a diet for hives Hives - extremely unpleasant and activedisturbing external manifestation of an allergic reaction. What is the essence of this phenomenon, how to recognize it? What measures should be taken to get rid of the symptoms as soon as possible, and it was possible to return to the full, full of joy of contacts with the nature of life? Urticaria is a skin manifestation of an allergy. The most unpleasant thing is that it does not simplify diagnostics in any way, as it can signal both a contact allergy and accompany a food. Its name is a phenomenon due to the similarity of blisters with burns of stinging nettle. Sensations are also close, rashes acutely itch and do not allow to concentrate. Diagnosis of allergic urticaria should the doctor, since the external manifestations are similar to other skin diseases. After consulting a doctor, you must plan the treatment. It consists not only in the intake of suitable antihistamine and ancillary drugs. Necessarily need to revise the diet, because the correct diet for hives at times increases the effectiveness of treatment. Particular attention should be paid to the diet, if the allergen was not detected and the cause of the rashes remained unclear. Prescriptions will depend on the age of the person who has an allergy. If the allergy, accompanied by hives, is found in the infant, the actions should be as follows. It is necessary to recall all the new products that have been lured during the last 2-3 days, they must be eliminated unconditionally. The best option is to switch to an earlier stage of nutrition, in which there were no negative manifestations. It is imperative to exclude during this period the introduction of any new products, even known to be non-allergenic. If the baby is still on partial breastfeeding, you need to increase his share in the diet. And my mother needs to refrain from eating "dangerous" foods, it is quite suitable diet, recommended adult allergies. products that cause allergies

What can and what can not

If urticaria is found in the child of the elderage or adult, they can be fed according to the following scheme. A carefully planned hypoallergenic diet will help reduce the production of histamine. Do not give in to temptation and allow yourself a small slice of chocolate, one such oversight can disrupt the course of treatment. It is necessary to completely and unconditionally exclude the following products.

  • Any food and products that include preservatives, flavors and artificial sweeteners.
  • All citrus fruits, as well as vegetables, berries and fruits are red.
  • Seafood and fish.
  • Chocolate, honey and products from it, all kinds of nuts.
  • Eggs, milk.

Your diet for the time of exacerbation should beof the following products. If any doubt arises in any component, it is better to exclude it completely. Diet with urticaria may not forgive the experiments, and the disease will respond by expanding the focus of the lesion.

  • Boiled lean meat: it can be beef, rabbit or poultry, but you need to remove the skin before cooking. You need to consume the product without broth.
  • Potatoes boiled, in the form of mashed potatoes or slices. It should be remembered that it is necessary to boil the vegetable in water, adding milk, butter and spices is not allowed.
  • Porridge from any cereal, except for semolina. Buckwheat, oatmeal, wheat, rice are allowed. Macaroni products from flour of firm grades. Of course, boiled on water without adding oil.
  • Vegetarian soups without spices, roasting is not allowed.
  • Fresh, low-fat dairy products. Of course, natural, without dyes and preservatives.
  • Vegetables, except beets and tomatoes, fresh or boiled. Especially welcome cucumbers and lettuce leaves. Fresh green is also allowed.
  • Of fruits, it is better to limit to green apples, and even then in a baked form.
  • From hot drinks to give preference to black or herbal tea without flavors. Sugar is replaced with fructose, and it is better to refuse sweetening.
  • Bread is allowed only for bran or whole grains, biscuits - unsweetened biscuits.
  • Of fats and oils only vegetable, high-quality sunflower, and preferably olive.

products with hypoallergenic diet

how to be and what to do

First of all, you need to understand that an allergy isnot a slight deviation from the norm. With a careless attitude towards yourself, banal urticaria can become a harbinger of Quincke's edema, and then the score will go on for minutes. A properly formulated and carefully observed hypoallergenic diet will help you forget about unpleasant symptoms pretty quickly. Its food can be built according to the following scheme, changing only the side dishes and types of products from the list of allowed products above.

  • Breakfast: oatmeal porridge with baked apple, tea with a slice of grain bread.
  • Lunch: mashed potatoes, boiled beef, cucumber or a serving of vegetarian soup and a slice of chicken.
  • Dinner: salad of fresh white cabbage with olive oil, macaroni of firm grades, kefir.
  • Late dinner: tea with biscuits or baked apple.

Depending on desires, needs and imagelife diet can vary, but the products and ingredients of the dishes must necessarily be out of the approved list. And it is important to remember that a cup of coffee or a small mandarin can significantly lengthen the treatment, which means that you will have to give up the joys of life longer, otherwise the game is not worth the candle.