marine style in the interior Maritime style in the interior enjoys greatpopular, because it's an easy, unobtrusive style, consisting of bright, fresh color combinations and a variety of furniture and accessories of marine themes. To create such an interior, you can be inspired by a trip to the sea or seen somewhere advertising brochures with a yacht hovering on the waves. The sea style remains invariably fashionable, after all it is really romantic and attractive. This style has a large number of variations - from the naval interior based on a combination of dark blue (the color of the old form of midshipmen) from white to avant-garde interiors in the style of the coast, solved in shades of azure, sky-blue color and colors of sand and pebbles. Creating an interior in this style can become for you one complete pleasure and an interesting adventure.

Main features of the style

  • A painted or bleached floorboard made of wood or carpet with a pronounced texture of neutral shades
  • Cladding of walls with clapboard (imitation of ship's cladding)
  • Blinds, light curtains or shutters on the windows to create a simple decor
  • Fin and pebbles to create a sense of open sea shore
  • Painted or treated with a whitening composition of wooden furniture, making an impression burned in the sun
  • Simple bright colors and the basic combination of blue and white - these are the two most key palettes of this style

Is this style right for you?

If you are inspired by nature and the sea, and you lovebring home from vacation all kinds of souvenirs, then this style is definitely right for you. However, for you it is completely counter-indicative if you live in an urban dwelling and consider sea interiors to be very pretentious and screaming. Also this style will not suit you, if you consider too boring blue-and-white range of interior. interior decor in a marine style

Marine color palette

The main inspiration for this style are,of course, seascapes, so the main gamma is blue, green and neutral colors of different shades and saturation. The whole gamut of marine-style shades is divided into two subgroups, given the fact that someone likes more traditional shades, and someone likes to experiment with more bold color combinations. For the traditional marine style, the classic contrast of white and dark blue is more typical, which can be supplemented with bright accents. To create an interior in this type of marine style, it is sufficient to use three or four contrasting colors. To this color range is ideal for refined classics or modern interior in the spirit of the sea coast. It will also look organically in it carpeting of sand and cream shades, roller blinds or curtains with stripes and brass or silver accessories. Modern marine style in the interior uses in its palette a much larger number of similar shades, but in relatively small doses to create a harmonious image with soft color transitions. White with a modern approach to this style is used very narrowly, only to create the impression of being in the open. Whitewashed with the help of special compositions, furniture will be an ideal addition to this style, as well as muslin curtains and ordinary floorboard.

Decoration of walls in a marine style

Walls covered with finely textured paint,rough plaster and lining - these are the three basic decorations of the walls, most suitable for the marine style. The walls should be absolutely smooth, without a picture, but if you still want to bring some ornament, then use it only in the decoration of the border. The lining can be used in the hallway up to the height of the socle, for finishing the head of the bed or a niche around the fireplace. In the kitchen and bathroom, it will also have to fit and will look very organic. Ideal find will be any roughness of the wall, because the painted brickwork and rough plaster - the most organic surface for the maritime style. interior of a living room in a marine style

Flooring in a marine style

Sea style in the home interior suggestsmany different options for flooring, but the only clear rule - the floor should be simple and not attract attention. Traditional blue and white interiors require sophisticated surfaces - glossy laminate, natural wood, for example, whitewashed oak, pine or birch. Also perfectly fit in such an interior carpet with a straight sheared or twisted nap. For interior decoration in the style of the coast, a checkered floor or floor, decorated with curbs from nashtampovannyh on it seashells or sea stars. The main thing is not to allow a similar pattern on the walls - the maritime style does not tolerate busting in the decor.

Textiles in the design of the sea style

Interior decor in a marine style suggeststhe use of harsh, durable and practical fabrics, for the most part monophonic, is possible only by adding a small amount of material in a rare strip. Organically fit in such an interior is unbleached linen and harsh cotton, as well as matting, especially appropriate in curtains. To create modern interiors in the marine style, you will definitely need velveteen, organza and fleecy fabrics, which can perfectly shape the tropical image of the dwelling. Drawing on fabrics is allowed classic, that is, in the form of anchors and ships. But it is important to remember that the abundance of symbols is the way to a typical and faceless interior, it is permissible except in the children's room.

Kitchen in a marine style

Especially good fit the sea style in the interiorsmall kitchens, because they are also cramped, like a galley on a ship. Blue and white colors in combination with wood will help create a fresh and stylish interior. Doors of facades for such a kitchen are better to choose from dyed pine with a whitening effect. The windows are best decorated with curtains in the cage to the middle, at the same time, and the blinds will do. If there is room for a small table, then pick up chairs for him also from pine with reed seats. Above the table will perfectly look like a lamp made of brass in the form of a fishing lantern, as well as lanterns can be placed on a table or hung on a wall on hooks, they are themselves wonderful accessories. sea ​​style in the home interior

Living room in a marine style

Interior of the living room in the nautical style is wickeror rattan chairs, painted furniture, coffee tables of an unusual kind, for example, trunks, suitcases and photographs with seascapes. All furniture should look old, seen kinds and burned in the sun. The muslin curtains will create a romantic mood in the room, and on cold winter evenings you will be warmed by cotton curtains. It is very important in the maritime interior element such as a fireplace, and it can be decorated with a facade of rough boards or concrete, because the sea interior should not look licked, like a needle. On open shelves next to the fireplace you can arrange accessories in the marine theme.

Bedroom in a marine style

You can design the interior of the bedroom with a marine styleit is quite easy, if you use furniture, painted with glue paint. On such furniture, the wood pattern is better. So, the main components of the bedroom furnishings in the marine style are a bed made of pine or whitewashed wood, a painted chest of drawers and an autonomous wardrobe. Also come to a place in such an interior wicker or rattan chests for clothes, a separate chair and ceiling lights in the form of fishing lanterns. To such an interior, linen can fit in a large blue and white grid or strip and roman curtains made of matting. If somewhere there is a free place, place a washstand in it or put a ceramic bowl with a jug on the chest of drawers. Maritime style in the interior involves the use of plain sex in the bedroom. It can be practically any floor covering of a natural shade and a textural weaving. All this together will create the impression of a simple fishing lodge.

Bathroom in a marine style

In the interior of the maritime-style bathroom you canfull display their imagination, because this room is directly connected with water. Here you can even paint the walls with elements of sea symbols or pick up funny accessories in the form of small yachts. The main components of the style in the bathroom will be: a bath on the paws, the basement of the walls of the lining, sinks with pedestal, mixers and taps in retro style, a vinyl cover for a tree or a floorboard covered with lacquer. We advise you to read: