salad with lamb and vegetables Meat dishes are always greatpopularity. Most often it's pork or beef. But for many, the best meat for cooking is lamb. Dishes with lamb are very common, starting from very simple and ending with unusually exquisite. Meat of a sheep or a ram, which is used for food, is called lamb. Since ancient times, people appreciated mutton, especially lamb meat (lamb). Many holidays, mainly Muslim, can not do without cooking from this meat. In the daily menu, lamb dishes are also not uncommon. Lamb can be considered relatively a dietary product, because the fat in it is less than in other meats. But it concerns only meat of adult animals. In lamb a lot of protein, B vitamins, iron, sulfur, fluoride, magnesium, zinc, potassium and other trace elements. The most valuable is the low cholesterol content. In addition, the lecithin found in meat normalizes metabolism, the level of cholesterol, regulates the activity of the pancreas. Therefore, lamb dishes should be present in your menu. The main disadvantage of mutton is a large number of lipids, which contribute to the development of obesity, cardiac and vascular diseases. To avoid such consequences, during the preparation of the dish, drain off the juicing, do not use butter, add vegetable garnishes. When choosing lamb, buy meat of animals, the age of which is not more than three years. Pay attention to the following:

  • the color of the meat should be light red. Its dark color indicates that the animal is old or poorly fattened;
  • fat on a kind of dry, milky-yellow color;
  • The freshness of the meat is determined by a quick return to the old form when pressed;
  • good smell inherent in lamb;
  • bones white or with a pinkish-blue hue, if it's a young lamb.

What parts of lamb are better to choose for cooking? It depends on what you want to cook.

  • For the preparation of broth, soup - bone, rib, shank.
  • For a holodtsa, jelly - head, shank, shank.
  • For boiled mutton - a brisket, a neck, a scapula.
  • For the steak and baking - the back foot.
  • For chop cutlets with a bone - loin.
  • For cooking chopped cutlets - neck, scapula.
  • To prepare the roast - the back foot, neck.
  • For the preparation of ragout, pilau - scapula, brisket.
  • For goulash - spatula.
  • For preparation of steak, shish kebab - back, tenderloin, ham, fillet (or saddle).
  • For a stew - a ham, a brisket, a loin.
  • We bring to your attention some dishes with lamb. vegetable soup with lamb

    Salads with lamb

    Salad with green radish Salad is very simple to prepare, good for both everyday and festive menus. Products:

    • 400 grams of mutton (fillet)
    • onion-turnip - 2 pcs.
    • 2 green radishes
    • a little olive oil for frying meat
    • salt, ground black pepper, mayonnaise


    • fry the fillets in olive or vegetable oil and cut into small pieces;
    • add chopped radish and onions;
    • add salt, pepper, mayonnaise;
    • stir well, put in a salad bowl and decorate with basil.

    Salad with horseradish This salad, rather, is closer to the appetizers. They can fill the tartlets for a buffet table. Products:

    • fillet of lamb boiled - 200 g
    • Grated horseradish - 100 g
    • 2 onions
    • lemon juice - a teaspoon
    • mutton fat - a tablespoon
    • sugar - 0,5 tsp.
    • mayonnaise - 5 tbsp. spoons
    • salt


    • fry the fillets on olive or vegetable oil, cut it into slices;
    • add chopped radish and onions;
    • add salt, pepper, mayonnaise;
    • stir well, put in a salad bowl and decorate with basil.

    lamb with herbs

    The first dishes: soups with lamb

    Shurpa Dense snack soup, which is served to the boiled meat. Products:

    • lamb (better brisket) - 500 g
    • water - 3 l
    • potatoes - 7 pcs.
    • tomatoes - 4 pcs.
    • onion-turnip - 5 pcs.
    • vegetable oil (fattening fat) - 60 g
    • bay leaf - 4 leaves
    • black bell pepper and red capsicum
    • salt, dill, coriander to taste


    • 2 hours to cook on a slow fire the chopped brisket, which is filled with cold water and salt;
    • fry the chopped onions and tomatoes, cut into slices, in vegetable oil or
    • fattening fat;
    • potatoes, cut into small pieces, put in a saucepan (cauldron), cook for another 30 minutes;
    • crush the grains of black pepper and add to the shurpa, there also put the red pepper (0,5 pods) and bay leaves, when the dish is left for 10 minutes;
    • Put greens in plates with soup.

    Chowder of young lamb This soup is easy to prepare. Particularly good if potomitsya in the pot. We cook on the basis of 6 pots. Products:

    • lamb (rib part) - 1.2 kg
    • water - 3 l
    • potatoes - 12 pcs.
    • onion-turnip - 1 pc.
    • salt, greens to taste


    • 2 hours to cook lamb over low heat with the addition of a bulb;
    • mutton take out and cut into small pieces, remove the bulb;
    • Put the whole potatoes in broth and boil them, then wipe them through a sieve and put them back in a saucepan with
    • broth;
    • in the pots to decompose the meat, pour broth with mashed potatoes;
    • close the pots with lids and, for half an hour before dinner, put in the oven for baking in the oven;
    • greens to put in pots with soup.

    lamb chop

    Lamb for the second

    Lamb, stewed with tomatoes A simple and inexpensive dish for a festive menu. Products (per 3 servings):

    • lamb (fillet) - 0,5 kg
    • tomatoes - 300 g
    • onion-turnip - 2 pcs.
    • wheat flour - 2 tbsp. l.
    • fat - 30 g
    • pepper, salt, greens to taste
    • potato for garnish - 650 g


    • mutton cut into pieces, fry from two sides, put in a saucepan;
    • pour the meat broth into a frying pan, on which roast lamb, boil;
    • onion, finely chopped, fried with flour, diluted with broth;
    • circle tomatoes cover each serving of meat, pour the sauce to a level of tomatoes and put out
    • 40-50 minutes in the oven;
    • fry potatoes and serve on a side dish, pouring sauce from a sauté pan and sprinkling with herbs.

    Chops cutlets from mutton An unusually tasty dish, which does not require special preparation. Garnish is best served with mashed potatoes and onion sauce. Products:

    • lamb chop on ribs - for one cutlet take 2 ribs
    • butter for roasting
    • breadcrumbs
    • pepper and salt
    • potato for garnish


    • cut the loin, leaving 2 ribs for each cutlet;
    • one edge is removed and thrown out, the other is made shorter;
    • Cutlets cut off, sprinkle with salt, pepper, roll in breadcrumbs;
    • put the oil in a frying pan and bring to a boil;
    • in the boiling oil put the cutlets and fry them on high fire and on the one and the other side;
    • Reduce heat and fry mutton until cooked on a low heat;
    • Serve with mashed potatoes and onion sauce.

    Mutton steak in the multivark Recipe, where mutton is cooked in a multivariate. Preparation of ordinary sheep steaks for those housewives who value free time. Products:

    • lamb fillet - 0.4 kg
    • vegetable oil - 40 g
    • dill, garlic, oregano and parsley - 10 grams each
    • spices, salt


    • cut the fillets into steaks;
    • Steaks salted and rubbed with spices;
    • garlic and greenery chop and mix;
    • in this mixture marinate steaks 15 minutes;
    • oil pour into the bowl multivarka, lay out the pickled steaks;
    • cover close, set the menu "Hot", 25 minutes - cooking time;
    • Cover open after 10 minutes and turn over the steaks;
    • prepare before the end of the program.

    For this dish as a side dish is goodfit fresh vegetables. Feel free to enter into your menu dishes from mutton. They can become an ornament of your table. The main thing is to choose the meat you need and prepare it properly. We hope that our recipes will help you in the kitchen.