diet margarita queen Diets, diets ... What are the only options not thought offor eternally dissatisfied with their appearance and, obstinately striving for perfection, women. Diets from famous actors, politicians and other public figures, promising incredible transformations in the shortest possible time, diets from pseudo-dieticians, "folk healers" and other wizards ... How not to get confused and choose the one that will not only help to cope with the problem, but also not cause harm to health? For example, in recent times, Margarita Koroleva's diet has become very popular. It is alleged that it is thanks to her that we can enjoy the slender figures of such famous people as Nadezhda Babkina, singer Valeria, Philip Kirkorov, Jeanne Friske and many others. The list can be continued almost indefinitely. Is it true? And who is this Marguerite Queen? Let's try to figure it out. Dietitian Margarita Koroleva has been working in aesthetic medicine for more than twenty years. She, one of the first in the country, came up with the idea of ​​creating individual comprehensive programs to combat obesity and overweight and figure modeling. Margarita has developed and began to apply its own method in practice, which allows not only to effectively get rid of unnecessary kilograms, but also to keep the achieved result for a long time. This method is based on the diet of Margarita Koroleva. After all, the most difficult thing is to consolidate success. Hardly discarded kilograms persistently try to return to the "hard" places. Margarita Koroleva is a graduate. Her first medical specialty is cardiology. She successfully graduated from the I Moscow Medical Institute, clinical residency and is a candidate of medical sciences. Education in aesthetic medicine was held in leading clinics in Italy, France, Britain, Spain, Germany, China and Russia. As a result, diplomas in the field of dermacosmetology, physiotherapy, mesotherapy and dietology. The Queen continues to actively pursue science. In its arsenal - about twenty scientific works, monographs and publications in the press on healthy lifestyle and the problems of overweight. She is the author of the sensational bestseller "The Easy Way to Harmony. Eighteen years ago, together with her twin sister Rimma Moisenko, Margarita organized and opened a clinic, dealing primarily with the modeling of the figure. Over the long years of the clinic's work, a lot of experience has been accumulated. To date, it is popular with Russian "stars" and celebrities. In addition, in 2005, Margarita created and headed the Center for Aesthetic Medicine. This list is by no means all the professional achievements of the Queen. But, perhaps, it is worth dwelling on this - the listing of all her merits and regalia will take too much time. Even based on the above, there is a feeling that this person is well versed in his business and he can be trusted. What do you think? the diet of margarita queen

Diet Margarita the Queen

So, what exactly is the diet of Margarita the Queen andhow does it differ from many others? "Royal" express diet is a modern and non-standard way of fighting excess weight, and, without prejudice to your health. It uses the familiar and popular food products, so the process of losing weight is fairly painless. In addition, which is especially important for those who are trying to lose weight, you do not have to suffer from a debilitating hunger and struggle with yourself and with your desire to make an unplanned foray into the refrigerator. The basis of the diet are the principles of healthy nutrition and a deep knowledge of the body's needs for minerals, vitamins and beneficial microelements. With strict adherence to this regime, you will lose from three to ten kilos of "live weight" in nine days. Agree, not bad? Moreover, due to the large amount of liquid and thoughtful alternation of products, this diet will allow you not only to lose weight, but also how to cleanse your body and strengthen immunity. As a result, you can not only get a sense of joy, satisfaction and pride for yourself, your beloved, but also feel a sense of lightness and energy. What is the meaning of this method? The full course of the diet is nine days. They are divided into three equal in duration stages. Each stage is, in fact, an independent mono-diet. That is, for three consecutive days you will have to eat monotonous food, and then there will come a long-awaited change of dishes. It is this approach that allows most women not to fall and not to step back from the intended one. After all, three days is not long at all! In the selection of products there is no innovation - chicken, vegetables and rice. These ingredients, as you probably know, are part of most diets and are well known to those who are engaged in an irreconcilable fight against excess weight.

The first stage of the diet

Perhaps, the first three days are the heaviest. There is a cleansing of the body. You have to adjust yourself to the fact that you can only eat rice. From liquids, let's say green tea and water without gas. Rice, not by accident, was chosen as the first product of the diet. Firstly, it does not contain salt and gluten, which can cause allergic reactions. Secondly, this croup is rich in vitamins B1, B3, PP, E, B2 and B6. This "bouquet" helps to strengthen the nervous system, helps the transformation of nutrients into energy, positively affects the condition of the skin, nails and hair. Lecithin, part of the cereal, improves the work of our brain. In addition, rice contains substances that gently envelop the walls of the stomach. As a consequence, it does not stimulate the secretion of the stomach and even a small amount of this product will give you a sense of satiety. It is these useful properties of rice that made it possible to make it the main product of the first stage of the diet. Preparation of cereals does not take much time. Rinse the rice well in the evening, fill it with cold water and leave it overnight. In the morning, boil the water, put rice there and cook for no more than 15 minutes. Naturally, without salt and oil. This simple method of preparation is considered the most useful - it allows you to save all the valuable qualities of the product. Prepared? Excellent! For breakfast, you need to eat a glass of finished rice porridge. Divide the remaining croup into several equal parts, so that you can eat every hour a little, and the last meal was at seven o'clock in the evening. diet margarita queen

The second stage of the diet

The next - the fourth, fifth and sixth day -A little easier. As a rule, by the end of the first stage of the express diet, one thing arises, but an all-consuming desire to eat meat. And this is quite natural - for three days of cleansing the body safely got rid of not only all excess, but also from the beneficial microelements that are contained exclusively in meat. Here you can help him! The main diet of your food will be a chicken. Why this product? Perhaps everyone knows that chicken meat is a part of very, very many diets. And this is not accidental. It effectively replaces beef, pork and lamb. At low caloric content, poultry meat serves as an excellent source of protein and, necessary to the body, amino acids. Moreover, this protein is very well absorbed and promotes cell division, development of brain activity and bone tissue building. Chicken contains potassium, iron, phosphorus, zinc and vitamins A, C and E. Moreover, it contains a large number of polyunsaturated fatty acids. This makes it one of the most effective means for preventing such serious diseases as heart attack, stroke and coronary heart disease. Due to the low content of collagen, this product is easily absorbed by the body. What is especially useful for people suffering from diabetes, obesity and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. So, how to cook the "right" chicken? Just boil it in boiling water for 20-25 minutes. Of course, salt and spices should not be used. Clean the meat thoroughly from grease and skin. Dinner is served! A day allowed to eat 1-1.2 pounds. Do the same as with rice - divide the daily norm into small portions and eat during the day. Of drinks, all the same, - non-carbonated water and green tea.

The third stage

Well, you went to the home stretch. The last segment of the express diet is the most pleasant. After rice and chicken, you probably want something less fresh. All thoughtfully - the next three days you will eat vegetables. This is the final touch. Your body already simply needs to fill up the supplies of missing substances and trace elements. Mineral salts and vitamins, which are rich in vegetables, will provide you with a surge of energy and will promote the health of the whole organism. Doctors, nutritionists recommend eating as much vegetables as possible to speed up the metabolism and remove toxins from the body. They are very rich in fiber, do not contain fats, improve liver function, heals the intestinal microflora and strengthen the process of bile formation. Vegetables strengthen immunity and help restore strength. According to the diet from Margarita Koroleva, the daily norm should not be more than 800 grams. But there are any - what your heart desires! - vegetables, both fresh and cooked. The principle is the same - you need to divide the daily rate into an equal number of small portions and eat them throughout the day. Drinks remain unchanged - all the same water without gas and green tea.

Drinking regime and other recommendations

Fluids entering our body, the Queenis very important. In order to ensure that the results of the express diet do not disappoint you, you must drink at least two and a half liters of water or green tea daily. If desired, these drinks can be alternated. If you choose tea, then, of course, it should be unsweetened. If it becomes completely unbearable - put a little honey. But you should not abuse this. Despite the fact that the daily volume of liquid is sufficiently large, it is necessary to use it correctly. For example, it is forbidden to drink food during or immediately after a meal - you should wait a little. And one more thing - the bulk of the liquid should be drunk before five in the evening. Perhaps, once again, it should be stressed that this diet is very strict. Absolutely all products included in the diet menu of Margarita Queen should be prepared without salt, sugar or any spices. Everything that is necessary for life, your body will receive and so. Any "initiative" and changes made to the menu can negate all your efforts. Agree, it will be very insulting! After all, this diet can not be called easy. Therefore, if you decide to take this step, it is better to completely trust an experienced dietitian doctor and to strictly follow all recommendations. Only in this case the results will pleasantly please you. By the way, and to leave this diet should be very cautious, gradually returning to the usual diet. In the first few days after the end of the course, it is recommended to eat the same foods - chicken, rice and vegetables. Of course, not in such a tough regime. This is necessary in order to consolidate the result and help the body "get comfortable" in a new weight.


Any diet - even the most thoughtful andbalanced - this is violence over the body and, as a consequence, a lot of stress. In combination with it, even a commonplace cold can cause irreparable harm to your health. Therefore, categorically it is not recommended to put experiments on yourself if you feel bad, get tired, or are in a nervous, "screwed up" state. These are general recommendations. In addition to them, this diet - as, indeed, any other - has its contraindications. These include heart disease, stomach ulcers and some other ailments. Before you start fighting with excess weight, be sure to consult your doctor. Perhaps you are categorically contraindicated to do this or, simply, you have chosen an unfortunate moment for the course. After all, you first need to deal with your health, and then already engage in a figure. Agree, a sick person can hardly look beautiful and attractive. Do not forget this, and you will succeed! And the diet of Margarita Koroleva will help you in this. We advise you to read: