how to choose glasses according to the shape of the face Today buy fashion sunglasses -far from being the most difficult task. It's much harder to choose the style and shape of the accessory so that it fits perfectly with your face. Having listened to the advice of specialists, you can independently make the right purchase. To correctly choose glasses according to the shape of the face, first you need to measure the distance from one temple to another. The resulting value and will be the ideal width of glasses for you, which, by the way, in practice can be slightly wider or, conversely, a little narrower. This affects the mobility of the arch (ten millimeters in both directions and thirty in a titanium frame or with spring-shock absorbers). To make the accessory look exquisite and beautiful, you should consider one main rule - its configuration should contrast with the oval of your face, that is, do not repeat its shape. Also, the appearance and general appearance is influenced by a jumper located between the lenses. Narrow and "weightless", made in a faint color (say, silver), it visually increases the distance between the number of planted eyes, and bright and wide, on the contrary, visually brings them closer. The frame with thin handles and rim, as well as metal, made in the classical style, will suit both a man and a woman. Bezobodkovye models also look very elegant and favorably emphasize any person - they are not bulky, they are practically invisible, and you will not look like an abstruse "zubrilka." Glasses-butterflies will suit women with absolutely any type of face. Glasses of this form will give lightness and some charm to their mistresses. In order to look fashionable and stylish, but at the same time create a harmonious image, you need to correctly choose glasses. To do this, take into account the shape of your face. how to choose the correct glasses according to the shape of the face

Rectangular type

This type is characterized by long "elongated"proportions, often oblong nose and straight line of cheeks. For him, a stretched vertical frame will fit - it will help visually "shorten" your face. So, we select glasses correctly:

  • Buy a sunscreen accessory with a rounded shape, with clearly defined lines horizontally.
  • Vertically, the frame should be more elongated.
  • Make the face visually wider will help contrast, decorative or planted low temples, and the bow, located below, will make the nose a little shorter.

Large panoramic glasses perfectly match with the face of an elongated shape. With the help of such models it is possible to make the person more accurate.

Oval type

If you have an oval face, you can say thatyou are lucky! It is believed that this type has perfectly regular proportions: the cheekbones are almost always high, and the chin is slightly narrower than the frontal part. People with a soft oval fit many models and styles of glasses for correcting vision, as well as protecting from the sun. In this case, it is recommended to select a frame that would emphasize the right proportions: for this, it should be somewhat larger than the widest part of the face. In addition, glasses with temples, planted very low, such people are not very suitable. Since they usually have small features, the frame should be proportionate, so as not to "eclipse" the whole appearance. To the owners of the face in the form of an oval or a heart fit all frames and forms of glasses without exception. Especially effective and profitable, they will look in sunscreen models without rim. And the owners of a round face perfectly fit square sunglasses in a bright frame, as they are able to visually extend it.

Triangular type

Such people usually have a narrow forehead,wide chin and cheekbones. Therefore, in this case, the frame should soften the prominent lower region and cheeks, and also simultaneously expand the upper part of the face. It is better to choose glasses in a large frame, the upper part of which is more massive, and the angles of the bottom are directed inwards - they balance all proportions. If you are the owner of a triangular type, then you should abandon models where the temples are planted low. The most ideal variant - "aviators" with flattened top, "cat's eyes", glasses with a harmless frame (but only square), as well as any models with decorative details and color accents from the top. on the form of a person pick up glasses

Inverted triangle and diamond-shaped type

A type called an "inverted triangle"there is a wide massive forehead and high cheekbones, the face in this case narrows to the bottom. Therefore, glasses should visually reduce the upper region and expand that part which is located lower than the eye line. This compensates for the narrow chin. In this case, you should buy glasses with an expanding bottom frame. It will also look great oval-shaped accessory, with a light frame or even without it, such as "butterfly" or "aviator", models in the form of a low triangle will do. A narrow line of the eyes and lower jaw, small chin and forehead, sharply outlined high cheekbones - such traits are rare. People with a face of a "diamond-shaped" type should pay attention to the frame with a massive upper part, with straight or more rounded sides. Also perfectly "sit down" glasses with a rim of a square shape, with a flat top or with a smooth rounded bottom or without it. In order to emphasize their dignity and hide flaws, such people should be avoided wearing an accessory with low temples.

Square type

This type is usually characterized by a clearly definedlower jaw line, massive forehead, chin and cheekbones. The length, as well as the width of the face, are often proportional to each other. It is recommended to choose an oval frame with middle temples located in the middle or massive in the upper part. It should be larger than the widest part of your face, while trying to choose a model where the proportions are more horizontal than vertical. Owners of this type need such a configuration of glasses from the sun, which visually narrows and lengthens the face. For this purpose, accessories of rounded shape are suitable, because the variants with a flat in the lower part of the frame, on the contrary, will only emphasize your angularity. Therefore, such models should be abandoned, if you certainly want to look chic. Large rounded glasses and "aviators" perfectly fit girls with a prominent chin or face in the shape of a square. It is necessary not only to choose the right accessory according to the shape of the face: it is also important to "feel" how it sits on you. He should not fall off when you turn your head, interfere with your daily activities. To make the image more vivid, give preference to a light frame and dark lenses. The business style of clothing is more suitable glasses, in which the color of the frame merges with the color of the lenses into a single whole.