interior of the hallway The entrance hall is a small space in whichthe inhabitants of the apartment spend an insignificant amount of time, but, nevertheless, it plays a very important role. Since the interior of the hallway, the corridor at the guests creates the first and most impressive impression about the apartment as a whole, and, as a result, its owners. And for the residents of the house this space is no less important. The vestibule always gladly reveals its embrace to them. Having crossed the threshold of his house, each person feels himself protected by his native walls. All the smallest furnishings here testifies to the strength of family ties, speaks of the strength of the home and the inviolability of family traditions. In a typical apartment building, the entrance hall, most often, is a room of rectangular or square shape with an area of ​​2-6 square meters, without natural light. In addition, in the hallway is usually drawn several doors - the entrance, the corridor leading to the rooms, or kitchen, bathroom, pantry or dressing room. Hallways have appeared in homes since ancient times. Not only in the northern, but also in the southern countries. For example, in the hot capital of Italy, Villa Patricia began with a cool hall that had a mosaic stone floor. In France, the word "lobby" was understood as the space between the entrance to the house and the internal premises, both in public buildings and in apartment buildings. It was the French who were the first to decorate the lobby with flowers, mirrors, and also beautiful furniture intended for the storage of clothes. In our country, the interior of the hallways changed under the influence of various social cataclysms. The canopies in the village huts and the vestibules in the rich houses turned first into huge, long corridors of communal apartments, and in the days of developed socialism into small-sized flats. At present, the hallways are being reborn again. In newly constructed buildings they are more spacious and roomy. With the advent of wardrobe rooms, there is no need to store things in the hallways. Decorative decoration of the vestibules is carried out at the proper level.

Furniture in the hallway

Furniture in the interior of the hallway should be a compositepart of the living space, but it should not impede the movement around the apartment. There is one important requirement for furniture in this room: it must be made of materials that are ready for contact with water, sand, dirt, brought to the house by all incoming people. An indispensable attribute of any hallway is an open hanger. It can be a familiar hook panel, which is assembled from wide racks and attached to a wall, or a designer wall hanger panel made of bright plastic or perforated aluminum. The shoe is also an essential element in the interior of the hallway. It can be a low open shoe stand with one or two shelves, and it can also be a low stand with folding, swinging or sliding doors. For larger families, shlim shoes are more convenient, which are a specialized small depth cabinet with folding doors. They can have several tiers, reaching the height of the cabinet. The presence of additional furniture in the interior of the hallway depends on the area of ​​free space. It does not hurt here the chest of drawers, on which guests will be comfortable to put a bag, umbrella or gloves, and the owners - put the keys, leave a note, etc. For convenience, you can add an entrance padded stool, a sofa or a stool. The original additions to the style of this room will be the housekeeper, zontnitsa and a newspaper lady. Designing the interior of the hallway in the apartment, photos of ready-made options will help you to decide on the choice. After all, you can visually see and figure out on your hallway this or that model of furniture for the interior.

Flooring in the hallway

To the floor covering in the hallway are madespecial requirements. It must withstand puddles, traces of dirty shoes, hard soles of street shoes. The floors here must be resistant to wear and all sorts of pressure. From various versions of floor coverings for the hallway are more suitable tile, laminate and cork with a special coating. The tile is very practical, it is resistant to any external influences, and is also easy to clean. But it is not to everyone's liking, many have unpleasant associations with the hospital. Laminate is ideal for an entrance hall in the case when parquet is chosen as a cover for the whole house. Using a laminate that accurately simulates the pattern of the parquet floor in the hallway will be in harmony with the rest of the floor. Cork with a special coating is characterized by high strength and moisture resistance. The appearance of such a floor should appeal to lovers of home comfort. interior of the hallway in the apartment photo

Hallway lighting

One of the features of interior lightinghallway, corridor is the absence of a natural light source. And therefore here at any time of the day you can not do without lamps. In the hallway there should be enough light, as even a short stay in a dark hallway can create a negative overall impression of the apartment. Correct, soft and friendly light, on the contrary, relaxes all incoming and adjusts to open communication with the apartment. In the interior of the hallway it is advisable to use two independent from each other, but mutually complementary types of lighting: general lighting and functional lighting - for specific purposes. Illumination of the hallway can adjust the shape and size of the room. A narrow, elongated hallway can be remedied with the help of intensive lighting of walls. For this, distributed high-power lamps are used, in which the light beams are directed towards the walls. The height of the room is corrected by wall lamps or ceiling lights, which have an adjustable angle of rotation. Lamps should be directed to the walls to leave the ceiling in the shade, so it will visually decrease. Geometrically complex rooms that have a polygon shape in plan are better illuminated with light zoning. In the interior of the hallway, which is often visited, you can use as a supplementary lighting the principle of "second light", which penetrates from the rooms through the glass doors.

Mirror in the hallway

A mandatory attribute of any hallway ismirror. The best option would be if its size allows you to consider yourself in full growth. In this sense, the mirror doors of cabinets are extremely convenient. However, there are other options for the shape of the mirror in the interior of the hallway. The round shape is the most neutral. This mirror does not tire the look, looks great in pale green, cream, blue, golden and silver hues. The frame is more suitable plastic. Oval mirror gives the interior of the hallway lightness, emphasizes the refinement of antique furniture of dark colors and modern broken lines. The ideal variant of the frame will be copper or steel. Mosaic mirror is suitable for fans of eclecticism. With the help of such a mirror, the hallway will become fabulous, unreal. Following the advice on choosing furniture, flooring and hallway lighting, as well as guided by your own tastes and preferences, you can create the right interior in this small but very important space of any living space. We advise you to read: