Where does the dust in our apartments come from?It seems that both the windows and the doors are closed ... And she is going again! The newly cleaned carpet is again full of dust, and it also lies on the newly cleaned furniture. Scientists claim that almost three hundred tons of cosmic dust falls on our planet every year. And millions of tons of it are created by the organisms inhabiting the earth. And so diligently cleaning it, the hostesses simply shift it from place to place. So why, it would seem, then start cleaning? Primarily in order to reduce the amount of inhaled dust and prevent premature damage to furniture. In addition, we want our home to be comfortable and aesthetic. And, even if cleaning is annoying, you still have to do it from time to time. Thank God that today it is possible to alleviate it with the help of the achievements of the chemical industry, for example. There are also some tricks with which you can significantly speed up the cleaning of the apartment. Good housewives arrange general cleaning of the apartment two or three times a year. They sort out the things lying in the closets, wash all the dishes, thoroughly wash the bathroom, toilet, clean old clothes, and so on. In order for such cleaning not to be exhausting, it is better to break it down into stages.


We begin with the windows. We send the curtains to the laundry. If the frames of the windows are aluminum, take them out of the grooves and put them into the bathroom, to the bottom of which, in order not to damage the enamel, we will use the mat. If the frames are wooden, then, with the help of a shower and a rag, we wash off the dust and dirt from them and leave them aside so that the frames dry.

Ceiling and walls

We sweep the ceiling and walls from the dust with a brush with a dry rag. This process can be trusted to a man if he is free and agrees to help. He can also clean dust from sofas, bookshelves, cabinets.


Go to the cleaning of the floor. Transportable stranded, - sofas, armchairs, chairs, tables, - we rearrange and carefully sweep all corners and skirting boards. Then diligently my floor. If it is tiled, add the shampoo to the floor and my floor with plenty of water. Water we squeeze the squeegee's rubber nozzle aside, collect and then wipe the floor with a well-wrung cloth. We return to the windows, which are my means for washing glasses. We hang washed and damp curtains on the eaves, - the curtains on them will dry and evenly hanging, so you do not have to iron them.

Bathroom and toilet

We move on to cleaning the bathroom and toilet. First, we remove the curtain over the bath and soak it in a bleach solution containing chlorine. This solution removes all mold stains from the curtain. We collect all bottles with detergents and shampoo in a large basin. Spray on the bathroom, washbasin, walls, a cleaner for cleaning ceramics. Spread the foam and leave it on the surface for ten to fifteen minutes. Then wash off the foam with a lot of water first from the walls, the bathroom, the washbasin, and then from the toilet. We rinse the curtain and hang it in place. My mirror, wipe all the bottles and put them in their places. We move on to cleaning the kitchen.


We break the kitchen into zones. We clean all the lockers in turn, taking out all the contents from them. We go through the dishes, dividing it into the necessary and unnecessary, and load it into the dishwasher or into the sink, if there is no such machine. Fill the dishes in the sink with hot water and detergent. Lockers, while the dishes are soaked, wipe first with a cloth soaked in dishwashing liquid, and then with a damp cloth. Wipe the cabinets dry and leave, for ventilation, their doors open. Mine and dry the dishes, and put it in the lockers after they dry up. In the same way, we wash the plate and refrigerator: we soak their removable parts in a soapy solution, rub it inside and out first with a soap and then with a damp and dry cloth and air. All small items. Gathering in the kitchen, - caps, cork and the like, - we collect in boxes and place these boxes in drawers of cabinets. Walls, windows, ceilings in the kitchen and in the bathroom are cleaned the same way as in the rooms. Ceramic tiles and the marble surface of the table are washed with bath liquid. This liquid removes the lime scale well. The final stage of cleaning - washing the floor in the kitchen and bathroom. We hang curtains. Cleaning is finished! We advise you to read: