interior of a one-room apartment What comes to mind when you hear a phraseIdeal housing? Your dream of your house with French windows and a fireplace or an apartment on the last floor of a huge skyscraper? But in fact this is just a place where your loved ones will be comfortable. The comfort, cosiness and warmth of your home is determined by how correctly it is decorated and furnished. Well, the interior of a small one-bedroom apartment needs to be given special attention. After all, you need to equip the room in such a way that it successfully combines the functions of a bedroom, study, living room and dining room. In this case, it is very difficult to make a cozy and comfortable room from a one-room apartment and at the same time hide from your prying eyes your intimate space used for sleeping.

Zoning the living room

Zoning space is optimalA way that will help differentiate the interior of your small apartment. Screen or partition can hide from the eyes of guests and separate the rest zone. However, for this purpose it is not necessary to use deaf partitions, which make the space smaller. It is better to consider the ideas of dividing the living room with the modern ideas of partitions.

  • The original stained glass windows will add a twist to the design of the interior of a one-room apartment, while performing its direct function - zoning.
  • Mirrored partitions allow to make the room visually more, and at the same time they will emphasize the taste and style of the hostess.
  • Sliding screens perfectly suited for the separation of sleeping area and living room. Moreover, such partitions can be made of both plastic and dense fabric.

Demolition of the wall Another example, which is oftenIt is used in the interior design of a one-room apartment - the association of the living room and kitchen. The demolition of the wall between these two rooms allows you to visually increase the area of ​​the hall and save space, especially with the correct selection of furniture. The resulting free space can be disposed of as you like. Most often, a partition comes to replace the wall, for example, a bar counter or a lifting table, designed to divide a single room into zones. In this kitchen can be made much lighter by expanding at the expense of the loggia, if there is such an opportunity. Podiums Often, designers offer ideas for zoning residential space by creating podiums. This is a very effective solution, but not always acceptable. For example, if you live with a small child, such elevations can be traumatic and inconvenient. But if this does not bother you, then you can save space by using a podium, by organizing a small locker inside it. All these options have only one significant disadvantage - the lack of sound insulation. But if you can easily fall asleep under the noise of TV or talk in the living room, then this will not be an obstacle to the arrangement of the room in this way. If you are accustomed to silence, you will still have to put the deaf walls and divide the room into several small rooms. interior of one-room apartment

A range of colors for the interior of a one-room apartment

The color value in decoration is difficultto overestimate. You need to know in order to achieve the desired effect, how to highlight one zone with color and what color effects to add. It is important not only to divide a single room into zones for sleep and work, but also to make them visually larger, more spacious. This is not such a simple task, it is worth considering the furniture, as you understand that the place is sorely lacking, or the room seems quite small, literally tiny. To avoid such a problem, listen to the advice of designers in choosing shades for decoration.

  • If the housing is decorated with one color, then it will act negatively and depressingly.
  • If the apartment is red,prolonged exposure to a person can lead to a decrease in working capacity and lead to fatigue. So do not decorate the shades of red working area and bedroom.
  • It is best to use to decorate the living roomand bedrooms are natural, light colors. For example, beige, light wallpaper, brown carpet on the floor, and lamps, paintings and flowering plants will be good for people.
  • The lighter the main color in the rooms, the more it will appear.

Lighting and drawings in the interior design of a one-room apartment

Texture and color of interior elements, directionlight flows and placement of lamps will allow you to correct by means of visual illusions space. Thus, you can create the desired visual effect to lower or enhance, expand, narrow, deepen the room. Here are some ideas that will help change the look of your room.

  • Use light colors to cover the walls. Everyone knows that they create a sense of freedom and freedom. However, remember that too much white color is depressing. In addition, even the interior of a one-room apartment should be bright and warm.
  • If your house has low ceilings, use a wallpaper with a vertical pattern. This will help visually increase the height of the ceiling and make the room freer.
  • Lighting plays an important role in the designroom. If you want your living room to be cozy and free, use a diffused and diffused light. It is enough for a few sconces on the walls or spot lights in the ceiling.
  • Use wallpaper with a small pattern, because too large elements make the room small and cramped.
  • If you want to use a carpet, then choose a plain coating or carpet with a small pattern.

interior for one-room apartment

Furniture for an interior of a one-room apartment

If with the design of the room everything became clear, thenthe issue of furniture is still relevant. How, after all, to put everything in one small room, so that the beautiful design of the walls remains visible, and where was all the family members with the child unfolding? In fact, everything is not as scary as it seems. It's enough just to show a little imagination and consider options for buying functional furniture-transformer. Today, such furniture can be found in almost any store. Or maybe you will take it as an example and realize your ideas by making an individual order. But first, let's see what kind of conventional furniture can be replaced with a more economical one. Sleeping area Now more often there are different beds with boxes. It's certainly not a very significant savings in space and a wardrobe for dresses you still need, but is there a difference between a small locker or a whole chiffonier? In the drawers of such a bed, you can easily remove bed linen, part of your clothes and even a spare blanket or pillow. Minus only one - these beds are usually quite high and if the child sleeps with you, there is a risk that it will fall and hit hard. Another option to save space is the built-in beds. Special mechanism allows you to completely remove the sleeper in the recess in the wall. And on the bottom of the bed can be organized shelf-top, which is very convenient to work with papers, iron things or just keep the necessary items. Dining area Ideas for decorating the kitchen and dining area can now be found everywhere. Kitchen sets allow you to save a lot of space in an already small space, which means you can safely place a small dining area and even a bar countertop. By the way, the table can be made foldable or even fastened on the wall, so that after a meal, it simply sinks down and does not take up space. Children's zone Another difficult task is the design of a children's zone in a one-room apartment. Since there are not so many places left, it's worth paying attention to special sleeping-working complexes, ideas for which you can often see in stores. A universal children's area is a bed, a workplace, shelves and a closet. And this design of the place occupies as much as a simple bed or sofa. Only bed in this option is on the second tier, and under it is a table and a cabinet. But if the child is still small, then you can look for more simple models-transformers that will be safe for the baby and will serve him up to school age. Working area Convenient if you have a laptop for work. He practically does not occupy space and you can do business at least at the table in the kitchen, even on the bed in the bedroom. But with a desktop computer the situation is more complicated and for him a table is needed. Selecting a place in a small bedroom is not always easy, so you need more original ideas for the design of the workplace. One of the options may be the design of the table in the window opening. At the same time, you maximally grab the windowsill, which can be an excellent continuation of the table. Only here it is important to work out the design of the window and curtains, so that they do not interfere with the work. You can also order a folding table, in which a large part of the area is constantly dismantled, and an additional area is decomposed as needed. Well, if the place still allows, it is better to buy a good computer desk with a pull-out support for the keyboard and mouse. As you can see, the devil is not so terrible as he is painted. You can create a cozy and spacious room, even if you have only one room at your disposal. The main thing is to include imagination, look for ideas from friends, in magazines, in furniture centers and start realizing your dream. The main thing is to believe in yourself, and then you will succeed! We advise you to read: