instant tan how much is kept On the calendar is autumn. On the sunny summer, and even more so about the bronze tan were some ghostly memories. You approach the mirror and you understand - such pallor to the face, except to the Japanese geisha. Not far off the New Year, and on a festive night so want to shine in an open dress and preferably with a luxurious tan! What to do? Today, there are many ways to get sunless without the sun - solarium, bronzer lotions, various sprays for the body with the effect of sunburn. But the fastest way is, undoubtedly, an instant tan. Of course, you can resemble a solarium. But this procedure has many contraindications. It is proved that there is a direct dependence between UV radiation and skin aging. The rays of type A reduce the elasticity of the skin, cause "loosening" of connective tissues, increase the likelihood of appearance of unaesthetic pigment spots. The harmful effects of ultraviolet rays can weaken the immune system, therefore, increase the risk of infectious diseases and even provoke a retinal burn. But the worst thing is that regular visits to the solarium increases the risk of skin cancer by 75%! In many countries, solariums have long been banned. Before visiting the solarium, think about whether the beauty demands such sacrifices? You can try to perform the procedure of bronzing at home. Cosmetic shops and salons in vain offer novelties for "sunless tanning." A variety of sprays and creams are applied to the entire body or parts of it. Cosmetic means should be spread evenly over the body, exactly following the instructions on the package. But the side effects of "home tanning" are obvious: the skin does not look very tidy, it can suddenly acquire an icteric or carrot shade. Often, the means of the mass-market class are washed off after the first visit to the shower and come off uneven spots, moreover, give the skin an unpleasant odor. Is there an alternative? Of course. This will help a little magic - instant tan in the cabin. It is called in different shops differently - instant tanning, instant self-tanning, Hollywood tanning, sunless tanning, bronzing, artificial tanning in the salon. In English, this unique procedure is called Sunless tanning. All these beautiful numerous names say about the same - uniform, stable and beautiful instant tan. instant tanning

Bronzing procedure

Instant tanning - very simple and fastprocedure. Just a few minutes, and voila - you are the owner of a chic golden-colored skin! Many shades for every taste - cane tan, European, tropical tan - beautifully shading a slender figure, giving the skin a healthy and beautiful appearance. Directly before the procedure, it is advisable to take a shower and wash off all cosmetic products. The momentary tanning session takes place in a specially equipped office. Using a sprayer that is equipped with a device for controlling the direction of the jet, a spray-bronzer is applied in several thin layers. All parts of the body are colored alternately from different sides - rear, front, side. On the face, lotion is applied last. In the studio of instant tanning you will be offered lotions, consisting entirely of natural ingredients - extracts from Aloe Vera and sugar cane. All the ingredients that make up the instant tanning lotion are completely harmless and do not cause allergies. In addition, the vitamins A, B, C, D, E contained in the lotion strengthen the skin, promote the production of elastin and collagen, protect the epidermis from the damaging effects of free radicals. A good result of instant tanning can be achieved only by entrusting your body to an experienced master. The effect is noticeable immediately after the end of the session, and after 6-8 hours the skin finally darkens, acquiring the desired shade.

Instant sunburn: period of validity

The main question of any girl who daredUse a bronzer: how much does an instant tan? The answer to this question is unequivocally difficult, since everything here is very individual. On average, an instant tan lasts from seven to ten days. The fact is that the pigmentary substances of the bronzer affect only the upper layer of the epidermis, not penetrating deep inside. Therefore, the golden hue of the skin is quickly washed away. However, you may well "prolong the life" of your instant tan, if you carefully take care of the skin, moisturizing it twice a day. But even in this situation it is difficult to argue that you will have such a tan a week or more: each skin has its own individual characteristics. It is known that the smoother and smoother the skin, the longer it takes on any tan, including instant. But if you are the owner of a problem skin with multiple inflamed patches, wrinkles or signs of peeling, then for you instant tanning will really become "instantaneous" - will come down in just a few days. No less strongly affects the duration of the instantaneous sunburn and the girl's hormonal background, as well as the state of her health. It's not a secret for anyone that the condition of the skin largely depends on these factors. So if you want your instant tan to last as long as possible, lead a healthy lifestyle, watch your appearance and your health. In general, the best way to learn what an instant tan and how much it keeps is to try to apply it on yourself. what is instant tanning

Pros of instant tanning

  • It's fast. The momentary tanning session lasts about 15 minutes.
  • It is safe. The instant tanning lotion is completely hypoallergenic and is ideal for all skin types, even for very light, thin skin, which instantly burns in the sun.
  • A diverse range of lotions allows you to choose the shade that perfectly fits your type of appearance.
  • Instant tanning lies perfectly flat.
  • The sugar cane pigment included in the lotion has a toning and lifting effect. Your skin becomes not only tanned, but also taut.
  • Instant tan looks natural.
  • Sunburn does not leave stains on clothes.
  • Instant tanning lasts 10-14 days. All this time you look perfect.

How to keep a tan?

  • Do not use moisturizers for the body 2 days before the tanning procedure.
  • Before the session, make a bio-peeling and take a shower.
  • Do not shower for 6-8 hours after an instant tan session.
  • After the procedure, dress in loose clothing.
  • Refuse to take hot baths and use all kinds of alkaline soap.

Follow these simple rules and you willlook attractive for two weeks! Instant tanning is an absolutely safe for the skin, pleasant and quick procedure that will help you to enjoy tanned skin in any climatic conditions and at any time of the year. We advise you to read: