hitchhiking The very concept of hitchhiking was born in the USA. But now in America it is not so popular because of strict laws: tourists traveling from one point of the country to another on the roads can be arrested for vagrancy. But in Russia this type of travel is becoming more popular every year, especially among young people. Hitchhiking is ideal for those who are limited in money or simply can not live without thrills. This is a great chance to see your country, and maybe even some foreign countries, for example, European countries. But there is one reason that stops many from giving preference to traveling on the road, to the oncoming wind and to communicate with strangers and interesting people. And this reason is a doubt that hitchhiking is safe. Of course, on the one hand, these doubts are fully justified, because we all heard bloody stories in which people traveling by hitchhiking are brought into the dark forest, killed, robbed, etc. But still it's more of a myth than a reality. On the road, there are a lot of unforeseen, and sometimes dangerous, incidents, but if you or your fellow traveler (preferably if it's a man) you can stand up for yourself, have a good physical preparation and the skills of intelligent communication with a wide variety of people, you have nothing to fear. Just do not lose your vigilance and just in case, get a gas canister, which will become your guarantor of safety during the journey by hitchhiking. In addition to a gas cartridge, ideally you will need:

  • penknife;
  • tent and sleeping bags in case you have to spend the night in the forest or in the field;
  • antibiotics and aspirin, disinfectant, bandages;
  • road map;
  • compass;
  • a set of spare clothes;
  • matches;
  • a minimum set of necessary products (stew, crackers, tea) and a water supply.

Hitchhiking from one side moresafe for young people. But on the other hand, a young man with a girl is much more likely to catch a ride. It's best to start this practice with moving around your own area: try to get from one point to another in the shortest possible time. If everything goes well, and you realize that such adventures are just for you, you can try hitchhiking around Russia. First you can choose two settlements, not so far located from each other. Then you can start moving to longer distances, and thus get a chance to see almost the entire great and vast country. During the hitchhiking in Russia you will realize that, contrary to the prevailing opinion, there are many more kind and sympathetic people on the territory of our country, who are always ready to help their neighbors, than bandits, robbers, etc. Those who understand that their own country is already small, can try their hand at conquering foreign countries. This kind of tourism will allow you to explore the countries from within and really get to know the mentality of the local people and their habits. Hitchhiking in Europe has its own characteristics: you will need a little more money and basic knowledge of at least one European language. In conclusion, I would like to give some advice to those who are just going to try this kind of tourism. The concept of "autotop" is not always synonymous with the concept of "free". Many experienced travelers believe that a small reward to a person who drove you to a sufficiently large distance is not a duty, but a courtesy. And remember that many hitchhiking tourists are sure that it's much better to spend the night in the open air field than in the driver's cabin.