interior for children's room girls We give our children all our loveand, of course, we want them to have only the best. The child should be surrounded by beautiful and comfortable things, comfortable furnishings. Therefore, if you are planning to design a new room in a new way, approach this business scrupulously, with all the responsibility. Very often parents, decorating a nursery, choose the complex design. However, very quickly, after one or two years, it has to be changed. After all, your baby will grow up very soon and will feel uncomfortable in the room for a newborn. Then you have to radically change the overall design of the room, ranging from large and finishing with small details of the decor. And you wondered how many things are to be changed as the child grows up? Therefore, initially, making out the interior of the nursery, it is worth taking a good decision, which in the future will allow to make a small correction of design without any special changes. Initially, the right interior will help save a family budget and avoid unnecessary expenses. interior of a children's room for a girl

Preparation for repair

The premise intended for children should belight and spacious, so that it would be more convenient for them to play and frolic. Usually it is believed that the ideal room for a boy is done in blue and blue tones, and for the girl - in gently pink. If you have two children, it can be divided into two zones. However, today most designers, and even ordinary parents, depart from these classic solutions. Therefore, when planning repairs, be guided by your taste, the wishes of the baby and, of course, the advice of specialists. The unstable psyche of the child is sensitive to the environment: space, completeness of lighting, color range, furniture design and the like. Therefore, not all finishing materials can be used to repair the nursery. They should be selected very carefully, after consulting with the seller and reading about the composition of a product. At the initial stage, be sure to take into account all factors: the age and sex of the baby, his hobbies and preferences. If you have two or more children, think about "zoning" the premises. Having carefully designed the design, you will be able to divide the space into several parts, having issued each in its unique style - with this approach, each child will have his own angle. Some parents make the mistake of choosing for the children's expensive newfangled wallpaper and the latest development of craftsmen. However, in the world of kids, normality, as well as mediation, are incomprehensible matter. Here there are completely different rules and laws. A child is a country of dreams and dreams, full of imagination and ideas, unknown to adults. If possible, buy furniture of a neutral color. After all, colorful toys or, for example, school supplies on a bright table can distract a child's attention from classes, stop him from concentrating, cause disharmony. Some experts call a suitable color a light green, which does not irritate the nervous system and acts soothing to a young organism. When planning the design of a nursery, remember that doctors recommend refraining from using a lot of shiny surfaces and things, such as mirrors, glass vases or tables, plastic chairs. Since, in their opinion, such elements can lead to sleep disorders in the baby. Some experts advise even the walls of the room to paint exclusively matte, and not glossy paint. In his room the child not only sleeps and plays, but also learns. To ensure that these processes that differ in purpose, as well as emotional and psychological filling, proceeded calmly, and the baby felt comfortable, did not get tired and did not get irritated, we need to separate out each of the zones for training (for example, using light effects). Ideally, if the design of the gaming, bedroom and study space will be made in different color solutions of floor or wall covering. However, remember that whatever interior you draw in your imagination, functional areas in the room for toddlers should take into account the anatomical structure of the girls. Pay attention to this! After all, children's furniture differs from adults not only in size, but also in proportions - it should be a simple form with large elements (the backs of the beds, the arms of the chair). Also avoid sharp, protruding corners and traumatic parts, pick up smoother surfaces. The child's life should be filled with positive emotions that appear during games, research of furniture and its contents and the like. Therefore, the main thing in the subjects of the interior, surrounded by a baby, is their reliability, multifunctionality and stability. Loud knocking of a fallen chair or a shaky coat hanger can injure the child, frighten him. Therefore, its space must be filled with strong, reliable structures. Some psychologists recommend even clearing the upper shelves of cabinets and racks from things, in order to avoid their falling. A useful purchase will be special gaming furniture. It is released in the form of houses or closed sections for entertainment. A child is a whole world where your child learns the surrounding reality, resolves all kinds of everyday situations and models them. And in order for him to be calm and secure, there must be around him objects suitable for his age, character and intellect. children's interior for girls


If you design and planUpdate the nursery, to begin with, review the overall layout of your apartment. Perhaps you have a bad insolation of the rooms, there are many load-bearing partitions, several corridors and the like. If you approach the matter wisely, you can always find options that will help you to properly use the room and make sure that your child is not cramped. Be sure to pay special attention to lighting the room. We recommend to make the lighting not only on the ceiling and on the baby's desktop, but also to fix additional lamps in the playing area, in the area of ​​some interior items (for example, behind the pictures). In advance, study the standards adopted in medicine, which provide for a certain level of illumination of the child, depending on the age of the child. By the way, by changing the brightness of the flashing from the ceiling, floor and walls, you can visually influence the volume of the room - the reflected light increases it, and you can visually lower the room visually by placing the lamps on the ceiling so that their beams are directed to the walls. The interior of the children's room for the girl should be created, based on the wishes and preferences of your baby. If the child is at a conscious age, ask her what she would like to see her abode. Many have favorite characters of cartoons, fairy tales, you can decorate the room with paintings with their image. Many mothers dress their daughters in pink outfits, therefore, considering the design of the room for them, they prefer the same shades. Do not be afraid to depart from the classical canons. Today it is fashionable to paint children's walls in bright, moderate colors: young foliage, sky blue, beige, peach and so on. If you have chosen reserved colors, bright moods will help to give a cheerful mood to the room: bright pictures made by the hands of your child, panels, flowers or stars on the ceiling and other. The main thing is that the materials themselves are non-flammable, with a high level of environmental protection. Furniture for children should be functional and comfortable, and, most importantly, a suitable kid by age. Today, its design is diverse: a car-bed or a sleeping-boat, with a muzzle of an animal in the headboard and the like. As for the cabinets, make sure that their doors open well, and the shelves are roomy - this, by the way, is important, because all the girls are innate women of fashion. Do not forget to hang a mirror to make it harmonize with the overall interior, you can sew it in a beautiful frame and paint it yourself. As for flooring, it is better, of course, to make heated floors. They are more expensive than regular plating, but your child will never freeze! Toddlers - active and very mobile creatures: they constantly drop something, pour. Therefore, in terms of cleaning the best option - parquet, laminate or a more economical alternative - linoleum. If you prefer carpeting, then, according to the opinion of physicians, it should not occupy the entire floor area, since it is an additional source of dust, which especially affects children who are prone to allergies. In addition to the standard furniture set (beds, cupboards, tables and chairs), you can buy, for example, a small children's sofa, where the child will be comfortable not only to read the book, but also to chat with his girlfriends. The design of the room can be diversified by podium structures. They are used mainly to isolate the work area, such solutions look quite effective and interesting. To make repairs correctly, listen to the advice of specialists:

  • Do not choose wallpaper with bright children's drawings. Optimal option - monochrome walls with several bright accents. Then, as the child grows up, you do not have to re-paste the wallpaper, it will be enough only to update the decor of the nursery with the pictures chosen by the baby.
  • Curtains for children are better to choose rich shades, in which there are at least 4-5 colors. As a rule, such curtains in their color range necessarily fit the updated interior.
  • When choosing carpets and bedspreads, give preference to neutral colors, as thematic drawings get bored very quickly, and their replacement requires additional expenses.
  • Furniture in the nursery choose the one that will "grow", based on their growth of the child, with him. Beds that are lengthened, cabinets - are built up, and the table - changes its growth.

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