cabinets coupe how to choose Is there a thing more universal in our house,than a case-compartment? First, it can perform the function of an ordinary wardrobe. Secondly, it can hide everything that it pleases. Thirdly, the wardrobe can act as an interior partition or niche. In a word, a very convenient and, of course, a useful piece of furniture, and, in addition, an interior decoration. With painted or stiff facades, mirror or stained-glass doors, narrow or wide, "blind" or open cabinets of the coupe: how to choose exactly what will be functional, comfortable and beautiful at the same time? Let's get acquainted with the most common models and try to determine the main parameters by which you need to make a choice in favor of this or that model of the wardrobe.

Distinctive features of sliding-door wardrobes

On what we pay attention: consider, feel, move, open-close? First of all, we look at the door: how many of them, and how they open. There are models of cabinets with sliding doors, but there are also those in which the doors swing open, or they have side consoles with semi-circular, rectangular or non-standard shelves. Doors can be "wooden" (or rather, chipboard), glass or mirror. Mirror doors visually increase the space of the room and make it lighter, glass doors can be transparent, matte or colored, the "deaf" doors are monophonic or with a pattern (which is very fashionable today). The most optimal door width is ninety centimeters, wider doors are not very convenient to use (they are quite heavy). The color of the cabinet that you choose is also very important. So, for example, dark colors are known to absorb a lot of light and make the interior darker. A light wardrobe, on the contrary, will add light to the room and "refresh" the interior. Also it is worth paying attention to how the cabinet of that or ion color will be combined (or contrasted) with the color and texture of the doors and the floor in the room. The height of the cabinet. The standard solution in this case is the "under the ceiling" cabinet. However, not always high closets are equipped with mezzanines, and in this case, the upper shelves will be inconvenient to use. So if you are not going to make an interior partition from the cabinet, then maybe you should pay attention to not very high models. Internal space of the cabinet. How much of its arrangement do you like? Are there enough shelves, drawers and other elements? So, for example, in addition to shelves for clothes, there may be shelves and shoe stands (metal structures), trousers, trempels (hangers), laundry basket, pantograph (elevator lifting and lowering the crossbar for the shoulders). Pay attention to the depth of the cabinet. If you need a roomy closet, then its depth should not be less than fifty centimeters. Of course, all these features are important, especially if they fully meet their functional purpose. But the purpose of this can be different, depending on where you want to put the closet: in the hallway, bedroom, children's room, study or living room.

Closet in the hallway

How to choose a mirror wardrobe for the hallway? In this case, the cabinet is designed for storing outerwear and seasonal footwear. Therefore, he must have at least one section under the clothes that will hang. If you choose a wardrobe with two sections, then it will be convenient to distribute clothing to the frequently used (at the moment) and the one that waits for its season or is simply worn less often. In addition, in the closet for the hallway, a section with shelves is desirable (at least one). Agree that it will be convenient to store various trifles: bags, umbrellas, brushes, clothes and shoes care products, and even a vacuum cleaner. Now about the mirrors. At least one cabinet door in the hallway should be mirrored - it's both comfortable and beautiful. If the mirror door is one, then it is desirable that it is located in the middle. A fully mirrored wardrobe for the hallway can be purchased, but this is fraught with the fact that the mirrors around the edges can easily break. In general, the wardrobe for the hallway must have at least one mirror door, which will not only enhance its functionality, but also improve the interior of the hallway (add light, visually expand the space). how to choose a mirror wardrobe

Closet in the bedroom

In a bedroom with four doors can becomethis wardrobe room. Such a large closet is most logical to place in this room. For the hallway it is too large, and in the living room the dressing room is not appropriate. Bedroom - the room is very personal: it is less frequent than in other rooms guests, it is more convenient to change clothes, it is more convenient to store sleeping accessories. The bedroom cabinet should have deep shelves, spacious niches and convenient drawers. Open sections here are unlikely to be needed, but mirrors will not be superfluous. Do not forget also that the bedroom is a resting place. Therefore, the appearance of the cabinet should not be too catchy and annoying, and all the accessories should work silently.

Sliding wardrobe in the nursery

In the children's room, the closet should combinewardrobe and shelving. Let it be a closed shelving (section), where children's toys and books will be placed. So much the better: it's almost impossible to put things in order on such shelves (and if possible, not for long). Therefore, hidden behind a closed cabinet door, they will not be constantly visible, demonstrating the results of activity and cheerfulness of your children. For the pupil's children's room there is a closet with a side open section. Here it will be convenient for him to place textbooks, notebooks and all sorts of trivia that the student has in abundance. The main requirement for the closet for the children's room is the stability and absence of sharp corners.

Closet in the living room

The task of the cabinet in this case is storage of the bedand table linen and light clothing, dishes, household appliances, documents and all that can be required in this room. In addition, the closet in the living room should emphasize its "face". Therefore, it is not superfluous to have open side consoles in such a cabinet, where objects decorating the interior will be placed: beautiful dishes, figurines, photographs and everything that can be put on display. In the interior of the living room, the closet with one open section will perfectly fit in, where besides decorating the interior, you can also place a TV or, for example, a music center. This section is usually located in the middle, and at the edges - sections closed with doors. The number of doors with mirrors (if any) near the hallway cabinet can be either even or odd. If this number is even, the mirror doors should be the same as the doors with the panel facade. If all doors are three or five, then the doors with mirrors (mirrors) should be one less than solid ones. The corner closet with glassed shelves and large mirrors will be an excellent decoration for the living room. Such a cabinet will look really expensive and exclusive, even if purchased for a relatively small price. how to choose a wardrobe

About the price

The price of the closet (as, indeed, any otherfurniture) consists mainly of the cost of materials, fittings and fasteners. If you want to save on buying a cabinet, you risk saving on the quality or functionality of the furniture. Nevertheless, it is expensive - it does not mean qualitatively. Therefore, tempted by the low price of the cabinet or, conversely, deciding to buy a thing by all means expensive, pay attention to the following nuances.

  • Facade. The cheapest panels of sliding-door wardrobes are made from chipboard (chipboard). A little more expensive will cost you a closet with a natural facade made of bamboo or wood. And the most expensive will be a closet with mirrored panels or doors made of tempered glass. Photo printing or drawings on the cabinet panels will further increase its cost.
  • System of sliding of doors. Its profile can be made of steel or aluminum. Their service life is the same, but the steel profiles are cheaper than aluminum ones. Aluminum profile makes the door move smoother and improves the outer cabinet due to hidden rollers.
  • Inner space. The more "empty" closet-compartment, the cheaper it will cost you. Because the number of fittings and its own cost increase and the cost of the cabinet. In any case, even the most empty cabinet can be easily "equipped", separately acquiring only what you really need.

About exclusives

Typical models of wardrobes that can be seenin any furniture store have one indisputable advantage: you choose a ready-made fixed price item. It should be noted that modern model models do not suffer from a lack of designer delights. They are quite competitive to the wardrobes made to order. So if you could choose a ready-made closet that suits you in every way, then there's no point in spending on an individual project. If among the whole variety of model models you could not choose anything suitable, then it is worth considering the possibility of making a closet to order. How to choose a wardrobe compartment, or rather his model for his home, turning to a furniture workshop? Decide on the place where he will stand, with the amount of money that you have, and with your active participation the designer will develop a model that will suit you. In any case (when buying a ready-made sliding-door wardrobe or making it to order) you should not hurry. After all, a "highly respected wardrobe" will not settle in your house for one year, and such a long-term neighborhood should be not only useful but also enjoyable. We advise you to read: