Design of a country house Interior of suburban housing construction most oftenBased on an individual project that subtly emphasizes the owner's preferences, wealth and self-sufficiency. When developing a house design, you should not chase a fashion, the trends of which change very quickly, forcing again and again to come up with a new design, spending huge savings on it, not always justified economically. The main rule of comfort and originality of the design of a country house can be considered a carefully designed interior design, the implementation of which must occur in full accordance with the planned project. Such a house for many years will be able to please its owners with convenience and impress guests with perfection. country house should display a commonStylistics of the building, as well as the conceptual task set for the architect. The exterior and interior design of a country house is the result of a painstaking analysis of the environment into which an architectural design should be inscribed. Interior design should meet a number of principles: when creating a project, specialists take into account the location of the house, the level of illumination, etc. Correctly chosen design of suburban housing construction should be to ensure that it was pleasant to relax, work, be completely secluded and receive guests. When reconstructing a house, as well as in the construction, it is important to properly design the interior design of the external and internal space. Before proceeding with the design of the formerly used house, it is necessary to clearly define the purpose of changing the interior. It can be: - simple decoration of a pre-existing interior, with the help of methods for rearranging furniture, changing carpets, curtains; - redevelopment that carries a global change in the internal space: changing the layout of rooms, moving walls, etc. It is important to understand that the design of the interior space of a country house is significantly different from the modern apartment design. The development of the countryside interior is greatly influenced by the surrounding environment and the natural landscape of the area. Moreover, the creation of cottage interior design is complicated by the need for competent technical equipment - at the time of interior design of the house it is necessary to take into account the convenient location of the water pipe, sewerage and heating equipment. Also, the suburban design of the house includes the correct development of wiring, the connection of all types of equipment and electrical appliances. When designing the design of suburban housing construction, the materials used during the construction of the building are also taken into account. The interior design of the brick house will be different from the design of the space, a house built of stone or wood. Due to its natural appearance and natural qualities, natural materials used in construction will create a more comfortable environment, while creating a number of difficulties due to features related to safety technology. If the house is a three-storey or two-storey townhouse, then it is more reasonable to place the kitchen and dining room on the first floor. Bedrooms are better to move to the second floor, away from unnecessary noise. Quite other features are related to the creation of interior design for a small country cottage, which serves as a place for seasonal living. The main task facing the designer, in this case comes the maximum provision of warming the walls, without the need to bring all kinds of communications to the terraces and attics. And in the first and second case, when developing design, the main component will be a harmonious union of buildings with the landscape of the suburban area, providing owners with the most optimal conditions for comfortable rest. Interior design salon "".