flabby facial skin Fresh, pink, supple facial skintestifies not only to your youth and beauty, but also about good health. For our internal problems immediately affect the appearance. Dull hair, circles under the eyes, gray sagging skin, covered with a mesh of fine wrinkles, is a depressing picture, is not it? Is it possible to avoid such unpleasant age changes on the face? Of course, yes, although I would like to note right away that Makropulos's remedy has not been invented yet. Therefore, it is not necessary to hope for a miracle, but listen to advice on how to take care of flabby skin of a person, it is imperative.

Why our skin loses appeal

Beauty and health go, as they say, hand abouthand. And in order to preserve beauty and youth for a long time, we must take care of a healthy lifestyle: proper nutrition, the necessary physical exertion, to say "no" to bad habits. Believe me, the body will necessarily respond to such care. The worst enemy of every woman is alcohol and smoking. If you know such a sin behind you, reconsider your way of life, otherwise you will very soon see in the mirror that same gray face with sagging skin, which we mentioned above. After all, in order to look good, you do not need so much effort: the right diet, the correct mode of work and rest, motor activity. Try at least a month to live in this mode - and changes in appearance you will be pleasantly surprised. Negative impact on our skin and a sharp increase in weight, and a sharp weight loss. Excess weight does not adorn anyone, and most importantly, adversely affects your health. Problems with joints, heart and blood vessels begin. In this situation, weight loss is simply necessary by medical indicators - any doctor will tell you about it. What do we usually do? Correctly, we rush to extremes, choosing express diets, taking miracle pills. What is most interesting, often both, gives a visible result. But we must realize that the effect, as a rule, does not last long, and then everything returns to normal, often the weight becomes even greater. Moreover, rapid weight loss is always flabby, sagging skin (this applies to both face and body). The body simply can not adapt and respond to such rapid changes. In order not to bring yourself to this state, you just have to follow certain rules.

  • Maintain a stable weight, avoiding sudden fluctuations (especially if you are slightly behind ... - figure yourself up).
  • If the figure on the scales does not suit you,consult with a competent dietitian who will develop an individual long-term diet. Thanks to it you can reduce weight without harmful consequences for health and appearance.

flabby skin on the face

Basic rules for skin care, prone to flabbiness

Daily Care In order to bring sluggishnessskin of the face in tone, very well apply various masks, wraps, compresses. A good effect is given by contrast compresses. You will need two tanks with hot and cold (preferably ice) water and napkins. Change the hot and cold compresses, you can finish the procedure, easily massaging your face with an ice cube. Then you should apply a light day cream that matches the type of skin. This is the morning procedure. Evening care is to remove make-up by special means, then the face and neck can be wiped with an active tonic or lotion that is suitable for your skin type. And the last stage is a night cream, which should be applied at least an hour before bedtime. After 30-40 minutes you should always remove the remains of the cream from the face, this will save you from swelling. Special procedures using home remedies Flabby skin needs careful and regular care. For this, you can use as a variety of special products (creams, lotions, masks) from famous manufacturers, and affordable natural products that are available in every home. The main feature is regularity.

  • A good tonic for sluggishAtonic skin of the face are wiping with cold saline solution - a teaspoon of sea salt on a glass of water. After such compresses, you must apply a nourishing cream.
  • Excellent lifting, cleansing and firmingaction has a lemon mask, which is easy and simple to cook at home. To make a mask, lemon should be doused with boiling water, peeled and grated. Make a kind of mask from gauze with slits for eyes and nose, soak it with lemon slurry and apply on a cleanly washed face, greased with a layer of fat cream or olive oil. Exposure time of the mask is 15-20 minutes. Wipe face and neck with lotion and apply a nourishing or moisturizing cream.
  • Well toned flabby skin mask from cucumber. Exposure time of this mask is 20 minutes, after which the skin on the face should be wiped with cucumber tonic and apply the appropriate cream.
  • For fatty atonic skin are also good masks fromtomatoes and sour cabbage - a tonic effect is evident after the first procedures. If the skin is thin and dry, then to avoid irritation, which can provoke such masks, they should be applied on a greasy basis.
  • All these procedures (compresses, masks) needconduct courses (10-15 sessions), with an interval of 2-3 days. The result will certainly please you. Salon Procedures for Atonic Skin Currently, the market widely represented products for the care of all skin types, including high-performance products for professional use. Advanced salons work only with high-quality cosmetics, in addition, they have the most modern equipment, which allows to increase the effect of skin care products several times. If you have the time and money (and there are expensive services in the salon not cheap), it makes sense to turn to the help of professionals. You will be offered complex procedures that will help to cope with the problem of sagging skin. In addition, in the salon you can be offered a so-called plastic facial massage, which is ideal for people with sagging skin. The course consists of 15-20 procedures, as a result you will get a skin tightened with good turgor and a clear oval face. As a rule, such a massage is complemented by special masks, which increase the elasticity and elasticity of the skin. The only thing I would like to draw attention to is a rather complicated kind of massage and not everyone knows how to properly do it. Agree to such a procedure only if you are absolutely sure in the qualification of a cosmetologist. As you could see, the problem of sagging skin is completely solved. To do this, just your desire to look good and a little time. Listen to our advice - and you will succeed! We advise you to read: