artificial fur coats It so happened that in our country the winter is not at alla fairy tale: snow, blizzard, blizzard; you only think about how to warm up, and thoughts about fashion and style go into the background. Of course, there are such women of fashion who go for any sacrifice for the sake of beauty and choose beautiful clothes. It, in turn, is not warm enough or comfortable in the cold season. But now it is easy to kill two birds with one stone, it is only necessary to look more attentively at clothes on store hangers. Nowadays a fur coat is a perfect replacement for monotonous jackets. The correct solution today is the purchase of fur coats from faux fur. Why artificial fur should be preferred? To date, artificial fur coats have again won a leading position in the fashion world, and in order to look beautiful and luxurious, do not necessarily give an apartment on bail. Indeed, the appearance of modern artificial fur is very close to natural, so the fur coats look no less beautiful. And most importantly - they are available to all comers. fur coats

What kind of fur coat is right for you?

Each of us thought about which fur coat is betterchoose - from natural or artificial fur. Would you like to wear a fur coat, realizing that it cost hundreds of animals life? Many would say that this is barbarism. This point of view is supported by many designers, constantly creating all new, no less luxurious models of fur coats from artificial fur. Then is it worth buying expensive fur coats from natural furs, or is it better to choose a more practical, durable, "ecological" coat? In addition, fur coats from artificial fur have a much larger range of colors and patterns. Of course, supporters of natural furs always give weighty arguments in the direction of their choice. In their opinion, such fur coats do not go in comparison with artificial ones. In addition, they will never give a feeling of prosperity and luxury. Women, perhaps, hardly ever come to a common opinion on this topic, but still all the representatives of the fair sex unites one great love and attraction to furs. But the choice is just for you, which is better: "status games" or comfort, no different in appearance from the natural fur. One of the main features of such fur coats is durability and resistance to any weather conditions. models of fur coats from artificial fur

The rules of care for a fur coat with artificial fur

Wash at a temperature of not more than 45 degrees,better by hand, and dried in a room on a hanger. Keep it best in a free closet, preferably in a case. Also, your beauty should be treated with a moth remedy, especially when the fur coat is sent to the closet for warm seasons. It is better to remove stains from fat in dry cleaners. But you can cope on your own: wipe the contaminated area with a mixture of gasoline and starch. To give your coat a shine and softness, you can wipe the fur with a cloth soaked in a solution of nine parts denaturated and one part glycerin, diluted in 100 grams of water. On the modern fur market, there is a wide range of fur coats available for selection, from any type of fur, both natural and artificial. It is necessary to pay attention to the quality of fur, as even well-known brands meet models of poor quality. We advise you to read: