Tours in Iguazu, Brazil Oh, Brazil, the adventurers dream, with the smellPalm oil, with the rhythms of capoeira, with the colors of carnival! A country blessed with the arms of Christ! Brazil sings and dances, noisily trades in the markets and works hard. But there is a place where sounds subside, dissolve in the sleepy silence of a small town, lost in its streets. Noteworthy place and the fact that you can organize a trip here, you can do it yourself, just use the service and air tickets and make an unforgettablejourney. Foz do Iguaçu is located far from the big cities. It was founded in 1914 and is not distinguished by an abundance of sights. However, travelers are welcome here with all the amenities of tourist service: hotels (including five-star), restaurants and cafes, places where you can have fun and dance, souvenir luxury of a local fair. But this does not attract pilgrims from all over the world. At 18 km from the town there is the National, or the Bird, Iguazu Park, open for visits since 1994. Lush tropical vegetation, a huge variety of birds, a lot of bright butterflies - a real paradise for photographers. The contemplation of exotic landscapes is accompanied by an unceasing rumble - the water is falling ... A few more meters and the astonished gaze of the traveler will open a fantastic spectacle - as if in a slow-motion shooting rushes from the highest ledges a river, divided into hundreds of large and small streams. It looks like a grand organ, the sounds of which are heard at 25 km in the district. And, as an apotheosis to the greatness of nature, above all this splendor the rainbow has risen and frozen forever. Tours in Iguazu, Brazil By decision of UNESCO since 1984 Waterfalls of Iguazu are the property of mankind. Local travel companies do everything to show the uniqueness of places in their entirety. Enjoy incredible scenery can be from numerous observation platforms, through which leads a hiking trail. Examining the neighborhood from open jeeps, it is likely to meet anteater or monkeys, admire the flowers of orchids and the carving of ferns. A half-hour excursion by helicopter over the waterfall puzzles tourists with the question: from which country - Brazil or Argentina - is a majestic and more picturesque view? They will also show the second in the world capacity of the Itaipa HPP with a dam of 196-meter height. Extreme adventurers are waiting for incredible adventures under the streams of the waterfall, where they will be driven by guides on inflatable 25-seater motor boats. The incomparable feeling of uncontrollable power of water makes many tourists return to the waterfall again and again. These adventures provide an excursion to the Makouko safari. Guides warn visitors: on an excursion to a waterfall, you need to dress in beach clothes and do not take anything extra with you - people get wet before the thread in splashes and water dust. In 1541 the Spanish caballer-conquistador Alvaro Nunez Cabeza, having gone to these places in search of gold and precious stones, saw the waterfall as the first of Europeans. He found sparkling emeralds, rubies, diamonds - rainbow splashes of a great river, but could not carry them away ... But thousands of travelers take away memories of the magical pearl of landscape tourism - the Iguazu Falls. If you want to visit this unique place, help you plan your trip accurately. In addition to the fact that it is convenient - it is also very profitable, since the price of the flight, you will be pleasantly surprised.