cleaning the face from black dots Each woman from time to time appearunpleasant black dots on the face. To get rid of them forever do not help either expensive lotions, or magic ointments, which are advertised every day on TV. The face looks unattractive, polluted, and the self-awareness is not pleasant. How to deal with this phenomenon? The answer is obvious - the constant component of proper care is the cleansing of the face from the black dots. We will try to tell you which face cleaning is most acceptable in each particular situation. The method of carrying out this procedure directly depends on the type of skin, lifestyle, and finally, on material possibilities. Someone can afford a regular visit to an expensive beauty salon, whose specialists use the most advanced methods of skin care and expensive cosmetics. But, believe me, there are quite affordable ways to bring a person in order, having spent on this more than modest money. And you will also learn about this from our article. Why do these notorious black dots appear? There are many reasons. This is contaminated air, and poor-quality hard water, and improper nutrition. It is hardly possible to change the environment in the near future, and it's impossible to leave gaseous and dusty megacities either. What to do? We will seek opportunities for high-quality skin cleansing. Women who do not make this a particular problem, the cleaning funds, which can be bought in specialized stores or pharmacies, are quite suitable. Now there is a wide selection of different gels, patches, and foam for washing. I must say that they are quite effective, and if you use them regularly, the result will not be long in coming. There is a category of so-called perfectionists who recognize only a flawless result. They can not do without regular visits to the beauty salon. cleaning the face from black dots

Is it possible to avoid the appearance of black spots

Every person has sebaceous glands on his face,the fat that gives the skin some protection. Sometimes they are clogged up due to excess sebum, dead cells, dust particles. This is exactly how black dots appear, or comedones (they are called scientifically so). Of course, these points do not look as bad as acne, however, the face also does not adorn. Where do they come from and how can they be prevented?

  • Undoubtedly, it is improper skin care andthere is the most common reason for the appearance of black dots. As much as we are not tired for the day, but to cleanse the skin of make-up before bedtime is simply required! Note, even if you spent the whole day at home and did without make-up, dust particles still made their way into our defenseless pores, and therefore a daily face cleaning is necessary.
  • Hormonal failure in the body can also becomecause the appearance of black dots. It is known that hormones are responsible for the metabolism, and if it is disturbed, the skin condition, as a rule, deteriorates. Stresses, diets, various diseases - all this can cause the appearance of comedones.
  • Wrong food also contributes toappearance of skin problems. Too much fatty and sweet food does not benefit anyone. They are aggravated by problems and bad habits - alcohol, cigarettes, too much coffee. Adjust your diet, make the necessary adjustments, give up harmful addictions, and you will see the result on the face.
  • Wrongly selected cosmetics also doesconsiderable damage to our skin. Especially strongly affect the appearance of black dots of creams on a fat basis. If you apply this cream immediately before bed, the skin is simply unable to absorb it, the pores are clogged, the skin's breathing at the cellular level is broken and, as a consequence, comedones appear in the course of time. In case you have very dry skin and you need fat creams, apply them a couple of hours before bedtime, and remove the rests with a napkin.

The tips outlined above can be excellentguidance on the prevention of black spots. As you can see, nothing complicated, elementary things: a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet, good make-up and proper use of it - these are the whales on which the clean, healthy skin keeps.

Cleaning the face at home

If you can not afford to go to beauty salons,Cleaning can be done at home. To begin with, we cleanse the face with the means that you usually use. The next stage is a steam bath. In the water you can add a decoction of chamomile, which has an anti-inflammatory effect. Rasparivanie face should not be spent too long, and people who have vessels too close to the upper layer of the epidermis, generally should avoid such procedures. Currently, there are cosmetic products that contribute to the discovery of pores. If you are not afraid to do manual cleaning yourself, then, after thoroughly disinfecting your face and hands, you can start the process (do not forget about sterile napkins). After the procedure, it is again necessary to wipe the face with a disinfectant solution. In the presence of extended pores from time to time, make special masks that have the ability to smooth them, make them less visible. It is also useful to do toning massage with an ice cube - this manipulation improves the tone of the facial skin. In order for the effect of ice to be more effective, it is better to freeze not ordinary water, but infusion of medicinal herbs: chamomile, sage, marigold. An excellent option for home skin care is applying special masks. You can buy them in stores and pharmacies, and you can do it yourself. The advantage of such care is the absence of risk of infections and scarring after extrusion.

  • With a gel or foam for washing, createa little foam. Add in it one teaspoon of soda and shallow salt. Apply this mixture to your face and leave for 5 minutes. After a while, the skin will begin to tingle and tingle - do not be scared, so soda acts on fat in your pores. After you wash off the mask with warm water, do not forget to lubricate the skin with a cream that narrows the pores.
  • For lazy, we offer a simple, but very effective mask - kefir. To enhance the effect, you can add a little soda to kefir - clean skin is guaranteed.
  • And for dessert - just an incredible tool forgetting rid of black dots! In order to get rid of them, we offer to make a mask-film with our own hands. To do this you will need one tablespoon of milk and gelatin. Mix the ingredients and put in the microwave for 10 seconds, you should get a jelly. As soon as the mass cools, apply it with a cotton swab to the problem areas. Wait for the mask to dry completely, then remove it from the face. The effect of the mask is stunning - after the first use you will see results!
  • home cleansing of the face from black spots

    Face cleaning - manual and hardware

    What to do if you get rid of the black points inhome conditions failed or you are not satisfied with the result? In this situation, it makes sense to seek the help of professionals. In the salon you will be offered a number of procedures and, first of all, cleaning your face. Cleaning can be performed in manual mode, it is possible - with the help of equipment. Manual cleaning abroad, for example, is not done at all, but we still have it popular, and even expensive salons, stuffed with the most modern equipment, continue to practice this unpleasant and rather painful procedure. The process is as follows: the face is properly steamed and fingers, wrapped with sterile napkins, squeeze out absolutely all blackheads and black dots. The face after the procedure does not look the best, but after applying a soothing mask, swelling and redness quickly disappear. The skin looks absolutely clean, it breathes, and this, of course, has a pleasant effect. However, there are in this form of purification and negative aspects. The most unpleasant thing is infection. This is quite possible, if the cosmetologist is not a real professional, but in the salon to the sanitary rules are somehow. In a word, if you are a supporter of such procedures, then carefully approach the choice of the salon and the specialist who will work with you. Hardware cleaning is not so traumatic. Currently, the salons offer so-called vacuum massage: using a special tube under a certain pressure from the pores sucked away subcutaneous fat. Of course, this procedure is not as painful as manual cleaning. However, this method also has its drawbacks. Sometimes comedones sit too deep in the skin, and the device is not able to remove them. In such cases there are two ways out: either leave everything as is, or resort to manual intervention. Experienced cosmetologists often combine two types of cleaning - manual and mechanical. In the salon can also offer cleaning with ultrasound. This is a very effective and even pleasant way to cleanse the face. The face after it looks fresh and radiant, especially if at the end of the procedure a good mask is applied, corresponding to the type of skin. There are no problems that can not be dealt with. Having learned about how to deal with black dots, you are one step closer to the ideal. And though it's impossible to get rid of comedones forever, observing the rules of prevention and using various means of dealing with the problem, you will forget about the unpleasant points on your face for a long time. We advise you to read: