design of a one-room apartment with a niche When they say about the design of a one-room apartment withniches, they usually have in mind the apartments of a well-known layout, located in paneled apartment buildings. This is a fairly spacious corner apartment with two windows and a large loggia. The "highlight" of such apartments was a niche - a small "sleeve" in a room, one wall of which faces the street, the second is bordered by a bathroom, and the third (end) - with a landing. "Native" interior design of such an apartment, like its original layout, implies the location in this niche of a sleeping place. However, the possibilities of modern design make it possible to use this gift of architects for other purposes. Let's find out what exactly the interior design masters offer us.

Opportunities for using a niche

First of all, the option of using a niche inOne-bedroom apartment depends on who lives in this apartment. If it is inhabited by one person, then most likely, the entire interior design will be subordinated to his lifestyle, his hobbies and exactly his idea of ​​comfort. For a married couple (of any age), the niche interior will become a beautiful bedroom: let it be small, but separate and cozy, and, most importantly, practically full. For a family with a child, it is most reasonable to convert a niche into a children's area, but with sufficient niche sizes and a separate nursery. Other niche use options:

  • kitchen
  • room
  • wardrobe
  • dinner Zone
  • home gym

Will you turn the niche into a separatea room, building a partition, or simply decorating its interior as a separate zone, depends on the area that this niche occupies, and on the presence (or absence) of the window in this zone, and on your financial capabilities and stylistic preferences. If the dimensions allow you to turn a niche into an independent room, then this is one of the options for interior design. If the niche is simply allocated for a certain zone (and more often it happens that way), then the main design task is to design this zone as a separate room. interior of a one-room apartment with a niche

General rules for decorating a room with a niche

For a one-room apartment with a niche interiormust be formalized according to established rules. Its interior can be made in one of the many options offered by modern designers, but you can come up with a stylish and stylish design yourself, guided by certain rules.

  • The living space should give the impression of a whole interior, decorated in the same style (or in related styles).
  • Functional zones should be maximally demarcated due to the use of mobile partitions, furniture or finishing materials.
  • The niche is made out only in two variants: in contrast to the general color scheme of the room, or as much as possible "fitting" into it.
  • The niche should not be artificially darkened, and should have an independent source of illumination (ceiling lights, side artificial lighting).
  • The form of a niche often defines furniture for a room. The interior design of a one-room apartment with a horizontal niche implies a choice of low, long, squat furniture. In the interior of a one-room apartment with a vertical niche perfectly fit high and narrow furniture.
  • But in any case, the niche should not define a commondesign of one-room apartment. The niche only harmoniously complements the interior, pushing the common space of the apartment. A clearance niche is needed in accordance with its assigned functional area. interior design of a one-room apartment with a niche

    Decoration of residential areas in a niche

    As we already said, a niche in a one-roomit is desirable to allocate an apartment for a certain functional area. Accordingly, with your decision should be chosen design and decorated interior of this residential area. Let's consider possible variants of registration of inhabited zones in a niche.

    • Children's area in the niche

    Arrangement of a child's corner or a children's roomin the niche - the most suitable option for the design of a one-bedroom apartment with a niche. After all, it will be convenient not only for the child who "will acquire" his personal space, but also for parents who will have the opportunity to "isolate" their child at least at night. To decorate the interior of a children's area is necessary, given several key points. First, the niche-child should always be with a window, which will be organized student's workplace. Relevant in the children's area will be racks and shelves, where you can place toys and books. Through the end racks, you can partially isolate the entrance to the niche or use curtains on the ceiling cornice for this. A good wall for the niche-child will be the Swedish wall. For very young children it is best to use ready-made children's corners, combining a bed and a place for games or classes. And of course, it is necessary to make out the interior taking into account the fact that this child will live in this part of the apartment. So, use natural finishing materials, comfortable furniture, game elements and other attributes of children's life.

    • Bedroom in the niche

    The second (if not the first)interior design of a one-room apartment. It is difficult to give specific advice here. True, the presence of a niche is an excellent opportunity to use a real bed as a matrimonial bed, rather than a folding sofa. Perfectly fit into the interior of the bedroom niche and dressing table, and even the chest of drawers (if the area allows). And in the case when the niche is equipped in a bedroom for a young family with an infant, a baby crib or cradle will not spoil the interior of the parent bedroom. In this case, it is also desirable to use curtains that fence the entrance to the niche, and also equip it with additional lights.

    • Cabinet in the niche

    If your lifestyle involves working at home, thenequipping the workplace is also convenient in the niche. Especially if this part of the apartment has a window. Written or computer desk, bookshelves, shelves, cabinets. In this case, it is simply necessary to arrange good lighting in this area, placing the workplace by the window and providing a niche with additional lamps with fluorescent lights. Shelves and cabinets can fence the interior of the working area from the general living space of the apartment (curtains in this version - not the best option).

    • Rest zone in the niche

    Such interior design, when the niche turns into arecreation area, assumes the maximum open space of this part of the apartment. Of course, this zone should be separated, but it is best to use low furniture for this. For example, an angular sofa, which the long side of the corner will rise to the wall in a niche, and its short side partially block the entrance to it. No additional partitions, at best - a through shelf with an aquarium or indoor plants. By the way, the rest zone in this case can be combined with the dining area, placing in a niche a table with chairs or a high sofa and a sliding table.

    • Wardrobe or home gym in the niche

    It's also a good idea to build a niche inone-room apartment. In this version, the interior design provides for the complete isolation (if possible) of this zone from the general space of the apartment. You can do this with a sliding door wardrobe or a sliding door. This design is suitable even for a niche in which there is no window, it is enough just to arrange good artificial lighting. And the design of the interior of the niche also does not require a certain stylistic solution from you - everything should be subordinated only to the functional purpose of this zone. These are the popular design solutions for a one-bedroom apartment with a niche. So decide what to turn a niche in your apartment, how to decorate an interior and what kind of design to prefer. The main thing is for you to be comfortable and comfortable even in a one-room apartment. We advise you to read: