sushi set If you refer yourself to the category of those people,which in the literal sense of the word can not live without seafood and dishes of eastern cuisine, such as, for example, rolls or sushi, and for restaurants to go once, and too much, you can try to cook sushi at home. Housewives claim that it is not so difficult to do, as it seems at first glance. Those who already know how to cook sushi at home and get a terrific dish, the taste of which will not be worse, but even better than in a shop or restaurant, argue that from the first time it is unlikely that someone will immediately and beautifully, and delicious. However, with time and active practice, anyone can reach the top of perfection, even in such a complex and painstaking work as cooking sushi. How to calculate the cooks, who create their own masterpieces of seafood with their own hands, it can take up to an hour and a half to cook this people. But it's worth it, you not only get a delicious and beautiful exotic dish, but you can also surprise your close relatives and friends who may not yet know how to make sushi and appreciate your culinary skills. cut the fish in thin layers

Features of Japanese cuisine

Everyone knows that sushi is a Japanese dishkitchen, which literally broke into our lives and became for some residents of our country an absolutely integral part of almost daily diet. Few Russians will believe that Japanese women never touch such a serious matter as preparing food. In no restaurant located in Japan, you will not meet a woman cook. These places are firmly occupied by representatives of the stronger sex. It is men who correctly prepare sushi, both in the restaurant and at home. They came up with every recipe. But a Russian woman will successfully master this art. It is the art that professionals consider how to make sushi at home. Recall that sushi - is not only a very tasty, but also extremely useful dish from an exotic country. That's why the Japanese live much longer than all other nations. And it's not about ecology, remember the accident at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, and even more destructive losses during the Second World War. The Japanese people have seen a lot, and the only thing that saves them and gives them strength is healthy food. And this is the only component of a long and healthy life. To explain this fact from the scientific point of view is not at all difficult, as the fish is very useful, it is a source of protein and is not a heavy food for the human body, very quickly and easily digested. we form rice

Preparation of Japanese food - sushi

Before you can cook sushi properly, you needbuy what you need to make sushi. Complexities in this case should not arise any, as you will spend very little time, and modern conditions allow you to find the necessary ingredients without much difficulty. And then, most importantly, what you need to think about when you start to cook sushi, this is what pleasure you deliver to yourself and your loved ones. Sushi can be cooked and as a festive dish, especially they will look good on the table for a thematic party, for example, in oriental style. And you can cook sushi and as an everyday dinner. In any case, the enthusiasm of invited friends and all your household members is assured.

What are the types of sushi?

Inventive Japanese try not to sit onplace and diversify almost everything, so that each person will find himself an ideal. This applies to Japanese automotive equipment, electronics, and, of course, food and food. As is known, even rice they grow in huge quantities and for every taste - round and elongated, light and black, etc. From the land the same thing happens - the cooks try to please the tastes and desires of every potential customer and constantly experiment with recipes of their dishes . And this, incidentally, it is very successful. So, Japanese sushi are of the following types:

  • Nigiri, which is also called compressed land. They are small in size, squeezed brusochki of rice, in shape resembling a finger, on top of which they lay a piece of fish. In sushi bars this type is very popular and usually served in pairs.
  • Maki, they are all your favorite rolls. They look like this - mixed with fish, shrimps or any other seafood and vegetables, rice, rolled in a nori sheet (this is one of the types of seaweed). Initially, rolls are made in the form of a roll, and before serving, this roll is cut into small pieces.
  • Chirashi-sushi in Japan are very common andpopular. This type is also called separate sushi. When they are cooked, rice is laid out in small containers, and seafood and vegetables are placed on top in random order and quantity.
  • The fourth type of land - Osh-sushi, or pressedsushi. A recipe for this dish will require a pre-cooked fish, which can be pickled or simply salted. We place it on the very bottom of the container, again a small one, which must be filled with rice on top of the fish. From above it is necessary to put pressure to make the sushi compact and take the form of a uniform shape. After some time, the prepared dish is taken out of the container, turning it into a dish by fish upward, and cut into pieces in equal measure.

There are also several types of mixed land,which are prepared by wrapping boiled rice in various pieces of algae or, for example, squares of thin omelet, with the help of which this type of this exotic dish, like fukuza-sushi, is obtained. Recipes for cooking rice, dressings and fillings for sushi basically do not differ. The difference is only in the ways of forming a ready-made dish. deposition of wasabi

Preparation of Nigiri-sushi at home

Since the most popular among Russianthe consumers are Sushi Nigiri, then their recipe will look more relevant in any cookbook. In order to make sushi Nigiri on your own, the following products will be required:

  • rice for sushi, better with short and rounded grains,
  • rice vinegar,
  • soy sauce,
  • fillets of fish - salmon
  • shrimp, cooked in advance,
  • wasabi (dry or in paste),
  • pickled ginger,
  • cream cheese,
  • crab sticks,
  • avocado,
  • cucumber,
  • greens and lemon are used at the request of the cook.

As tools for making such an interesting dish in the recipe, you should use a makis - a bamboo mat - and a sharp knife.

How to choose the right ingredients for sushi?

Go to the store for products that arewill be used to make sushi, it is necessary on the eve of the process itself. Choosing rice vinegar, it is desirable to choose the Japanese version, as it has a mild, sweet taste that perfectly complements the sushi. The selected vinegar of Western or Chinese producers will interrupt the delicate flavor and taste of sushi. The best choice is the one that fell on Mitsukan rice vinegar, which is easily found in any store of Asian culture. It will be more time consuming to search for wasabi. There are two kinds of them: sei and sava. The second of them is too expensive and except in Japan, in no other country is it used. But the seiyo is more popular and is always in the range of any Asian store. Also, wasabi can be seen in two different forms - in paste and dry powder. Experts recommend using that in powder, as it, unlike paste, is not subjected to canning. And this process, as everyone knows, is impossible without the use of extraneous products, thanks to them, wasabi often changes its color and even its taste. Therefore, give preference to the powdered version, which when mixed with water in a few minutes turns into an absolutely correct and safe paste. Marinated ginger, which cooks call each other "gary", is used to neutralize the taste of the previous species of sushi before eating its other types. It also helps to freshen the mouth. Fish eggs are used in the sushi recipe as an arbitrary component. It is mainly used to roll ready-made rolls before serving on the table to give the dish a more beautiful appearance. It is advisable to choose a fish for making a recipe in special Japanese shops - there it is delivered every day, and this indicates the first freshness of the product. Only never frozen fish will be an excellent ingredient for sushi and rolls. As a vegetable filling is usually used cucumber, avocado, add crab sticks and cream cheese. If you want to fill the filling, you can use Japanese mayonnaise, which has a delicate taste and is not like the rest of this sauce, a pungent smell.

Preparing rice for a sushi home recipe

This process assumes the following conditions andOperation: First of all, take a small, round-rice rice varieties Nishiki or Minori, which are not too over-dried compared to long-grain counterparts. For a couple of guests expect to take about half a kilo of rice. Then rinse the rice. To do this, pour the rump into a bowl and fill it with cold water. With your hands, we are going to massage the rice in water in order to exfoliate the garbage attached to the grains. Determine the purity of rice can be as follows. After approximately two minutes of washing it in one water, drain it, pour it again and repeat the procedure for massaging grains. If in the first case the water becomes turbid and dirty, then after the third wash or as a last resort after the fourth, the water will be transparent, which indicates the purity of the rice in it. Remove the rice from the bowl and dry it. Cook rice in 1 liter of water, as stated in the recipe, at maximum heat for 12 minutes after boiling. Ready rice leave to infuse for 15 minutes. Then add to it 50 ml of rice vinegar, 10 g of salt and 30 g of sugar.

We form sushi Nigiri correctly

The technique of slicing fish in sushi of different types is noticeablediffers from each other. For Nigiri cut fillets at a slight angle, about 45 degrees, so that the piece is cut off with one motion of the knife. To do this, you need to sharpen it very well. After that, moisten your hands and proceed to the formation of sushi. Scoop up 1.5 tablespoons. l. rice and squeeze it in the palm of the right hand in the shape of an oval, and in the left hand take a fish slice. With the right finger of the right hand, brush the fish with wasabi paste and squeeze rice into it. Turn the resulting nigiri fish up and repress it with rice. It is important that the fillet of fish fillet is the backbone of the nigiri, that is, its size should be larger than the rice oval. All is ready!