United Arab Emirates You were never interested in what would happen toDesert if it is "watered" with gold? Do you think this is an allegory? Then go to the United Arab Emirates. Mysterious and a perfect example of what a man can do in his quest for perfection and in the presence of inexhaustible wealth. In no other country will you get more convincing evidence. Now it is impossible to believe that 50 years ago, on the site of modern cities and comfortable resorts, a burning desert was dominated by the only full-fledged inhabitants of the Bedouin on their camels. Water was valued more than gold, and there was nothing to fight with the sands. Foreign investors believed that investing in the desert is tantamount to throwing money away. But since oil was discovered on the territory of the United Arab Emirates, the country began to change before our eyes. As if by magic, the lifeless landscapes were replaced by modern cities, cities of contrasts and harmonious neighborhood phenomena, which at first glance seem incompatible. Snow-white mosques and sky-high skyscrapers of business centers. Asphalted slopes cutting the yellow sands that leave the horizon, and palm groves of blessed oases. Modest hijabs of women of the east, under which may well be a dress from the latest collection of Armani, and beach sarafans of many tourists. Over a relatively short period of time, the almost lifeless part of the Arabian Peninsula has become a dream for any tourist and a true fairy tale for local people.

In a strange monastery, or rules of conduct for a tourist

When going on a trip, you will definitelyvisa and medical insurance, book a hotel room or receive an invitation from a person who is a citizen of the UAE, make a copy of the credit card or a certificate in English that your bank account has enough funds to stay in the country. All these are usual preparations, characteristic for visiting many countries. But for this country there are several features. Despite a fairly loyal attitude to people of other faiths, the main religion in the country is Islam. Therefore, the numerous tourists who chose the United Arab Emirates as their holiday destination should remember that there are special rules and norms of behavior that are not unnecessary to study and follow them in order to avoid various misunderstandings:

  • It is not recommended to walk around the city in a provocative or overly open, transparent clothing.
  • Public kisses and hugs are best leftfor more secluded places. For example, for your number. And even more so, no sex on the beach. This completely contradicts moral norms and is punishable by law. There have been cases when too enthusiastic newlyweds were arrested for kissing on the street.
  • Foul language is also punishable in any of theemirates, for an indecent gesture can be fined. However, profanity is a clear indicator of the low cultural development of a person, such travelers can develop an unflattering opinion about all tourists in general.
  • Communicate with local women carefully. Remember the difference in culture and upbringing. And even more so do not take in head to show signs of attention and make ambiguous hints. When photographing local attractions, keep in mind that some buildings and military facilities are prohibited from taking photographs. And if you want to have a photo of a local resident looking particularly colorful, ask him for permission to shoot. Maximum politeness will help you avoid unnecessary trouble.
  • If you are not legally married, if you chooserooms in the hotel you should stay in a room with two separate beds: sex before marriage in this state is prohibited. The same goes for homosexual couples. Homosexuality in the Emirates is prohibited and prosecuted by law.
  • Smoking is allowed only in strictly designated places and is unacceptable on the street, so before smoking, think about whether a cigarette is worth a huge fine.
  • For violation of traffic rules (for example, crossing the street in the wrong place), a pedestrian must pay a fine of $ 130.
  • The use and distribution of drugs -gross violation of the law. Therefore, any person suspected of using drugs or banned from importing drugs into the UAE is subject to arrest. We strongly advise that before you go on vacation, check out the list of drugs that are not allowed to be imported.

Some rules look strange enough forresidents of European countries, but you need to respect the laws and moral standards of the state where you are going to spend your vacation. And then you will not have any problems. Choose which of the Emirates you visit, it is quite difficult, each of them - the dream of a tourist. Do you remember the catch phrase from the movie that "everything is in Greece"? So, in the transfer to the UAE, it will sound: "There is everything you want, and a little more of what you could not even dream about." And especially valuable for many tourists is that the holiday in the United Arab Emirates is good at any time of the year. united arab emirates holidays

Abu Dhabi - luxury of the east

The largest emirate, Abu Dhabi, ispart-time is the richest city in the world. Under the yellow sands of the desert there is as much oil as not "dreamed" of all the neighboring emirates, taken together. All 50 years that oil is produced here, the revenues from its sales are divided into all Abu Dhabi aboriginal people. There are not so many, only 420 thousand indigenous Arabs, and the capital of each of them for today is equal to 17 million dollars. From such figures, the spirit captures. But the level of well-being did not affect the character of local residents. Truly eastern hospitality, the slowness of life, the lack of desire to compete, who is the most-that's what an outside observer will see. All the sights in Abu Dhabi, both cultural and related to the achievements of modern civilization, are located on the island of Yas. Numerous tourists and travelers will not have to cross the vast expanses of a hot desert to admire them. Here are some of them. Autodrome Yas Marina - the place where the final stage of the world championship of "Formula 1" is held. In his spare time for more than five-kilometer track, anyone can ride. Automobiles, or more precisely, the personal collection of Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, numbering more than 200 cars, each of which can be touched and examined with all possible attention. Ferrari World - a tribute to the famous representative of the Italian car industry, a real Disney Land for adults, who will certainly want to visit any representative of the strong half of humanity, regardless of age. Undoubtedly, the most grandiose construction in the capital of the United Arab Emirates is the large mosque of Sheikh Zayd. Now, truly, if there is a standard of Arab luxury, then this is the mosque. The man who first saw the white domes and numerous towers of the mosque will easily feel himself a hero of the Arabian fairy tales. No wonder it is here that there is the largest carpet and the largest chandelier in the world, which is properly registered in the Guinness Book of Records. "Gateway to the capital, a kind of a falling tower of Abu Dhabi, Park Khalifa, Square Heritage - these are just a few treasures in the crown of the capital of the UAE. In order to describe them all, Shaherezade's eloquence and 1000 and one night will be needed. But if you are in Abu Dhabi, try to visit each of them.

Dubai, or snow in the middle of the desert

Despite the fact that the main part of the admission to thethe treasury of the state in the UAE is oil, in recent years a clear trend has emerged when profits from tourism business are approaching the income from black gold. And in many ways this is due to the emirate of Dubai. Even the most spoiled tourist will not find anything to complain about. In Dubai everything possible was done, so that everyone who arrived with enthusiasm spoke about rest in this, truly blessed, Mecca for tourists. If you think that you know everything about the luxury of the East, go to the Gold Market. And you will understand that luxury in your understanding is difficult to lay kilometers of jewelry, kilograms of precious stones and piles of gold. By the way, it is relatively inexpensive and very high sample. The main thing is to stop in time and not to waste all your savings. Numerous fans of sales just can not pass by Dubai Outlet Mall. Fashion girls from all countries come here in late January and early February to get the clothes of famous brands at their disposal, because on sale days all this costs "ridiculous" money. Can you imagine a ski resort in the middle of the desert? In Dubai, as in any eastern fairy tale, everything is possible! Of course, the quality of the ski slopes in Dubai Ski is much inferior to Courchevel, but come here, at least to make sure that the snow in the desert is not a fairy tale, but a reality. The spice market, the famous singing fountain, Burd Al Arab (the only 7-star hotel in the world), Al Mamzar Park and Palm Jumeirah are the bulk islands, the Burj Khalifa skyscraper, the Dubai Mall with the world's largest aquarium where it's possible to arrange imagine diving with sharks. The list of things to see in Dubai is long. If your goal is to rest with the eastern comfort, go to Dubai. holidays in the united Arab emirates

Fujairah is an oasis of solitude

All for whom the United Arab Emirates -rest on crowded beaches or walks under the "care" of numerous skyscrapers, hardly appreciate the beauty and seclusion of the Emirate of Fujairah. Here you will not see the majestic creations of modern civilization. It is the youngest emirate. It is practically devoid of skyscrapers, but it is the only one washed by the waters of the Indian Ocean. And the unusual landscape of green oases, separated by rocky ridges, resembles a green-eyed giant, which someone combed with a frequent comb. Snoopy Island, Shark Island and Martini Rock have long been chosen for divers by divers from all over the world. A lot of exotic fish, underwater caves, huge lobsters, sharks, moray eels - an incomplete list of what is worthy of attention. It is even said that Allah gave the coast of Fujairah such a picturesque bottom and a rich underwater world in an attempt to compensate in this emirate the absence of oil and gas. But who has ever visited this cozy corner, believe that this is a more valuable gift than a multi-ton deposits of minerals. If you have never tried a lobster, be sure to do it right here. Only in restaurants and restaurants Fujaira can try a real lobster and many more seafood dishes. The gardens of Ain Al-Madhab, a national park with mineral springs, are located at the very foot of the Al Ain mountains. It is believed that plunged into the waters of the springs (the pools here are separate - male and female), you can recover from a variety of diseases. Lovers of antiquity will not have a month to explore historical values. Fort Futjiers, the Ethnographic Museum and the Ottoman Mosque will tell you about the years of confrontation between the Arabs of the expansion of the English.

Ajman - in cramped, yes, no offense

Ajman is the most undeveloped by tourists and, at the same timetime, the smallest emirate. Those who like to be a pioneer, undoubtedly, will find their charm in this almost virgin corner. Here are the mineral springs of the purest water, which is supplied to the whole country, and the water in the desert is valued no less than black gold. Fans of races will have the opportunity to see for their own eyes what a camel races are. Enough exotic spectacle. The Arabs, despite their seemingly imposing and unabashed spirit, are a gambling people. Divers will also find what to do. The coastal strip Ajman in the richness of the underwater world is not inferior to Fujairah. Along its almost 600 kilometers stretch the beaches. Famous shipbuilding shipyards and a museum of sailing ships of the times of Sinbad-Mariner: in Ajman you will have the opportunity not only to see with your own eyes these magnificent vessels, but also to ride on them. You will have to imagine yourself with a curve of saber in your hand and in embroidered gold clothes - a fascinating excursion into the past! united arab emirates travel

Umm Al Quwain - rest, accessible to all

This emirate, without a twisting of the soul, can be called a dreamany tourist. The thing is that the rest is available to anyone, regardless of the size of the wallet. Unlike the large Dubai and Abu Dhabi, designed for tourists with abundance, Umm Al Quwain is characterized by fairly democratic prices. But, despite this, the level of service is very high. If you are just going to rest, then certainly make the right choice by going here. The coast here is no less picturesque. And isolation from the rest of the country allowed to preserve all the richness of an original culture, almost without changing the habitual way of life of the local population. You can see for yourself how many fishermen's boats go for their catch every day. Cozy cafes and restaurants will replace the lovers of quiet secluded rest with noisy bars. And the excursion program will be pleased with an abundance of historical values. About the beaches of Umm Al Kuwain can be told for hours, as well as about the diversity of flora and fauna; but in order to get a true idea of ​​them, you need to visit here at least once.

Sharjah - the fusion of ages

The most faithful of all emirates. Here you do not just see nothing alcohol in the shops and bars, but you will be punished if you try to bring it with you. What to do? Such is the payment for the opportunity to visit this emirate. Sharjah has a rich history. It is called the architectural capital of the emirates. Early trade with Persia began precisely from these shores. Which, undoubtedly, was reflected in numerous historical monuments. But do not think that all the architectural monuments here belong to the past. In Sharjah, the historical monuments and high buildings of modernity are whimsically intertwined. So, on the Square of the Government stands the Monument to Progress, symbolizing respect for the laws of Allah and the desire for progressive development. The only thing worth mentioning is the religious orientation of most monuments. By the way, numerous bazaars (and their buildings are also architectural monuments) are the richest in the Emirates.

Ras Al Khaimah - a holiday worthy of the queen

This is the northernmost of all seven emirates, one ofthe most green and beautiful places to relax. Ras al-Khaimah is a blooming oasis between the sea and the mountains. The unusually mild climate, the gentle sun and exotic dishes of Arabic cuisine - that's what, besides sightseeing, attracts tourists. Currently, the emirate is actively conducting archaeological excavations. According to the legend, which tourists hear when they get to Ras Al Khaimah, the Queen of Sheba chose her lands for her rest, following to Solomon. So, you can imagine how many centuries this emirate. If you wish, you can go on an excursion and look at the excavations of the ancient city of Julfar, which was once the center of pearl trade. There is no pearl here for a long time, but the country is flourishing today. In the western, old part of the capital of the emirate, is the National Museum. Here you can also plunge into the world of antiquities, see objects of ancient life, bronze and antique jewelry, fragments of ancient amphorae, vessels for incense incense. And another unquestionable property of this place was the hot healing springs of the Hutt. In the pool for taking baths, water comes directly from the sources. At the very beginning of our article, we talked about the fact that the United Arab Emirates is a real Klondike for those who understand the rest. And any, even the shortest journey, can enrich you with a set of such vivid impressions and emotions that you can not even buy for gold. We advise you to read: