green coffee Green coffee is a unique product. It allows you to bring the body weight back to normal, cleanses the body of harmful substances and energizes. But in order to get the maximum effect from its use and fully enjoy its taste, it is necessary to properly prepare such a drink using the main recommendations.

Roasting and grinding

On the shelves of shops, as a rule, is soldgreen coffee beans. Accordingly, after the purchase of such a product, it is required to grind it first. This is necessary to make the taste of the drink more saturated and pronounced. In addition, the process of brewing ground coffee is much easier and faster. But it is recommended to fry the grain beforehand. To do this, they need to be washed with running water. Then the grains are laid out on a napkin and dried. After that, you can send them to a skillet. In this case, it is not necessary to fry all the coffee packaging at once. You need to do this portionwise. It is necessary to fill the frying pan with grains with a layer no more than 2 cm. During frying, you must stir them constantly so that they do not crochet and do not deteriorate. Fry the grains on low heat for 5-10 minutes. It is important to monitor the time and not overdo it, otherwise the coffee will lose its special tart taste. In addition, not too long roasting will retain in it all useful substances. It is recommended that you buy a new frying pan for this and use it for coffee. Then the product does not absorb any foreign smells. You can roast coffee beans in the oven. For this, it needs to be heated to 350 degrees. Then, seeds are poured onto a baking sheet in one layer. After that he is put in the oven for 10-15 minutes. During this, it is also necessary to stir the grains. When they are ready, you need to get them out and let them cool down. After that, you can pour the grain into a jar or package. Grind such a product with special care. Use for this electric coffee grinder is not very desirable. Green coffee has a high density, so you can break the knives of household appliances. It is better to use a hand grinder, the so-called mill. It is necessary to grind the grains into particles of approximately this size: 1.5x1 mm. If a hand grinder is not in the arsenal, then use the meat grinder. To grind the grains you need to take not knives for meat, but nozzles for spices. You can grind the grains of green coffee with a mortar. But here you need to make a lot of effort and spend enough time on this process. process of preparation of green coffee

Cooking process

Most people brew green coffee in a Turkish. But how to properly prepare a drink in such a device? Before you start brewing coffee, you need to warm up the Turk a bit. But you need to do this on a small fire. Do not stand on it for more than 1 minute. If the Turk is not heated before cooking coffee, then the drink will turn out not so tart and fragrant. Then you need to pour cold water into the Turk and immediately add ground coffee in the amount of 3 teaspoons. It should be said that some recipes for cooking such a drink provide for the use of boiling water, but this is not right. If immediately put ground coffee in hot water, then it will not be possible to extract the maximum of useful substances from it. This will negatively affect the effectiveness and taste of the drink. Therefore, always use cold water. After it is filled with coffee, you should put the turkey on a weak fire. It is necessary to sustain the drink until the bubbles appear on its surface. Then you need to immediately turn off the fire and pour the finished coffee into the cup. Now you can enjoy a drink. However, if you want to make it more flavorful and spicy, then during the preparation, add a little spices to it. And if there is a desire to make such a drink more refined, then when cooking it is necessary to add a few spoons of semisweet champagne to the Turk. Then it will be necessary to wait, when the wine pairs will evaporate under the influence of high temperature. After that you can enjoy the most delicious drink. Many are interested in information on how to brew such coffee correctly in a geyser. The cooking process here is not difficult. First, the required amount of water is poured into the compartment of the geyser located below. Then a metal filter is installed and 3-4 spoons of coffee are poured into its cavity. Further, the upper part of the geyser is twisted, and then the device is set on a weak fire. It is necessary to wait for the water to boil and the coffee will completely go to the upper compartment of the geyser. Once this process is completed, you can remove the device from the fire and pour the drink on the cups. We prepare a drink in a French press and a coffee machine. Some prefer to brew green coffee in a French press. And this is not surprising, because in this case you can prepare an incredibly aromatic drink that will please your extraordinary taste of everyone. But how to cook it correctly? First it is necessary to fall asleep in a special container of a french press a few spoons of ground coffee. Then it is filled with boiling water. All this must be left to insist for 8-10 minutes. After this, slowly push the piston and separate the drink from the thick. Now you can pour it on the cups and enjoy an extraordinary taste and aroma. Green coffee can be cooked in a coffee machine. For this, you can use both a ground product and whole grains. The cooking process here is the same as for a normal black drink. First, it falls into a special compartment of coffee, and in the other, water is poured, then the necessary settings are set based on the model of household appliances. After that, it only remains to wait until the drink is ready. A simple way to brew a drink It can often happen that there is neither a Turkish, a coffee machine, a French press, nor any other suitable device in the house. What to do in this case? It is necessary to use a simple cooking recipe. It involves brewing coffee in a cup. We'll figure out how to do it right. So, first you need to pour into the cup 2 teaspoons of ground coffee. Then it is filled with boiling water in the required quantity. Then you need to give yourself a drink. It is recommended to leave it on the table for 5-7 minutes. Then you need to take another cup, set a fine strainer on it and pour the drink. After that, it will be ready for use. How to weld a strong drink? A strong drink is often cooked from green coffee. To do this, take water (1 part) and whole grains (6 parts). All of this is put on average fire and aged for 15 minutes. Then the ready drink is slightly cooled and filtered. After that you can drink it. As a rule, with this method of preparation, quite a lot of coffee is obtained. If you can not drink it at a time, it is recommended to remove the remaining in the refrigerator, and then, if necessary, you can get it and warm it up. Store the cooked green coffee in this way for several days. Mistakes of cooking green coffee

Typical errors in cooking

Quite a few, buying green coffee and starting itgrind, are disappointed in the product. And the thing is that they can not make small granules from grains. As a result, after grinding, only rough crumb is obtained, while they believe that it is absolutely not suitable for cooking. However, green coffee can not be crushed thoroughly. So do not be upset when you can get pretty big bits. Feel free to use them for making a drink. Often during the frying of grains, some with the aim of giving them a more aesthetic appearance endure them for more than 15 minutes on fire. Doing this strongly is not recommended. After all, then it turns out ordinary black coffee, to which we are all accustomed. When making coffee, some actively use ginger, which, as is known, promotes the acceleration of metabolism and the burning of fats. However, do not abuse this spice. Nutritionists say that drinking more than one cup of green coffee a day with ginger is harmful. Therefore use different spices. Despite the fact that the weight will go a little slower, you will still be able to maintain your health.

How should I drink green coffee?

Separately, I need to say how to drink greencoffee. They use it in different ways, it all depends on what goal the person wants to achieve. So, if you need to recharge energy and vivacity, then just one cup for breakfast. If your goal is to lose weight with such a drink, then you need to drink at least 4-5 cups during the day, of course, if you do not banned caffeine in large quantities. In this case, drinking green coffee in this amount is necessary for at least 10 weeks. Only after that time will it be possible to normalize your weight. To diversify the taste of coffee, you can add to it not only spices, but also milk. You can still put a few spoons of flower honey in it. Sugar can be added only in the event that the drink is used not for the purpose of dumping excess kilograms, but to be charged with vigor and energy. Mix it with some medicines or dietary supplements is not recommended. If a woman is in a position or breastfeeding, it is better to stop using this drink or at least reduce its daily dose to two cups a day.