how to lose weight fast without a diet "My child! You are not a child, but a cow!"- said once the famous film star Faina Ranevskaya, a young, young actress. She immediately started to roar! Well, what will we do if we hear something like this? What, will we sit down and weep? No, really! We will go to the salon or to the clinic of aesthetic medicine to quickly correct such an annoying nuisance! After all, modern cosmetology offers one thousand and one ways to lose weight without any diets. Let's get acquainted with the most popular of them.

Press on the weight of the press

Tired of strict diets? Want to lie down, pozadelnichat and lose weight at the same time? There is such a method - pressotherapy. During the procedure, through a suit connected to a special apparatus, compressed air comes under the body at different pressures. Such a massage begins to actively affect the lymph system. Thanks to this, the body restores the water balance and activates the metabolic processes. The average pressotherapy session lasts 30-40 minutes. As a rule, appoint 10-15 sessions with an interval of 2-3 days. But after the first procedure you can see the effect. The extra centimeters are melting, the lightness in the whole body is felt, the skin is tightened, and the puffiness disappears. And all this without the use of any diet. Pressotherapy is an absolutely painless way to fight overweight. On the contrary, the procedure has an obvious relaxing effect. In this case, one session of persotherapy is equal to 20 sessions of a conventional massage. And pressotherapy can be used even during pregnancy (though only in the first months). Contraindications:

  • heart, kidney or liver failure;
  • thrombosis and thrombophlebitis;
  • diabetes;
  • acute inflammation of the skin.

A quick way to lose weight without dieting

We will pump up muscles by an electric current

The next way, which will leada figure in order - myostimulation. During the procedure, electrodes are attached to the body, through which current flows to the muscles. Under his influence, muscles begin to contract almost like in fitness, but only much more intensively. As a result, blood circulation increases. Due to this, fat begins to burn quickly, and muscle tone rises. Myostimulation strengthens the muscular corset. The procedure allows you to work through even deep muscles. Also miostimulation "accelerates" the metabolism, actively fights against cellulite and reduces fat deposits. The maximum effect is observed after a course of 15-20 sessions. Contraindications to myostimulation:

  • circulatory disorders;
  • renal and hepatic impairment;
  • pregnancy;
  • skin diseases in the zone of action of electrical impulses;
  • stones in the kidneys.

Laser attack for overweight

Laser liposuction is the right way, whichwill help to lose weight. During the procedure, a special composition is inserted under the skin. He quickly breaks down fatty tissue. Then, with the help of a thin needle, the doctor directs the laser beam to the desired site. Laser energy completes the destruction of fat cells. Most often, the procedure is recommended for correction of specific areas of the body - the abdomen, thighs, knees or hands. This method allows you to correct also delicate areas of the body with which conventional liposuction can not cope. Therefore, the procedure is carried out even on the face, solving the problem of the second chin. Laser liposuction does not require general anesthesia and is performed under local anesthesia. Therefore, immediately after the operation, you can go home. There will be no scars or scars on the body. In this case, the laser beam prevents the appearance of bruising, as it "seals" the damaged blood vessels. There may be a slight swelling of the treated areas, but it takes several days. The recovery period after laser liposuction does not last long and does not require special efforts. Within a week after the procedure, you must wear a special pull-up underwear. And within two weeks you can not visit the sauna, solarium and do a hard massage. If you follow a proper diet, you can lose 10 kg and lose up to 5-7 cm in volume for a couple of weeks. Contraindications:

  • diabetes;
  • chronic diseases of internal organs;
  • oncological, heart diseases;
  • pregnancy.

good fast way to lose weight without dieting

Want to lose weight - cleanse yourself

What else will help to lose weight without diet? Many clinics offer hydrocolonotherapy, as a quick way to lose excess. Let's see how this method works. In fact, hydrocolonotherapy is a deep cleansing of the intestine. With the help of special equipment, the intestine is washed with a special solution, which may include medicinal herbs, algae and mineral salts. During the procedure, toxic substances and harmful microorganisms are removed from the body along with the old calves. Certainly, hydrocolonotherapy is not the most pleasant way to lose weight, but you will not experience strong painful sensations. One session takes an average of 40-60 minutes. Through the intestines, up to 50 liters of fluid are expelled during this time, and the effect is comparable to 30 conventional enemas. Hydrocolonotherapy normalizes the work of the gastrointestinal tract, activates all metabolic processes in the body, improves the skin condition. But, most importantly, the procedure helps to lose weight quickly. Experts promise a loss of 2-3 kg after the first session. And no diet is needed! To fully clean the body recommend 4-6 procedures with an interval of 2-3 days. Hydrocolonotherapy is contraindicated in:

  • pregnancy;
  • launched hemorrhoids;
  • severe cardiovascular diseases;
  • cirrhosis of the liver.

We are all individual and if some methodapproaches one, not the fact that the same method will be effective for another. And do not forget that in an effort to lose weight quickly, it is important not to cause irreparable harm to your health. Therefore, before carrying out a particular procedure or applying a diet, be sure to consult with your doctor. Of course, fitness and diet are the surest way to lose weight. But we have seen that there are alternatives. If you are looking for a quick way to lose weight by a couple of sizes, it's worth calling a beautician. Then you will not have to cry from the accidentally thrown phrase about your figure. You will always be in shape! We advise you to read: