interior of a small apartment As they say, some cabbage soup is empty, and somebody pearlschalk. And when it comes to the size of the home, many complain about its small size. And it does not matter what is meant, very tiny odnushki, or multi-room, but close apartments of the old layout. So if your housing does not seem particularly spacious to you, then perhaps you should know the rules for organizing the interior of small apartments. Moreover, these rules apply to both very small rooms and for very modest apartments. The main task of the designer in these cases is to maximize (as much as possible) the living space. And you need to try not only to expand it visually, but also to choose furniture and place it so that it does not clutter up an already small room. Let's find out how professional designers solve this problem and what tricks they use when decorating small apartments.

Remove or replace

All that can be removed in a small (and even more so invery small) you need to remove the apartment! For example, interior doors. Most of the doors we have, but we use them quite rarely. In the sense that usually the doors are wide open: we intuitively try to expand the space in this way. Open doors of swing doors "eat" useful meters. Therefore, if you do not have to close doors, you can simply remove them, expanding the doorway or turning it into an elegant arch. In the event that doors are still needed, they should be replaced with sliding models. And you can also close the doorway with fabric or bamboo curtains. By the way, some interior styles even welcome such a solution. To slightly expand the space of a small room, you can change the radiators. This is true in the event that your apartment has old volumetric batteries. They can be replaced by modern flat models, which not only will release a certain amount of space, but also look much more aesthetic than the previous ones. What else can be replaced in a very small apartment? For example, a bath on the shower, curtains on the blinds, a cooker on the hob, a TV on the plasma panel, and a bulky stationary computer on a compact laptop. By the way, the presence of a plasma panel and laptop will save you from the need for a DVD player, music center and even an alarm clock. In addition, get rid of all the trash, even if this stuff does not seem superfluous to you. For example, old magazines and books. Of course, calling them rubbish is sacrilegious (especially books), but your apartment is already small. So give the function of storing printed publications to libraries (by the way, it is possible to give all your books to the nearest library), and you will get yourself a book-reader (e-book), which will contain at least a hundred books dear to your heart and mind. Without regret, part with old clothes and all sorts of trinkets and souvenirs. You do not even need to discuss the need for old clothes - since you do not wear it, then you do not need it. Different figurines, vases, boxes and others like them ... Surely you will have many such things, received once as a gift (you yourself would hardly have bought it). Think, are they really necessary for you? Leave only the very thing, only that which is really dear to you as a memory. Everything else - overboard! After such an audit, you will see how much more space was scarce. beautiful interiors of small apartments

Invisible free space

Actually free space in your little oneapartment is not so little. You just do not see it: unoccupied space under wide window sills, corners, walls. Corner shelves, shelves, shelves, and in general any corner furniture can not be better suited for a small room. Walls can also be used to the maximum: shelves and niches (open and closed) perfectly fit into the interior, leaving the floor free, where there will be other furniture (sofa, bed, table, chest of drawers). By the way, racks and shelves can be used very creatively. Closed shelves, for example, can be placed around the perimeter of the room directly under the ceiling. A narrow high rack can be placed perpendicular to the wall and differentiate it with different functional areas. Shelves, niches made of gypsum cardboard, will in general become part of the wall and will save you from the need to purchase ready-made shelves or hinged shelves.

Furniture transformer

Furniture-transformer or simply folding furniturealso will allow to maximize the space of a small room. Naturally, first of all comes to mind the idea of ​​folding sofas. This is a really great solution, suitable for optimizing the interior of small apartments. Just give up on the idea of ​​buying large and bulky models. No matter how beautiful they look in furniture stores, in a very small apartment this sofa will look ridiculous, and in time will start to irritate. By the way, a folding sofa can be put not only in the living room: in the bedroom it will successfully replace a large double bed and even in the kitchen it will sometimes be quite appropriate. Of course, the sofa in the kitchen for most of us is just an unacceptable luxury. Most often it is necessary to be content with more modest and less overall furniture. As for the sofas-beds, armchairs-beds or just beds, for a small room, a great solution will be such furniture, which at night serves as a sleeping place, and in the daytime it is retracted into the closet. And this is a furniture-transformer. A folding bed is suitable for a children's room, a parent's bedroom, or even a one-room apartment. And to collect bed linen from this bed is not necessary. Sectional (modular) furniture will make it possible to fill the entire wall, but it does not take much space. By the way, it's very easy to change the interior of a room with such furniture, and such changes will not require additional money costs. The same can be said about the furniture-designer for the children's room: folding beds and tables, rearranged sections - just an indispensable solution for a small room. interior of small apartments

Use the visual effect

The visual effect of a more spacious room is achieved due to some tricks:

  • More light Naturally, a clear window (than itcleaner, the more light passes), the rejection of heavy and dense curtains or the replacement of them with blinds. In addition, more room light will add glass furniture, which also seems less bulky. Light furniture also has the same effect.
  • Color About the fact that light colors haveability to expand and expand, is known to all. Only for some reason, not everyone uses this effect for the design of a small room. It is not necessary to choose only white or beige color in the design of walls and ceilings. All pastel shades of almost any color will add to your apartment the missing space (visually, of course).
  • Mirrors Than not possibility of visual expansionpremises, especially if the mirrors hang opposite each other? The effect can be truly grandiose. The same applies to any reflective surfaces (glossy furniture or ceiling, for example).
  • Artificial lighting The better illuminatedroom, so it seems more, and the more lighting sources, the more light. The conclusion is only one - for a small room you need a lot of different fixtures. Let you have a large chandelier, a sconce, and a floor lamp. And an even greater effect will give spotlights or lighting (ceiling, furniture, floor).
  • Laconism The design of a small room should belaconic: as little variegation as possible, small details and the items of household items on display. The same goes for the picture on the wallpaper or curtains. It is best to use beautiful fabrics and wallpaper in general without a pattern or with a barely noticeable pattern.
  • We unite

    This advice is quite contradictory and even controversial. So, for example, many designers advise using zoning when designing a small apartment. This method is useful in organizing space in a one-room apartment. However, as for very small two- or three-bedroom apartments, the effect of visual unification of the space of different rooms is more appropriate here. This effect is achievable, for example, by using the same wallpaper for the room and hallway or in adjacent rooms. In addition, the unification of the space of different rooms is achieved through the abandonment of doors, the use of mirrors or furniture of the same style. You can also combine the window and the piers: the longer and higher the cornice, the more the room looks. Still it is possible to combine wall cabinets and shelves with a wall, having painted all in the same color. Then the cabinets "merge" with the walls and become almost invisible. And for a more radical unification it will only be to demolish the walls, uniting two rooms into one or turning your small apartment into an apartment-studio. But this is completely different rules of interior design. So even a very small apartment is not an excuse for experience. On the contrary, there is where to develop creativity and ingenuity. Believe me, there are simply no insoluble situations in the field of interior design. It is necessary only with the mind (and some financial reserve) to approach the solution of its housing problem. And all of you will definitely succeed! We advise you to read: