ingrown hair treatment The fair sex in stock is a lot of tweaks,tricks and tricks, thanks to which you can force any man to lose his head. Smooth, satin skin is a virtually trouble-free remedy to become a goddess for a lover. It is with this goal that girls use various methods of hair removal in places where they are undesirable: this is a razor, and a wax, and all kinds of depilatories. An unpleasant side effect of achieving such perfection can be unaesthetic ingrown hairs on the body, causing quite a perceptible physical pain, which is aggravated by the anguish of the soul.

Causes of ingrown hairs

Ingrown hair can bring a lot of trouble andcause many complexes. Unable to germinate through the upper layer of the skin, such hairs begin to grow under it, like a foreign body, forming around themselves some kind of red nodules or small seals. The duration of the inflammatory process can lead to swelling, itching and even suppuration of the hair shaft. The presence of ingrown hair requires you to abandon the procedures of hair removal or depilation for the duration of treatment. In general, the problem of ingrown hair occurs when the skin is injured due to improper depilation or epilation. Depilation is the removal of the visible part of hair with a razor or a special cream. Epilation - hair removal together with a hair bulb, that is, with a root, using various technologies. As a result of such regular damage, the epidermis, together with the follicles, is restored unevenly, which leads to micro-thickening of the skin in these areas. And this, in turn, prevents the normal release of hairs on the surface. treatment of ingrown hair

Ways to get rid of ingrown hair

Treatment of ingrown hair is possible only through itsremoval, preferably in specialized institutions. Do not engage in self-medication, because the wrong approach can lead to even more serious consequences. Electrolysis The most expensive, having a long-term effect is the electrolysis method. The hair follicle is pierced by a needle with an electrical tension, so that the hair root dies. The disadvantage of the method can be considered that for a sustainable result, a series of procedures should be continuous, and on the site of intervention, the occurrence of burns or pigment spots may occur. Thermolysis Thermolysis is a rather painful procedure, similar to electrolysis, only with the use of high frequency currents. With an unprofessional approach, this procedure can also lead to burns and scars on the body. Therefore, you should only apply to a proven salon. The advantages of the method are quite substantial. The main one is the minimum time spent on the procedure. One hair needs to be exposed for no more than two seconds. Laser method This method involves damage to the hair follicle and stopping its growth with a cold pulse. It ensures the absence of hair in this place for a long period of time; Photoepilation With the help of the method of photoepilation (phototherapy), in addition to eliminating ingrown hairs, it is possible to eliminate negative phenomena, and complications caused by increased sensitivity of the skin or unsuccessful hair removal sessions. Exposure to melanin leads to the complete disappearance of pigmented spots and the smoothing of skin color in general. problem of ingrown hair

Preventive measures

In this case, it is better to warn the situation thantreat. For the problem of ingrown hair not to become your problem, try to observe the following precautions: during depilation, moisturize and soften the skin well, shave or epilate exclusively in the direction of hair growth, do not use blunt blades. During shaving, do not apply too much force to the machine to touch the skin, be as delicate and unhurried as possible. There are also special cosmetic products in the form of lotions, sprays, which should be rubbed immediately after these hygienic procedures, they cool the skin, eliminate its irritation and redness. Local application of various peelings, scrubs and other exfoliating products as preventive is possible only if there are no signs of ingrownness on the body. With inflammatory changes in the structure of the skin, the use of this type of categorically is contraindicated. If it so happens that ingrown hairs can not be avoided, do not self-medicate, hurry to take measures, not allowing inflammation of hair follicles and infection of affected areas. We advise you to read: