women's leggings To look fashionable and stylish in seasonautumn-winter 2011-2012, fashionable couturiers are urging contemporary fashionistas to try on themselves trendy knitted accessories this season. The choice of them is very great and varied, but we want to draw your attention only to the most topical of them - these are female and mitten leggings. These invariably fashionable, bright and modern things that formed the basis of many youth styles in clothes, conquered the hearts of many of our contemporaries from different parts of the world. With fashionable warm accessories are not afraid of any frost.

Elegant warm gaiters

In Russia, gaiters appeared relatively long ago - inmid-nineties of the XIX century. More than a century ago they were made of very dense fabric or leather, and worn over the shoes in the form of overlays. For many years of its existence, this fashionable accessory has undergone many changes, but, despite this, has not lost its relevance. In modern times, knitted leggings were originally worn only by athletes, but thanks to women of fashion who chose this outfit, they very soon entered everyday life and became an integral part of the fashionable women's wardrobe. The incredibly high popularity of this expressive part of the women's wardrobe is easily explained:

  • First, female leggings are very comfortable and comfortable to wear.
  • Secondly, they do not allow to freeze in a cold autumn and winter time. And this quality, oddly enough, is appreciated by modern women of fashion, above all.
  • Thirdly, this stylish accessory looks very nice and elegant on a female leg;
  • In addition, they can be worn with anything. Gaiters fit very well with many outfits: look great with dresses, skirts and jeans, and complete with hats and scarves. Gaiters can be worn with almost any footwear. They are equally well combined with shoes, sneakers and ankle boots, but they are especially attractive with high-heeled shoes.

women's leggings with what to wear

What should I remember when choosing a fashion accessory?

Women are very often interested in - women's leggingswith what to wear? In fact, in this situation, do not pay too much attention to the overall color scheme and style of clothing - they are almost always good. Gaiters do not necessarily match shoe or other clothes. Do not be afraid to experiment with different shades, but do not forget to pay attention to such important little things as color and pattern that can visually change your legs, and not always for the better. For example, the horizontal stripes on the product can visually "shorten" the legs. Bright and bold combinations will give your image an attractive and memorable look. women's socks knee socks

Knitted stylish gloves

Mitenks, as well as gaiters, have a richhistory. In our country, the delicious beauty of long silk gloves, called mittens, came into fashion at the beginning of the nineteenth century. Then without this exquisite accessory, it was unthinkable to have any kind of publication. In modern times, these stylish products also fell in love with many female representatives. And they are popular today not only among young people, but also among older women. In the collections of the new season, gloves of the mittens are represented in a huge variety, among which the most relevant are the following models:

  • slightly covering their fingers;
  • covering the fingers and the back of the hand;
  • covering not only the palm, but also the arm, more often up to the elbow, sometimes even higher.

To decorate such gloves by designersall kinds of additions are used. Most often - embroidery, beads and fur, but there may be other decorations. Especially stylish look mittens from the same collection as gaiters. Complementing each other, these bright, stylish and invariably fashion accessories, complete your unique outfit, giving the individuality to the image. After all, such small things as women's socks, socks, leggings, greatly affect the overall appearance of women. We advise you to read: