angliiskii Modern technologies have made cardinalchanges in the life of each of us. Today, with the help of the Internet, you can not only play your favorite games and search for information, but also study. English Online Tutor is a service that will allow you to make significant progress in knowing foreign without unnecessary time. To communicate with the client, the teacher uses a special program - Skype. Also, you will definitely need a high-quality webcam, headphones and a microphone. Internet connection should be stable and fast enough.

How are the lessons?

How to conduct lessons in English tutor online ? The choice of a specific methodology depends on theteacher: he is practically unlimited. A good and experienced teacher will make sure that the lesson does not seem boring and monotonous. It is completely wrong to think that a Skype tutor can only practice oral communication with a student. Attention is paid to every aspect of the foreign language. Many professional teachers begin classes with an easy phonetic workout, for which tongue twisters or short poems are used. A lot of time is spent on quality check of homework, which can be given both in written and oral form. Works and other similar works should be sent to the teacher's e-mail. A virtual board is an indispensable plugin for Skype, because it allows you to instantly transfer the conversation, diagrams and basic theses to the interlocutor. The board is often used to explain a new topic, for example, grammatical rules. After presenting the latest information, the teacher suggests the student to practice the material in a practical way. Do not underestimate the game form of training: for example, to work out and study new vocabulary the teacher can simulate the situation or propose a role-playing game. Ideally, if the teacher offers you to conduct lessons entirely in English. It is believed that even acquaintance with new words is much more effective if you do not just memorize their meaning, but try to explain them with the help of phrases in a foreign language. With this approach, the words are really memorized much better than when "memorized".

What should I consider when I am going online?

  • This method of education is suitable only for childrenolder people and adults. That is, only those people who are consciously interested in successfully improving their own level of knowledge will be able to effectively learn English online. If a child is 6-11 years old, he certainly does not yet understand the goals with which his parents force him to study. At this age the teacher should not only correctly explain the material, but also follow the details of the student's behavior, establish psychological contact with him, which is practically unrealistic in the virtual world.
  • The teacher must haverelevant qualifications and work experience is in the online mode. Ask him not only to provide a scan of the diploma of higher education, but also ask if he has his own method of training for Skype.
  • Learning online requires you even moreorganization and perseverance than working in real life. You expect a considerable amount of written homework, which must be performed without fail. During the conversation with the teacher, do not be distracted by anything: imagine that you are in a real audience. Try to concentrate not on home affairs, but on the topic of the seminar.
  • We wish you patience, success and the fastest possible results!