if vacation fell in winter It is generally accepted that a good vacation can beonly in summer. Before your eyes, the picture rises - amazingly warm sea, white beach, exotic cocktail in your hands, and music, and heat ... But in summer someone, in any case, should work. What to do if the vacation fell in the winter? Perhaps, it's not worth pouring tears, feeling sorry for yourself-your favorite - so unhappy and unlucky. Do not blame colleagues for "dirty tricks", and bosses - for injustice. Any vacation can become a holiday. Do not believe me? It's just necessary to get together, sit down and think carefully about what you really want. A tempting picture with the sea surf reliably settled in the mind and is not going to leave from there? Well, okay!

We're going to the sea!

The choice of the country depends on the amount of money thatmanaged to save up to this point. Well, even from the time left in stock - some countries need to get a visa. Exotic Arab Emirates, Temperamental Cuba, cult Goa, like a fairy tale Thailand, respectable Maldives - a few hours of flight and from a frosty, dull winter you will fall into the summer. Vacation in the winter at sea can give a tremendous feeling - especially the "warm" idea of ​​colleagues who stayed somewhere out there ... among the snowdrifts. You do not approve of thoughtless "doing nothing"? After two hours spent on the beach, do you have a feeling that you need to get up and run somewhere? Or did you just decide to spend a legitimate vacation with benefit and learn something new? Then, it's time to get on the skis. on vacation in winter


It does not matter if you've never skated before, andyou do not even have the necessary equipment - practically at all resorts there is an inventory rental. You can stay in Russia - Elbrus, Dombai, Krasnaya Polyana suitable for both beginners and professionals. And in the suburbs there were several ski centers with a completely "European" level of service. Doubt? Well, then - to Europe. Comparatively inexpensive and very nice resorts can be found in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia. Prestigious and respectable - in France, Switzerland and Austria. Whatever option you choose, a few days of skiing will successfully replace hours of training in the gym. "Tasty" mountain air, winter sun and dazzling white snow - in the afternoon, cozy bars and cafes - in the evening. And let all the colleagues envy! Do not you want to go anywhere? Do not need! Holidays are a great time to get busy with yourself. You yourself are alone!

SPA and other joys

If you decide to stay at home - do not reportthis co-workers. Be sure to start calling. And in the case of work and work and can cause - it's hard to resist when a valuable employee is within reach. Feel free to disconnect the phone and do what you have wanted for a long time, but it was constantly postponed "for later" - go to the SPA-salon. In winter time, experts recommend relaxing, anti-stress complexes. For example, hydrotherapy in combination with massage - hot stones, bamboo sticks, buffalo horn plates. The effect is simply amazing! Do not be lazy and consult with specialists - they will help you choose the most suitable program. After all, not everyone knows that some procedures are not compatible. You do not have to miss it - the SPA-day lasts about 8-9 hours. Haste is the main enemy of SPA procedures. True, in the cabin it's almost impossible to hurry - time seems to stop. Spicy flavors, quiet music, tea breaks and pleasant sensations from the "manipulations" carried out over you help to completely relax and move away the bustling city together with all its problems. Sad, cold and do not want to leave the house? Arrange yourself a lazy vacation. winter vacation at sea

Lazy leave

Remember how many books you wanted to read,but there was not enough time. How many films have been postponed "for later". It seems that it was possible to catch up. You can climb with your feet on the couch, wrap yourself in a warm blanket, turn on the floor lamp, put a glass of wine and a plate with something forbidden-tasty on the table. And let the snow fall outside the window - you will be warm, calm and cozy. However, if you spend so much vacation, then you will have to get rid of the "sticky" kilograms for a long time. Therefore, selflessly lazy for more than 2-3 days, after all, does not follow. Assign a meeting to your friends, go to the rink, but just stroll through the streets of your favorite city, and then wrap it in a small cafe. And who said that going on vacation in the winter is a bad idea? We advise you to read: