keratin hair straightening You are tired of fighting with split ends of hair andtheir dryness? Have you bothered every morning to straighten your hair with an iron, thereby hurting them? Perhaps it's time to try keratin hair straightening - a procedure aimed at comprehensive hair care. It is able not only to straighten hair, giving them shine, but also to strengthen their structure, to make them healthy. Such technology of straightening curls appeared not so long ago, but experts recognize it as a revolutionary technique for caring for hair. At first keratin straightening was offered only by beauty salons, but today every girl can carry out such procedure at home, using the minimum necessary funds.

Benefits of Keratin Rectification

Speaking about the features of keratin straightening,It is worth highlighting some of the advantages that undoubtedly this procedure fully enjoys. The manufacturers of keratin rectifying compounds assure that this technique will allow you to achieve the following results:

  • Smoothing the hair of a curly structure;
  • Deep moisturizing and nourishing of curls damaged by various chemical procedures;
  • Sealing of tips inclined to section;
  • The more damaged your hair, the more noticeable the healing effect;
  • Carrying out keratin straightening after staining, you can save the resulting color for a long time;
  • The effect after the rectification procedure can last up to 90 days.

Important is the fact that the keratinStraightening hair has virtually no contraindications. The only thing that is important to note: experts do not advise doing this procedure to pregnant women and during lactation. It is not known how this can affect the health of the child, so it's better not to take risks. Indicators such as the type of hair, their color or structure, here also do not matter. Keratin straightening can be done on any curls. And where it is better to conduct this procedure: at home or in the salon? keratin hair straightening at home

Keratin straightening: where is better?

A feature of keratin straightening isa high-cost procedure, no matter where it is held, at home or in the salon. The first factor on which price depends is the length of the strands. Accordingly, the longer the curls, the more money you invest in the procedure. In addition, after the procedure you will need a special balm-conditioner, which also costs a lot, and, of course, shampoo. Please note that after keratin straightening, the use of conventional cosmetics is not suitable - you need special, professional products. Therefore, most girls prefer to do the procedure of straightening at home - so much reduced costs, which are already a lot. However, it is important to know that keratin hair straightening at home is not as effective as in the salon. Nevertheless, the cosmetologist knows better how to properly handle your locks, how to correctly apply the necessary means to them, and draws attention to those nuances that you do not even know about. In addition, the compositions for home straightening are different from the salon ones - they are not so effective. However, with the right approach, you can make a good keratin straightening and at home - it is important only to know how to conduct it. Note that the cost of a complete set for the procedure of the house will significantly exceed the cost of this service in the beauty salon, but you will have enough of these procedures for eight to ten more, depending on the length of your hair.

Home Keratin Straightening: Technology and Features

Before you start straightening your hair with keratincompositions, you will need to purchase special products. First of all, it is cosmetics for keratin straightening. Today it can be bought at any cosmetic store. Also useful hair dryer and spray, a large comb-brashing of a round shape, as well as ironing with a good ceramic coating. Today, the market is most popular products Keratin Shot, as well as QOD. It belongs to the category of professional, so it is better to stop the choice on it. Cosmetics are available? Now go to the procedure of straightening. The first step is washing your hair. Rinse your hair thoroughly, twice by soaping them with shampoo with keratin in the composition. Now dry your hair with a towel and gently comb it. Strand fasten to the back of the head. Put 50-100 ml of the desired product into the spray gun, depending on the type of your hair. We begin to spray the preparation alternately on each curl, then comb, using a narrow comb with small denticles, - the preparation must well be absorbed into the structure of the hair. We are waiting for fifteen minutes. Now dry your hair with a large comb. After that, select thin small strands and align them using the iron. At the end of the procedure, we apply keratin serum to the hair - this is the final stage of the home keratin rectification. keratin hair straightening technology

Helpful Tips

If you decide to try the keratinhair straightening at home, pay attention to some mandatory rules. First of all, the first three days after the procedure, you can not wash your hair, otherwise the product will not be able to absorb densely inside the hair. Still these three days you can not use all kinds of hairpins and elastic bands, hoops and other accessories for hair. The same applies to glasses and hats - all this can prevent the keratin composition from being absorbed. It is forbidden to apply styling products, in particular, varnishes and gels, as well as mousses and foams. And finally, the most basic requirement. For two weeks, forget about the experiments with your locks. Coloring, glazing, as well as blonding or highlighting during this period is strictly prohibited, otherwise you can achieve an undesirable effect - the hair will simply deteriorate and become worse than before the straightening procedure.

Hair Benefits

The keratin rectification technology is based onon the use of cosmetic products, made on the basis of natural components that do not have a destructive and destructive effect on the structure of the hair. The composition of straightening agents includes keratin, nutrients and protein - something that helps to give hair an excellent, lively appearance. Please note that our hair is as much as 88% of keratin. That's why this technique is so popular and useful - we fill curls with vitally important substances for them. Keratin molecules have a small size, so they very quickly penetrate into the hair cuticles, strengthening the structure of the hair from the inside and protecting it from negative surrounding factors. Now UV rays, smoke from cigarettes, city smog and many other "aggressor-destroyers" physically can not spoil the hair, meeting a serious obstacle in their way. Many girls who tried keratin straightening themselves claim that after such a procedure, the curls are much easier to lay than earlier. In addition, the head of hear is quickly restored even after chemical wave and discoloration. If you go on vacation in the direction of the sea, in hot countries, then keratin can protect the hair from the effects of sea salt and destroying UV rays. The only negative that can be mentioned here is the formaldehyde in the composition of cosmetic preparations for keratin straightening. Formaldehydes in this case are used as a bactericidal ingredient. It is known that this substance is inherently a carcinogen, provoking serious oncological diseases. This is harmful when the master is constantly in contact with products based on formaldehyde, not observing the elementary safety techniques. For customers who from time to time conduct such a procedure, it is absolutely safe. Keratin straightening of hair - a technique that will allow your hair to look great: shine, radiance and smoothness for several months! The main thing about which you must remember: choose high-quality professional compounds that have proved themselves in the modern cosmetic market and which are recommended for use by leading specialists. Then your appearance will delight not only you, but others!