where to start the repair in the room If one move is equal to two fires, then onerepair is equal to several crossings! And that's why we often postpone everything and postpone repairs, even if there is nowhere else to put it off. And sometimes we just do not know where to start and what to grab first. Of course, repair repair is different. One thing is when we just want to freshen up a room, replacing her wallpaper and correct any minor flaws or so-called time marks. And quite another thing, if the room requires almost major repairs, or we decide to radically change the entire design of the living room or bedroom. However, in any case, the repair sequence will be the same. And the repair of any complexity must begin with the same. So where to start repairing the room?

We plan the course of work

Plan for the beginning you need the whole movefuture works. And not only works, but also your actions. In addition, you need to decide what will be the design of your room, how much serious repairs you need to carry out, and whose forces it will all be carried out. First of all, assess the condition of the room. What do you need to do? From the type of repair much depends: starting from money costs and ending with the involvement of masters of different specializations. Regardless of the future design of the interior, you need to assess the need for preparatory and dirtiest works. Are you going to change the windows and doors? Will you install a tension or suspended ceiling? Is there a need for replacing the wiring or installing additional outlets? Will you level the walls or coat them with plasterboard? Assessing the front of the work, make a step-by-step plan for their implementation. As a rule, the renovation of the room starts with the dirtiest works. So if you need to replace the wiring, designate this as the second item in the repair plan. Because the first point is dismantling and destructive work. And first of all it will be necessary to remove all old coatings of walls, ceiling and floor. The installation of windows and doors should be the third point of your plan. After that, usually begin to deal with the walls, then the turn of the ceiling comes, and the repair of the floor is the final stage of the repair work. Now you need to develop a design for the future interior of your room. Now it's fashionable to apply for this to professional designers. In general, this is quite reasonable and justified by our desire for a stylish and competent design of your home. Undoubted plus of professional design is really comfortable and beautiful interior taking into account all your wishes. Minus only one - additional cash costs. If you still decided to save on professional design, you still need to have an idea of ​​what your room will be after the repair. Today it is not difficult to do this, turning to the resources of the omniscient Internet. Look at the pages of design companies, read articles on interior styles and just look through the pictures with examples of design solutions. You will be able to compose a design project yourself. Let and unprofessional, but to your liking. where to start repairing the room

Choosing a way to repair

We will tell at once, the choice at you is insignificant. There are only two options. Either you do the repair yourself, or invite the masters. True, there is also a third option: you do something yourself, but for something use hired labor. Depending on the complexity of the repair, you choose the best option for yourself. If the repair is cosmetic and consists only in the renovation of walls, ceiling and floor, then it will be quite possible for you. Even to conduct wiring and put new doors alone many men can. However, masterovitye householders will cope with both plasterboard, and even with a false ceiling and a laminate. But you can hardly install a new double-glazed window or a stretch ceiling with your own hands. Therefore, still have to use the services of professionals. If all the repair work you plan to entrust to the builders, then you can also choose. Firstly, you can invite a team of station wagons who will carry out all repairs from the beginning to the end. Secondly, you can assign each type of work to the masters of a narrow profile. How exactly you solve this problem, depends only on your financial capabilities and your own view of it. Each option has its pros and cons. Turning to a repair and construction company, be sure to review the reviews, or even better - personally talk with customers of this company. Any self-respecting company will provide you with this opportunity. If you hire narrow specialists, then it is best to do it on the recommendation. And do not hesitate to ask about the terms, discounts and terms of the contract. By the way, make a written contract in any case - it disciplines both the customer and the performer.

We buy materials

As practice shows, all finishing andit is better to buy building materials in advance. And, in advance you need to calculate everything (quantity and cost) and purchase all materials with a small margin. Do not buy everything at once in one place, although it seems very convenient. However, if in the means for repair you are not severely limited, then you can do so. But! In different shops, the same materials are sold at different prices. Somewhere there are discounts, but somewhere they are not. Someone offers free delivery, and someone only self-delivery. Walk around the construction shops and markets, ask the price, study the range. For example, when choosing a linoleum of a certain color, pay attention to the quality, density, and price. By the way, it will not hurt to find out the addresses of all the profile stores, markets and warehouses of the city. Although they say that over the sea a heifer - a half-ruble, and a ruble freight, today this saying is no longer relevant. With such a wide range of prices and a wide range of goods, you can save considerably if you purchase building materials not in an advertised store in the city center, but somewhere in a wholesale warehouse located on the outskirts. And now, having drawn up a plan and estimate, having developed a design, having decided on the workforce and having purchased the materials, you can start repairing. Yes, and most importantly - when starting the repair, please be patient. It will need you! So patience to you and good luck! We advise you to read: