color matching in the interior Color has a permanent effect on ourbrain, so it is worth thinking about the color solution of the interior. From the color range depends on whether the apartment will be cozy or tenants are provided with scandals, alternating with protracted depressions. So, give such an important issue as choosing the color in the interior, maximum of your attention. Do not immediately radically change the color scheme in the apartment - in the event that the first time to choose the desired color of the finish and textiles will not succeed, the damage will be minimal. But if you recolor the ceilings and paste the wallpaper, but with a shade you will not guess - it will not be very good. Therefore, minor experiments are enough to understand in which color you prefer to live. And, consequently, to start living under a different color angle.

Color in the interior and the perception of the apartment

Color can do wonders - it can increaseor narrow the space, make the room warmer or vice versa add coolness. And these properties can be used to create the right mood in the room - it's enough to choose the right color accessories and your interior will radically change. The warmth reigns in the rooms, which are dominated by orange and terracotta, red and yellow shades. But you do not need to completely change the color of the interior - just change the upholstery of soft pillows or pick up a new tablecloth of brown-terracotta shades. And if the apartment is too hot and sunny, then the cold shades of blue, light green and turquoise in the interior can sometimes replace the air conditioner. And the curtains of these colors can absorb most of the sun's heat. Large apartments are good, but sometimes they seem uncomfortable. It will help all the same warm colors, only more intense and deep - chocolate, cinnamon or vanilla color, but with a large volumetric pattern; they will absorb excess space and the room will become cozier. With ceilings should be the same way: they can be raised due to white, and lower, using dark shades. White color makes the room cleaner and spreads the walls, and in combination with mirrors it is able to create a wonderful transformation even with a small apartment. Although, of course, picking up shades, you have to tinker. how to choose colors in the interior

How does the color in the interior affect your psyche?

In general, there are two rules: bright and deep colors have an exciting effect on the psyche, and gentle pastel - on the contrary, soothing. The white color is neutral, so it fits perfectly with all existing colors. But it is not recommended to use only white color in the interior, as association with the hospital may arise. Add white to the kitchen and unpleasant odors will become not so intrusive, and white in the cabinet can significantly increase self-esteem. The second neutral color is black, but it steals too much space, so do not use it in large quantities. The bright red color will encourage in moderate amounts, but too much red threatens with high blood pressure and a sense of anxiety and danger, in addition, red causes aggression. But small elements of bright red color on the desktop can increase productivity. Yellow symbolizes the sun, fills with energy and improves mood, is able to illuminate even the darkest rooms, so it is great for corridors. Green hues at the same time soothe and tone, cause a sense of calm and confidence, but if too much green, it causes drowsiness. In addition, it is not recommended to use it for the design of curtains and lamps, because the skin acquires a painful hue. Blue shades soothe and relax, so they are ideal for bedrooms, but navy blue causes depression, like black tones. This also sins the purple color, it reduces activity and is too heavy for interior decoration, although in small quantities it is safe and can revive any room. Universal is a gray color, it is easy to combine with any shades, but too much gray in the interior makes the apartment boring and official, and dark gray hues depressing akin to dark blue. selection of colors in the interior

Choose a color for each room

For each room there are optimalcolor solutions. For example, bright shades are best used in offices and in rooms where the active part of your day is flowing. And soft, calm shades are best for rooms in which you rest. But even for the work area it is undesirable to use only bright shades, as overexcitements and pressure on the psyche are sufficient in the environment. So, we leave bright colors for accents. The main color should be a neutral neutral shade. Do not forget that even if you make out an apartment in a single color, the shades in each room must be different. For the bedrooms are quiet colors, and for the kitchen and dining room, you can choose something brighter. But in the living room you can safely use any juicy colors, but again in small quantities. For the working area stylish stylish accessories will fit, which will help create the right mood for work and make it pleasant. Experiment and you probably will succeed! We advise you to read: