gasoline is burned. Of course, not like when the air conditioner is operating, but there is still a surplus. This pattern does not work only in one case, when the speed of the car does not exceed 50 km / h. how to save on gasoline

The third tip - try to move smoothly

There is no need to gain speed just beforetraffic lights, when the green light is already winking at you. Still have to slow down. And the more often you switch from gas to brake and vice versa, the more gasoline is wasted. Try to move evenly - sudden jolts and constant pressing of the brake will not help you reduce the consumption of gasoline, but on the contrary increase it. If you eat from a hill, there is no need to use a clutch, in this case it is better to give preference to a manual brake. Moving around the city is better with moderate speed, because, the more speed of the car, the more fuel consumption. Will go quietly and save gasoline, and health. After moving slowly, it is easier to control the situation on the road.

Tip Four - at rush hour stay at home

In the hours of pandemonium on the roads, the question is howsave on gasoline is not at all relevant. After all, here we return to the sudden jolts of the car and the constant use of the brake. In a traffic jam this can not be avoided in any way. Therefore, whenever possible try not to leave at this time, unless of course there are urgent matters that can not be postponed. If you still get caught in a traffic jam and hopes that you will be moved from the spot in the next five minutes, it is better to turn off the engine. There is no need to work idly.

And the last, the fifth advice

Do not need to do the trunk of a car likea woman's handbag - there is everything, but nothing is impossible to find. A baby carriage, skis, left after a walk with friends on weekends, wrapped blankets and blankets, like the memory of last year's trip to nature - all these things do not promise gasoline anything but cost overrun. By the way, if your car is equipped with a trunk attached to the roof, then it is better to remove it. You do not transport large-sized loads every day, and the luggage compartment is overweight and, as a consequence, extra fuel consumption. That's it. Try to follow these tips, and your gasoline will disappear from the tank a little slower.