how to behave with a scorpion man Although they say that smoke without fire does not happen, but,when we come across information about men born under the sign of the zodiac Scorpio, we involuntarily creep in the thought that their reputation is still exaggeratedly frightening. Public opinion in general is such that especially impressionable ladies begin to think with some apprehension about how to behave with a Scorpio man, if they are destined for such a meeting. Charming young ladies, let's try to understand independently what this mysterious person is, we will try to draw her own portrait and make up our own opinion about such an ambiguous male soul. At the same time we will be able to find out how to behave with a Scorpio man, if suddenly it turns out that there is a representative of this sign in your environment, which is quite pleasant to you. Perhaps, having received more information from our article, you will begin to evaluate its behavior in a completely different way, with various variants of your actions that follow from here.

To learn it as best as possible: is it possible?

A man of any zodiacal sign is difficult to understand,if you do not have an idea of ​​the main characteristics that his stars endowed, so you should start with what astrology can tell us. The eighth sign of the horoscope, Scorpio belongs to the water element, which gave him external equanimity. On the other hand, thanks to the action of the planets (martial Mars and the mighty Pluto), in the men of this sign powerful sources of energy boil, which always induces them to act. They do not swim in the waves of life, but plow through its expanses according to their own ideas about how they should do it, not too bothering to think about what others might think about this. Striving for independence is one of the most striking manifestations of his nature, which concerns both people and circumstances. The stars endowed them with a considerable amount of courage, purposefulness, endowing them with a high degree of intelligence and subtle insight. Perhaps this partly explains the position of Scorpio men who, having such strong and outstanding character traits, make high demands on their surroundings, first of all, the closest: to the family, to relatives, to friends. Coupled with his truthfulness and honesty, this makes a strong impression on most people. On the part of this behavior may seem to someone at first sight even rude, which is not always true. Just adjust yourself to the fact that, when dealing with a Scorpio boy, you need to be ready to hear the full truth, without any embellishments and curtsy. Do not be mistaken about the external imperturbability of representatives of the "scorpion-like": although they almost always look almost serene, behind this shell lies a passionate nature, a hot and not indifferent soul. Men of this sign prefer to keep their reactions, thoughts, emotions and feelings under the iron control, at least outwardly, which emphasizes in them not only the presence of will, but also wisdom. In fact, if something became the subject of their interest, attracted their attention, they will give their goal to the achievement of the goal of themselves, completely, without remnant. Keep in mind that this applies not only to work, friendship or hobbies: in love, this character trait is also very clearly manifested in Scorpio men. He will conquer his charming lady with inexhaustible ardor, imagination and enthusiasm. How many bright, positive and not so often the guys of the qualities that are encountered have charismatic Scorpions! But, sad as it may seem, there is a downside to this medal. In this case, we are talking about a jealousy, which is more than endowed with the Lord Scorpions. Big jealous and proprietors can not be found in any other representative of the sign of the zodiac. Their passionate nature will not tolerate even a ghostly hint of the existence of an opponent. To cause jealousy in Scorpio is deliberate - very ill-considered, and most importantly, destructive for your relationship. He will not tolerate such games, even if they do not have real infidelity. If the betrayal was real ... The consequences will be terrible in their destructive power. To better understand how the Scorpio guy behaves towards women, or rather, specifically with the girl that he liked, you need to find out what love and sex is for him and what he sees as the woman of his dreams. We will tell you about this further, trying to disclose for you as detailed as possible the subtleties in the psychology of these men. Having received such knowledge, you can easily behave with him so that communication brings mutual joy and pleasure. Love is the way he imagines it. Men of this sign want to experience constant and deep feelings, emotions, feelings in love, but it is important for them to direct all this power to one particular person. Unexpectedly, but the fact - Scorpio can be called almost a monogram. He brings down on his beloved such an avalanche of love, ardor and passion that unprepared people can be confused. If you are a fan of adrenaline and extreme - this approach will definitely appeal to you. Actually, you will not have any special options - there are few who want to resist such sincerity of feelings! Sex: the elements of Scorpio If you are a sensual woman (and the other you simply can not, since he drew your attention to you), then you will highly appreciate his skills as a lover. For Scorpio, sex is an integral part of life, it is necessary for him, like air, he expresses himself through lovemaking - so the artist expresses himself through his canvases, and the poet through his poems. Call it immoral for it will be wrong: first, they have their own morals in this matter, and secondly, it's about quality, not quantity. Among other things, he does not build relationships only on carnal pleasures, as many people have come to believe. Just the physical need to express your feelings is important to the Scorpio man as much as the soul. Marriage, family, children in the sense of Scorpio Family values ​​for the Scorpio of the stronger sex - not an empty phrase. If he realized that he met his woman, then he will not pull with the official registration of relations. And what awaits you after the wedding? No one will tell you exactly, but what will be fun and you do not get bored, you can say boldly. A routine routine does not threaten those marriages where the head of the family is Scorpio. Change of his moods, different reaction to seemingly identical things and events, new rules - you will always have to react to changes in the course of his thoughts, maneuver and adjust to him and with him. The reins of government and the helm of the family ship are in his strong hands. The woman will only have to comply with a charming smile and adapt, but this can not be compared with slavish obedience. Just his beautiful half of the husband-Scorpio wants to save from a significant share of concerns, which we, women, can cause only admiration. But to say that he will take all decisions solely, will also be wrong. He will also take into account his woman's opinion, especially if it is really appropriate and expressed in the form of a wish or a request, and not an ultimatum. From Scorpios beautiful fathers are obtained, they always give a worthy example for imitation in terms of such qualities as perseverance of spirit and will, insight, honesty, realism in views on life. Children are always under the wing of the protection of Pope Scorpio, always ready to come to the rescue if necessary, but sometimes there are excesses. Children sometimes do not have enough opportunity to make independent decisions - after all, the father thinks that he knows better than them what is important and important for them. The perfect Scorpio woman - what is she like? Do you remember that he is demanding not only to himself, but also to people? Then you will not be surprised by the news that for himself he will choose the woman who must combine many roles. Mistress, companion, lover, girlfriend, interlocutor: this is the approximate portrait of a lady who will be able to receive his love for eternal use, to enjoy it for many years. A woman must be a strong enough person to be worthy of it, but (this is a paradox!) While she must have the necessary share of female weakness and softness, so that instead of merging the two strong natures, the eternal contradiction between them does not turn out. Agree, not everyone on the shoulder of such a task - to combine in themselves two seemingly mutually exclusive traits of character. But the strength of a woman is in her weakness, right? how to behave with a scorpion man

Scorpio: instructions for use and operation

Now you know a lot about the representatives of the malefamily among the Scorpions, what they love, how they can behave, why they do something like that, and not otherwise. From the information obtained, you can draw several conclusions, the following of which will help you not only to find a common language with the Scorpio guy, but also to win his love. They will also contribute to the preservation of further tender relations. How should we behave with Scorpios?

  • Be natural and sincere with him. Remember that with his shrewdness it will not be difficult to understand what is happening, and his truthfulness is disgusted by any playfulness.
  • It is also necessary to be mysterious. A light fleur of mystery attracts Scorpio to a woman, like a bee to a flower. Being mysterious for a woman is not difficult - in us it is inherent in nature itself. Just need to avoid excesses.
  • Scorpio does not appreciate the availability in the young lady. You have not forgotten that he likes to win the Beautiful Lady? Let him do it, stay inaccessible longer, let him try - you will be more precious to him when you finally fall into his arms.
  • After the fortress fell, denyScorpio in sex is very unreasonable. On the contrary, show enthusiasm and experiment - he certainly likes this behavior, he will be completely delighted with you and your tactics.
  • Loyalty and spiritual intimacy. Under no pretext, do not question your reputation in his eyes. In your heart and thoughts - he, he and again he! Variants and exceptions can not be here. He must be sure that his lady behaved flawlessly. Always. With any man.
  • Neither is he jealous of himrecommended. The spirit of freedom, roaming in his blood, does not tolerate such an attitude. Calm yourself that Scorpios do not have duplicity, and since his heart belongs to you, then the body is also. However, try not to sound these thoughts to him.

The list turned out not so much assome ladies feared, probably deep down. It turns out that to be with Skorpion in the frets, you just need nothing - to be yourself, to behave as sincerely as possible and be a little mysterious for him. Agree, these are not such unattainable qualities that a woman can (and should) possess. After all, in the end, you get yourself a beloved sincere man, a devoted admirer, an excellent lover and a charismatic personality in one bottle. how to behave with a scorpion guy

We place the last accents

Appreciate yourself, your priorities, your views onrelationship and family from all sides. Scorpio men will not suit women who want a calm, even relationship, avoid violent emotions, even if they are joyful, and also for those who do not have a sexual temperament that is close to the requirements of the Scorpion lover. This eternal feast of feelings, a bright festival of emotions really can not withstand each girl. For those women who, after reading the article, understood how to build their own line of conduct with the incredibly charming Scorpio man, he studied his strengths and weaknesses and found out that it is not worth to be afraid, in general, we want to find true happiness in his embraces. We sincerely hope that you no longer feel terrible and dangerous to allow yourself to start a romantic relationship with one of the representatives of this sign, of which you now know everything in a literal sense. Allow yourself such a pleasure - to catch Scorpio in your networks, so that you will never be able to release it from them. Only we remind you that he will have to conquer you himself. You (according to the rules of the game) will have to fully enjoy the role of an invaluable prize, which eventually gets only worthy. We are sure that a Scorpio man can make his wife happy if she has enough female wisdom in her to thoroughly study all aspects of his character, and then apply our recommendations in his relations with him. We wish you to receive from your love only positive emotions and joy, and let its duration be measured for decades! We advise you to read: